FILM STUDY: 49ers WR Secret Weapon: Deebo Samuel

Coach Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers  advanced to Superbowl 54 by pounding teams into submission with their run game – but when you put on the tape, a secret weapon appears …. Deebo Samuel!  Shanahan loves to get Deebo involved in the run game on endarounds and gadget plays often using Kyle  Juszczyk and All Pro George Kittle as the lead blocker.

FILM STUDY: KC WR Tyreek Hill: How Speed Kills

Andy Reid knows just how to use  Tyreek Hill’s speed  to make the Chiefs offense one of the most lethal in the league and to help them win the Super Bowl. Hill impacts the game even when he isn’t touching the ball. He’ll pull defenders out of the run game, demand double teams, and open up space for the Chiefs offense to operate.

WATCH: Introduction to NFL Offensive Formations

It can be useful to review the basic terms of football. Especially, if you were never taught them!

ADVANCED FILM STUDY: How to Play Hungry Cover-1 Defense

I bet you’ll learn something from this video!

Carson Wentz’s Guide to Thinking in the Redzone!

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study NFL Strategy Player News Quarterbacks  wentz thinking redzone guide carson  Philadelphia’s QB can be scary  good when he is healthy! Try to keep him from scoring!

NFL Considering Exciting New Onside Kick Rule

We are all for a new rule. Is this the right one?

WATCH: The Math Behind NFL Quick Interceptions

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study NFL Strategy Quarterbacks  watch style quick interceptions color behind 013369  The math can work if the defender is outstanding!



WATCH: The Missile Shot that Detonated the 49ers Defense

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study Highlights NFL Strategy  watch missile detonated defense 49ers  Patrick Mahomes was named MVP of Super Bowl LIV after leading the Chiefs’ dramatic fourth-quarter comeback. Mahomes sparked the Chiefs’ late rally with a big throw to wide receiver Tyreek Hill on a play the team calls “Wasp.”


Was Superbowl 54 Fixed or Did 49ers Fall Apart?

Folks.  Coaching Experience Matters!   Last year Belichick beat “young genius”   Sean McVay!


FILM STUDY: How the Chiefs will Frustrate the 49ers.

The Problem for the 49ers is they play mainly zone, so that the Chiefs can lengthen the field due to
their speed, and then curl back into soft spots. RPOs with Hill or Hardman will drive the 49ers linebackers crazy. On defense Kansas City’s run defense will be able to defend the edge, like they did against Henry.

Superbowl 54: Top Impact Players

FF-Winners believes that the Kansas City defense is underrated and overlooked by

many fans.  Watch out 49ers!



WATCH: The Truth About NFL Playbooks in 3 Minutes

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings NFL Strategy Podcasts  watch truth shocking truth behind facebook playbooks minutes about  The strategic contribution of the NFL playbook should not be underestimated.



WATCH: The Amazing Way an NFL Film Room Works

If you are like me, you want to know everything about how  NFL  teams work!

Jets’ QB Sam Darnold “Sees Ghosts” Versus Patriots


WATCH: A Shocking View of How New England is Coached

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Coaches NFL Strategy Videos  watch shocking england coached  They always prepare and expect to WIN!  OMG! That is so unfair!


FILM STUDY: Why Most NFL Cornerbacks Will Never be as Good as Stephen Gilmore

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study NFL Strategy Player News  study stephen never gilmore cornerbacks  Want to know a key to the New England Patriots success? Watch this video!


FILM STUDY: Learn a Little From Kittle

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study NFL Strategy Player News Videos  study little learn kittle  George Kittle is one of the top 3 Tight Ends in Football – along with Travis Kelce and Zach Ertz.

Pass to him here!


2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Coaches Film Study NFL Strategy  study revealed option mystery
The RPO is here to stay!


FILM STUDY: How to Make Pre-Snap Reads on NFL Defense

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study Motivational NFL Strategy  study reads defense  Where athletic ability meets preparation, there is opportunity!




The Top 10 Edge Rushers in the NFL 2019 Draft!

These guys are obsessed with getting in the backfield and causing chaos!