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NOTES:   To win in the NFL, teams need a strong coach, quarterback and running game. That is why it is fairly common to maintain quality each year. For example, the Saints QB is unclear at this time, so that may send them down the chart. Analyze teams in this way and you will be able to improve your  predictions and wagers.


 Do you ever wonder about the “true strength”of your favorite NFL team? Power rankings by sportswriters often are hype-based and do not reflect statistical reality. It takes  an  unbiased  intelligent computer to do the job!

Our exclusive Artificial Intelligence generated NFL power  rankings are based on 5 proprietary  mathematical ranking systems developed  and optimized by our computer!  These  systems  are designed to:

   1. Determine the winner of the game

   2. Minimize difference between predicted margin and actual margin

   3. Minimize  squared difference between  predicted margin and actual margin

   4. Minimize difference between predicted total and actual total

   5. Minimize  squared  difference between predicted total and actual total

Scoring  machine learning performance along these 5 dimensions allows our AI system to  adapt to new information quickly and synergistically.  Observed over time we are able to get an accurate assessment of current and evolving team strengths and weaknesses.

Each AI  point separating teams below is worth 1.0 actual point. For a rough prediction, average offenses versus opponent defenses and adjust for home and visitors.   For  advanced accuracy and convenience, please consult the deep learning system’s game-specific predictions, which use additional learned factors and weights. 


NFL Artificial Intelligence  Power Rankings as of 7/27/21:

NOTE: Numbers in this table are neural network projections of performance versus an average NFL team. They are forward looking and not simple statistical averages. Last updated 7/27/21.
NameHome OffenseHome DefenseVisitor OffenseVisitor DefenseOverall Strength




2021-22 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings