WATCH: Is Cam Newton to NE a Game Changer for Bettors?

The addition of Cam Newton to New England’s offense gives them another offensive weapon– this is huge.

WATCH: NFL “Wide Open” Touchdowns

These plays make it look “easy”.

WATCH: Green Bay’s Davante Adams’ Best Play from Every Game of the 2019 Season

Davante Adams in an elite wide receiver and has great chemistry with Aaron Rodgers!

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Revolutionary Scientific Method for Drafting the Best Fantasy RBs

We love quantitative methods!

WATCH: NFL Betting Guru Recklessly Reveals Juicy Offensive ROY Pick!

WATCH: Projecting the Top 5 NFL Defenses for 2020!

FF-WINNERS has the top 5 Defenses as: Baltimore, New England, Minnesota, Chicago and Dallas.
Does the video agree?

WATCH: Introduction to the Over-Under Bet

Bettors love  the Over-Under Bet due to its simplicity.  Under bettors always start out winning but once they are losing they are toast!

In the NFL. the Vegas Total will miss the true total by an average of 10.8 points.

WATCH: Worst Refereeing of the 2019-2020 NFL Season

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Refereeing Videos  worst watch season refereeing  Sigh……………

Get disgusted here!

WATCH: Colts’ Quenton Nelson – Hall of Fame Left Guard Candidate

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Player News Videos  watch style quenton nelson colts color 013369  Quenton Nelson is an American football offensive guard for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League. He played college football at Notre Dame and was drafted by the Colts in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. His absolute domination on the interior O line is amazing to watch and his ability to pancake the D linemen and/or disrupt a pass rush is really something worth appreciating!

Try to get past  him!

WATCH: Best Plays of the 2019-2020 Playoffs !

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Highlights Team News Videos  watch plays playoffs  Last season’s playoffs were exciting….


WATCH: Patrick Mahomes’ Best Play of Each 2019-20 Game

Mahomes’ is electrifying!2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Highlights Player News Quarterbacks Videos  watch patrick mahomes

WATCH: Best NFL Beast Mode Moments 2019-2020

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Highlights Videos  watch style moments color beast 013369  This video includes some of the best tackle breaking runs, stiff arms, trucks, and straight up dominant NFL plays from last season! Wow! Or is it just “bad tackling”?

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WATCH: Introduction to NFL Offensive Formations

It can be useful to review the basic terms of football. Especially, if you were never taught them!

WATCH: Is 300+ Yards Receiving In a Game Any Good?

Way to Go Julio Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quintorris Lopez “Julio” Jones is an American football wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League.

WATCH: Lamar Jackson’s Best Play of Every Game in 2020

  2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Highlights Player News Videos  watch lamar jackson every  Mr. Jackson is one of the best athletes we have seen – ever.

Lamar Demeatrice Jackson Jr. is an American football quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League. In 2019, he was the NFL Most Valuable Player, the second player to receive a unanimous selection for the award, and is the fourth African-American quarterback to be named MVP.

Try to tackle him here!

WATCH: Detroit Lion’s Speedy New “Slot Machine”!

New Mexico State RB Jason Huntley is fast. He ran a 4.36 forty at his Pro Day. While his speed stands out, he’s much more than just a speedster. He’s a play maker who is so exciting to watch with the ball in his hands. He makes plays in the run, pass & especially the return game. Huntley rarely gets talked about, but he has legitimate NFL talent. Look for him in the return game!

WATCH: Don Shula NFL’s Most Winning Coach !

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Coaches Fandom  winning watch shula coach  One of the best to ever do it. Class act coach and a true legend has passed . He will forever he missed by many:
1.”One thing I never want to be accused of is not working.”
2.”I don’t know any other way to lead but by example.”
3.”Success is not forever and failure isn’t fatal.”

Watch his Perfect Season Here!

WATCH: The Best NFL Safety Ever – Ed Reed

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Highlights Videos  watch safety   Watch Hall of Famer Ed  Reed’s  momentum after catching an interception. He could bait a bad throw better than any safety to ever play the game. Watch him get an interception and immediately be at full speed: a testament to his preparation, anticipation, and natural instincts at the position!

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WATCH: Dallas Cowboy’s New Wide Reciever CeeDee “TD” Lamb


Folks, Dallas is ready to make  a serious title run in 2020!

WATCH: The Math Behind NFL Quick Interceptions

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study NFL Strategy Quarterbacks  watch style quick interceptions color behind 013369  The math can work if the defender is outstanding!