What Do the Bengals Need to Win Another Super Bowl?

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Are the Bengals going for the win this year? What do they need to win another Super Bowl?

Given that the Cincinnati Bengals are an NFL playoff team this season once again, boasts an 11-4 record as we head into the final two weeks of the regular season, and currently sit at the top of the AFC North division as they seek back-to-back titles, it is clear that the Ohio franchise is looking to try and replicate their run of last season and go one better.

As many of us can all remember, the Bengals were the unlikeliest of challenges for the Super Bowl last season, however they managed to get to the premier event where they took on the Los Angeles Rams in the opponent’s own backyard: SoFi Stadium. Of course, the result was not quite what the team had in mind, but it seems that there is no hangover being experienced by the Bengal Nation.

Can the Bengals Return to the Super Bowl?

There is a lot of chatter around the NFL and even in the state of Ohio at the moment regarding the Bengals and whether they can make an instant return to the Super Bowl this season and finally win it. Last season’s appearance was the first time the team had managed to make the game in 33 years, and with recent campaigns having been rather disappointing, last season was a dream for many supporters.

However, times have changed under Zac Taylor and Joe Burrow, with the head coach and the quarterback appearing to have given the team an incredible chance of being able to challenge for honors with each season they are working together. Indeed, the team also has a number of star players on its roster, which naturally helps improve those odds, too.

So, can the team return to the Super Bowl for a second straight successive season? There is every reason that they could. As highlighted, the team already boasts an 11-4 record which has been good enough for the AFC North divisional leaders to capture a playoff berth and compete in the postseason in January.

Wanting to keep ahold of their crown as divisional champions, the Bengals have not let the fact that they know they will be playing in the postseason slow their season down, either. While there is still plenty to play for in the two final games of the regular season against the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens, the team went out and put on a clinic in their recent matchup with the New England Patriots following confirmation of their involvement in the playoffs.

The Bengals are in Fine Form

The organization is also in fine form as of this moment, with the team having won seven on the bounce, and with their home form (5-1) impeccable, the two upcoming contests will be played at the Paycor Stadium, thus feeling many around the team with confidence that they can get the job done when they take to the gridiron.

The form that has been shown throughout the vast majority of the season has provided staff, players, fans, and even some online bookmakers that are set to enter the Ohio sports betting market imminently with that same feeling of confidence in recent weeks, too. Some of these bookmakers are already offering punters the opportunity to take advantage of some Ohio sportsbook promotions which could be potentially utilized on markets such as reaching Super Bowl LVII by those who believe the Bengals will be able to make an immediate return.

However, while there is a degree of confidence about what could happen, will the Bengals actually be able to do what was once seen as impossible before the drafting of Joe Burrow?

Tough Challenges Lie Ahead

As highlighted already, the final two games of the 2022 NFL season are arguably two of the hardest fixtures that the Cincinnati Bengals could have possibly been handed this year, especially with how the campaign has turned out.

Of course, the confidence is there in regard to backing the Bengal Nation to get the job done and retain the AFC North title that had been captured the year before, however, with the Bills and the Ravens both set to come to Ohio, things could be a little tricky for the franchise.

Starting with the game on Monday Night Football, the Buffalo Bills are in a similar position to the Bengals in the regard that they know they have already clinched a playoff berth for the postseason. However, the Bills still have something else they are fighting for, which will make the upcoming game at the Paycor Stadium challenging to navigate.


The Bills are fighting for the overall No. 1 seed in the AFC and will know a win against the Bengals can help them to achieve it. This is because they hold the tiebreak over the Kansas City Chiefs, with both franchises currently 12-3 on the year and among the strongest teams in the NFL this season. The No. 1 seed is important in the playoff run, as it will mean the team who has it will receive a bye before having the home-field advantage in their postseason contests.

Following the conclusion of that game, the Bengals will then need to take on AFC North rivals, the Baltimore Ravens; a team that could still end up as the divisional champions if they are able to win both their games and the Bengals lose both. The Ravens are currently 10-5 on the season, but a win against the Pittsburgh Steelers could crank up the tension and nerves experienced by those in Ohio and around the world that cheer on the Bengal Nation.

Super Bowl Run Can Happen

While there is still plenty of gridiron football left to be played, the Bengals have certainly put themselves in a strong position to try and return to the Super Bowl and compete for the NFL’s biggest prize. Of course, they have already qualified for the postseason, although many will suggest the hard work begins now.

Whether Burrow can replicate the impressive feats of last season and get the Bengals to the premier event once again remains to be seen, but it would not be wrong to assume that they could end up there once again based on how the organization has been performing in recent months.

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Three Candidates for a Second-Year Breakout NFL Season in 2022


The 2022 NFL season is rapidly approaching, with the opening fixture schedule for September 8, when the Buffalo Bills travel to the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Los Angeles Rams, in the NFL Kickoff Game. Teams are heading to their respective training camps, and many players have high hopes for the upcoming season. The following three players have a reason to be extra excited for the 2022 campaign because they are about to embark on their second year as NFL professionals and are highly likely to enjoy a breakout year.

TrevorLawrence – QB – Jacksonville Jaguars

2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings three style second color candidates breakout 011369


Last season was another disappointing campaign for Jacksonville Jaguars, who slumped to a 3-14 record, ultimately resulting in Urban Meyer losing his job at the TIAA Bank Field. It was hardly the ideal situation for Trevor Lawrence to flourish. The 2021 first overall pick started all 17 regular season games, had a 59.6% pass completion rate from 602 attempts, racked up 3,641 yards, and threw 12 touchdowns. It is fair to say Lawrence was one of the few positives for the Jaguars.

While the Jaguars are not on the radar of anyone about to make NFL bets online for the coming season, they should be massively improved with Doug Pederson coming in as head coach. Pederson guided the Philadelphia Eagles to Super Bowl LII glory and is considered a quarterback guru by many, which should help Lawrence thrive.

The Jaguars have the likes of Evan Engram, Marvin Jones, and Christian Kirk on the perimeter, in addition to strengthening the offensive line that failed to protect Lawrence during the last campaign. Expect the Jaguars to be much improved throughout the 2022 season and Lawrence to be one of the main reasons for that vast improvement.

Zach Wilson – QB – New York Jets2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings three style second color candidates breakout 011369

The New York Jets selected Zach Wilson as the second overall pick in 2021, and it is easy to see why. The former BYU Cougar played 30 college games and enjoyed a 67.6% pass completion for 7,652 yards and 56 touchdowns, which earned him an overall rating of 162.9. Reproducing those figures for the Jets was always going to be a tall order.

The Jets went 4-13 during the regular season, partly because of their inability to stop the opposition defense from beating up Wilson. He was sacked 44 times and lost 370 yards due to those sackings, the most yards lost via sacks in the entire league. In addition, that lack of protection cost the Jets and Wilson dearly because he suffered a knee injury in Week 7 against the Patriots, which kept him out for four games.

Like the Jaguars mentioned above, the Jets have strengthened their offensive line and playmakers on the perimeter, making the Jets system very quarterback friendly. There are no excuses for Wilson not to have a breakout year and put up solid numbers in 2022, even if the Jets continue struggling.

Rondale Moore – WR – Arizona Cardinals2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings three style second color candidates breakout 011369

Rondale Moore joined the Arizona Cardinals as the 49th overall pick in Round 2, entering the 2021 season fourth on the Cardinals’ wide receiver depth chart. However, he still turned out 14 times in a Cardinals uniform, averaging 8.1 yards from 54 receptions and scoring a 77-yard touchdown.

Moore has a great chance of becoming a vital starting player for the Cardinals. Christian Kirk left Arizona for the Jacksonville Jaguars, freeing up one of the perimeter places. Plus, DeAndre Hopkins misses the first six games of the 2022 season through suspension, giving Moore the perfect opportunity to show what he can do on the football field.

The Cardinals acquired Marquise Brown from the Baltimore Ravens, but Moore should still enjoy plenty of game time. Combined more minutes on the field with an ever-improving Kyle Murray pulling strings at quarterback, you have the recipe for a potential breakout year for the former Purdue Boilermaker.

Super Bowl Prediction 2023

2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings super prediction It may feel like the Super Bowl has only just finished, but the 2023 final will creep up on us again in no time at all. The Rams took out the Bengals in the Super Bowl this year, but the unpredictability is what keeps us watching every single year. Who is going to take home the rings next time out?


The Super Bowl is one of the betting highlights of the whole calendar and people love to try and gain some insight into who is going to win the next championship. If you can call it in advance, then you might even be able to win some money. Gambling on the NFL can be tough, which is why it is best to arm yourself with as much information as possible and gain some tips on the Super Bowl for next year.


So many different aspects go into predicting the future of sports and the outcomes of specific events, from big factors such as injuries down to the unseen details of things like sports nutrition.


Below, we dive into some of the top tips for the Super Bowl next year. Which teams might have a chance of getting to the Playoffs?

Cincinnati Bengals


Nobody can deny that the Bengals have the pedigree. Cincinnati did incredibly well to get to where they did in the playoff run. While they will still be hurting now, with the likes of Ja’Marr Chase calling the shots there’s every chance that the Bengals could go that one step further.


The Bengals also have the powerful Joe Burrow on their roster, and nobody can say they haven’t got a chance. Whether they get over the hurt is another thing, but the squad definitely has a chance of ousting the other teams in the AFC North.

Tennessee Titans


The South isn’t the division it once was. The Titans won the division last time out and while some people think that the squad isn’t quite good enough, the Titans definitely have a defense that will scare the other teams in the division.


Other teams in the south also have some serious troubles to try and get over. The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to have to turn things around after a really bleak run of form. Don’t be surprised to see the Titans troubling teams in the playoffs once more.

Kansas City Chiefs


After a 12-win season in their ninth year under Andy Reid, they’ll be hoping to go even further as the head coach makes it a full decade in charge. Kansas City has an incredible attacking threat even though they didn’t do much in the playoffs.


They’ve lost Tyreek Hill, but ended up with JuJu Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling, as well as some other draft picks, that will further bolster both the offense and defense. All of this without discussing a certain Mr. Mahomes, who is always likely to make the difference.


The Chiefs might be a smart pick for the 2023 competition.

Dallas Cowboys


The Cowboys are seen as something of an outside bet. However, Micah Parsons has shown what a serious threat he can be, and they’ve brought in some fantastic talent to further improve their roster. CeeDee Lamb and Ezekiel Elliott could also be in line to make a triumphant return.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


There is no way that we can write them out of the reckoning. Tom Brady’s retirement lasted just over a month, before he decided he was going to come back and upset the betting odds once again.


The Buccaneers are strong without him, but with Brady, they are likely to be genuine contenders, especially when you consider that the NFC South does not have a lot of very strong teams.

Buffalo Bills


The Bills are real contenders once again and adding Von Miller to the mix can only be a good thing. They’ve done some really smart business bringing in free agents in the offseason, so there’s every chance they will be contenders.


Many have installed the Buffalo Bills as early favorites for the Super Bowl 2023, but there’s a long way to go until we know the outcome.


The unpredictability of the Super Bowl and the whole season leading up to it is one of the very best things about being a football fan. Who are you tipping to perform in the upcoming season? All we know is that there is going to be a lot of fun and surprises along the way.


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