What Are 3 Interesting Facts About the Super Bowl?

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The Super Bowl is the biggest and most important American football game of the year. Every year, millions of people watch the game, which determines the champion of the National Football League (NFL). The game is usually held in early February and played between the winners of the NFL’s American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).

While many people know that the Super Bowl is a big deal, there are still some things that might surprise even die-hard fans. Here are three interesting facts about America’s favorite sporting event.

Tom Brady has played in ten Super Bowls

Tom Brady, considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, is also the NFL’s most-recognized star. This is evidenced by the fact that Brady has appeared in ten Super Bowls during his career, more than any other player and leaving every other quarterback in his dust. Despite being 41 years old, Brady led the New England Patriots to a record-setting sixth Super Bowl victory. His unmatched ability to lead teams to success has cemented him in sports history as an undeniable champion and icon.

The average cost of a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl

It’s no surprise that advertising during the Super Bowl comes with a hefty price tag. The average cost of a 30-second commercial is $5 million, making it an event unlike any other. These prices reflect the unmatched viewership that the Super Bowl generates — an estimated 100 million viewers have tuned into the historical event each year since 2010.

Beyond that, advertisers also benefit from the exposure for days leading up to and after the game as top stories on news outlets across the country. With such a large captive audience, it’s no wonder companies spend big on Super Bowl advertisements.

The most expensive ticket for a Super Bowl

Attending a Super Bowl game is a dream for many. However, this exclusive experience doesn’t come cheap. The most expensive ticket for Super Bowl LV was sold at an astounding price of $73,833 – nearly equivalent to the cost of a luxury car. This exorbitant bill highlights a few facts about the most celebrated event in American sports culture.

First, it’s one of the (if not the) biggest sporting spectacles in the world. Second, fans are willing to spend their hard-earned money for this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Third, it demonstrates how well organized and systematically run the event truly is by providing ample entertainment with its colorful atmosphere and prelude matches – such as the halftime show and multiple accompanying activities.

The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated and celebrated events in American sports culture. It’s no wonder, then, that some details about this grand event might surprise even the most informed fans. With its unparalleled viewership and entertainment value, there is no doubt that this event will remain an iconic spectacle for many years to come.

And, while we talk about things that shaped the Super Bowl, we can’t forget the Chiefs vs. Eagles matchup – who knows what surprises await us when these two giants clash on February 12th!

What Do the Bengals Need to Win Another Super Bowl?

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Are the Bengals going for the win this year? What do they need to win another Super Bowl?

Given that the Cincinnati Bengals are an NFL playoff team this season once again, boasts an 11-4 record as we head into the final two weeks of the regular season, and currently sit at the top of the AFC North division as they seek back-to-back titles, it is clear that the Ohio franchise is looking to try and replicate their run of last season and go one better.

As many of us can all remember, the Bengals were the unlikeliest of challenges for the Super Bowl last season, however they managed to get to the premier event where they took on the Los Angeles Rams in the opponent’s own backyard: SoFi Stadium. Of course, the result was not quite what the team had in mind, but it seems that there is no hangover being experienced by the Bengal Nation.

Can the Bengals Return to the Super Bowl?

There is a lot of chatter around the NFL and even in the state of Ohio at the moment regarding the Bengals and whether they can make an instant return to the Super Bowl this season and finally win it. Last season’s appearance was the first time the team had managed to make the game in 33 years, and with recent campaigns having been rather disappointing, last season was a dream for many supporters.

However, times have changed under Zac Taylor and Joe Burrow, with the head coach and the quarterback appearing to have given the team an incredible chance of being able to challenge for honors with each season they are working together. Indeed, the team also has a number of star players on its roster, which naturally helps improve those odds, too.

So, can the team return to the Super Bowl for a second straight successive season? There is every reason that they could. As highlighted, the team already boasts an 11-4 record which has been good enough for the AFC North divisional leaders to capture a playoff berth and compete in the postseason in January.

Wanting to keep ahold of their crown as divisional champions, the Bengals have not let the fact that they know they will be playing in the postseason slow their season down, either. While there is still plenty to play for in the two final games of the regular season against the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens, the team went out and put on a clinic in their recent matchup with the New England Patriots following confirmation of their involvement in the playoffs.

The Bengals are in Fine Form

The organization is also in fine form as of this moment, with the team having won seven on the bounce, and with their home form (5-1) impeccable, the two upcoming contests will be played at the Paycor Stadium, thus feeling many around the team with confidence that they can get the job done when they take to the gridiron.

The form that has been shown throughout the vast majority of the season has provided staff, players, fans, and even some online bookmakers that are set to enter the Ohio sports betting market imminently with that same feeling of confidence in recent weeks, too. Some of these bookmakers are already offering punters the opportunity to take advantage of some Ohio sportsbook promotions which could be potentially utilized on markets such as reaching Super Bowl LVII by those who believe the Bengals will be able to make an immediate return.

However, while there is a degree of confidence about what could happen, will the Bengals actually be able to do what was once seen as impossible before the drafting of Joe Burrow?

Tough Challenges Lie Ahead

As highlighted already, the final two games of the 2022 NFL season are arguably two of the hardest fixtures that the Cincinnati Bengals could have possibly been handed this year, especially with how the campaign has turned out.

Of course, the confidence is there in regard to backing the Bengal Nation to get the job done and retain the AFC North title that had been captured the year before, however, with the Bills and the Ravens both set to come to Ohio, things could be a little tricky for the franchise.

Starting with the game on Monday Night Football, the Buffalo Bills are in a similar position to the Bengals in the regard that they know they have already clinched a playoff berth for the postseason. However, the Bills still have something else they are fighting for, which will make the upcoming game at the Paycor Stadium challenging to navigate.


The Bills are fighting for the overall No. 1 seed in the AFC and will know a win against the Bengals can help them to achieve it. This is because they hold the tiebreak over the Kansas City Chiefs, with both franchises currently 12-3 on the year and among the strongest teams in the NFL this season. The No. 1 seed is important in the playoff run, as it will mean the team who has it will receive a bye before having the home-field advantage in their postseason contests.

Following the conclusion of that game, the Bengals will then need to take on AFC North rivals, the Baltimore Ravens; a team that could still end up as the divisional champions if they are able to win both their games and the Bengals lose both. The Ravens are currently 10-5 on the season, but a win against the Pittsburgh Steelers could crank up the tension and nerves experienced by those in Ohio and around the world that cheer on the Bengal Nation.

Super Bowl Run Can Happen

While there is still plenty of gridiron football left to be played, the Bengals have certainly put themselves in a strong position to try and return to the Super Bowl and compete for the NFL’s biggest prize. Of course, they have already qualified for the postseason, although many will suggest the hard work begins now.

Whether Burrow can replicate the impressive feats of last season and get the Bengals to the premier event once again remains to be seen, but it would not be wrong to assume that they could end up there once again based on how the organization has been performing in recent months.

Super Bowl Prediction 2023

2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings super prediction It may feel like the Super Bowl has only just finished, but the 2023 final will creep up on us again in no time at all. The Rams took out the Bengals in the Super Bowl this year, but the unpredictability is what keeps us watching every single year. Who is going to take home the rings next time out?


The Super Bowl is one of the betting highlights of the whole calendar and people love to try and gain some insight into who is going to win the next championship. If you can call it in advance, then you might even be able to win some money. Gambling on the NFL can be tough, which is why it is best to arm yourself with as much information as possible and gain some tips on the Super Bowl for next year.


So many different aspects go into predicting the future of sports and the outcomes of specific events, from big factors such as injuries down to the unseen details of things like sports nutrition.


Below, we dive into some of the top tips for the Super Bowl next year. Which teams might have a chance of getting to the Playoffs?

Cincinnati Bengals


Nobody can deny that the Bengals have the pedigree. Cincinnati did incredibly well to get to where they did in the playoff run. While they will still be hurting now, with the likes of Ja’Marr Chase calling the shots there’s every chance that the Bengals could go that one step further.


The Bengals also have the powerful Joe Burrow on their roster, and nobody can say they haven’t got a chance. Whether they get over the hurt is another thing, but the squad definitely has a chance of ousting the other teams in the AFC North.

Tennessee Titans


The South isn’t the division it once was. The Titans won the division last time out and while some people think that the squad isn’t quite good enough, the Titans definitely have a defense that will scare the other teams in the division.


Other teams in the south also have some serious troubles to try and get over. The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to have to turn things around after a really bleak run of form. Don’t be surprised to see the Titans troubling teams in the playoffs once more.

Kansas City Chiefs


After a 12-win season in their ninth year under Andy Reid, they’ll be hoping to go even further as the head coach makes it a full decade in charge. Kansas City has an incredible attacking threat even though they didn’t do much in the playoffs.


They’ve lost Tyreek Hill, but ended up with JuJu Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling, as well as some other draft picks, that will further bolster both the offense and defense. All of this without discussing a certain Mr. Mahomes, who is always likely to make the difference.


The Chiefs might be a smart pick for the 2023 competition.

Dallas Cowboys


The Cowboys are seen as something of an outside bet. However, Micah Parsons has shown what a serious threat he can be, and they’ve brought in some fantastic talent to further improve their roster. CeeDee Lamb and Ezekiel Elliott could also be in line to make a triumphant return.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


There is no way that we can write them out of the reckoning. Tom Brady’s retirement lasted just over a month, before he decided he was going to come back and upset the betting odds once again.


The Buccaneers are strong without him, but with Brady, they are likely to be genuine contenders, especially when you consider that the NFC South does not have a lot of very strong teams.

Buffalo Bills


The Bills are real contenders once again and adding Von Miller to the mix can only be a good thing. They’ve done some really smart business bringing in free agents in the offseason, so there’s every chance they will be contenders.


Many have installed the Buffalo Bills as early favorites for the Super Bowl 2023, but there’s a long way to go until we know the outcome.


The unpredictability of the Super Bowl and the whole season leading up to it is one of the very best things about being a football fan. Who are you tipping to perform in the upcoming season? All we know is that there is going to be a lot of fun and surprises along the way.


Super Bowl LVI Favorites: Joe Mixon

2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings super mixon favorites Now that Super Bowl LVI is over and done with, it’s time to check out the winners and losers of the biggest football game in the world. While some predicted the outcome of this year’s Bowl, it was a close and dramatic showdown where upstart Joe Burrow led the Cincinnati Bengals to their first game in 30 years.
Today we’re taking a closer look at Joe Mixon, a running back for the Bengals who caused a stir after throwing a touchdown during the game. He was also benched during certain crucial moments that had fans questioning their sanity.
Before we explore Mixon’s year, remember that the draft is almost here. If you want to bet on the athletes involved, check out NFL draft odds.

Joe Mixon’s 2021

2021 was Joe Mixon’s fifth year in the NFL, which he has spent with the Bengals for the entire time. Mixon played most games in the season this year, so here are some of the highlights:
He got off to a strong start in Week 1, where he registered 127 rushing yards and 1 touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings.
Midway through the season, he made 127 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns against the Las Vegas Raiders.
The next game, he registered a season personal best with 165 rushing yards and another 2 touchdowns against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
His performance for the rest of the season meandered, though it was clear that Mixon was effective at scoring touchdowns as an RB. Keep that in the back of your head.
Then, at the start of January 2022, Mixon missed the end of the season due to COVID-19. Despite this small interruption, Mixon’s 2021 season was his best. He rushed a career-high of 1,205 yards with 13 touchdowns, alongside 42 receptions for 314 receiving yards and 3 receiving touchdowns.
As we said, Mixon is effective at the touchdown game, becoming the best rushing TD-scorer in the Bengals since the late ‘80s.
Then came the postseason. Once again, Mixon and the Bengals took the Raiders down before beating the Tennessee Titans and then the Kansas City Chiefs to become AFC champs. Mixon scored another TD against the Titans and rushed 88 yards against the Chiefs.
With Burrow at the helm, the team was hungry for a Super Bowl win, but stealing it from the Los Angeles Rams was a tall order.

                                     Mixon At The Super Bowl
Then we get to Mixon at the Super Bowl, where Mixon made 72 rushing yards on 15 carries and 5 receptions. The most memorable play by Mixon came halfway through the game.
Down 14-3, QB Joe Burrow passed the ball to Mixon. It looked like a pitch run, which was exactly what the Rams thought too. Mixon then faked the Rams’ defense and threw to the end zone. There, wide receiver Tee Higgins was waiting with virtually nobody covering him, scoring a touchdown.
At that moment, Mixon became a permanent fixture in Super Bowl history. He was the second RB to throw a TD in the Super Bowl. What’s more, he was the fifth non-quarterback to throw a TD in a Super Bowl game, too.
Towards the end of the game, which the Bengals lost at 23-20, they swapped Mixon out with veteran RB Samaje Perine. This proved a controversial decision for some, though we just don’t know if Mixon would have made a difference. 

So, that’s why there has been chatter about Joe Mixon lately. By most metrics, he proved himself to be a satisfactory RB who can pull a surprise TD or two from his pockets, proving himself invaluable during the Bowl.
There’s no bad blood between him and Perine or the rest of the Bengals. Instead, the franchise needs to lick its wounds and try again next year, even hungrier than they were this year. If they can make it next year, they could easily carry the next Bowl.

What Super Bowl Head Coaches Can Learn from Classic Games


Despite Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski making it look surprisingly easy to win the Super Bowl, it remains one of the trickiest prizes to win in world sport. Very few NFL head coaches ever manage to get hold of a Super Bowl ring and those unfortunate souls would do anything to make it happen.

With that in mind, it may be time for some of them to start playing classic games like chess, poker, and backgammon, all of which require players to think deeply about their strategical approaches. Who knows, a few online head-to-heads at the card tables or board games could give those toiling coaches the inspiration they need to take their charges to the next level.

Here are how NFL and Super Bowl head coaches can benefit from engaging in classic games.

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The Super Bowl is one of the toughest prizes in sports to win, so coaches try to make incremental gains however and whenever they can, just like keen gamers

Trick Plays Are All About Knowing How to Bluff

Trick plays can be a great way of turning a game on its head, but they should be used with care, because if it is obvious they are coming, then a hawkish opposition coach can make them look silly and ill-prepared.

Any player of a classic game where bluffing is involved knows this all too well, with the same trick rarely working more than once during a game or tournament. Successfully pulling off a multi-stage trick play is something poker players in-particular are experts at, often setting up an unsuspecting opponent for hours, before finally delivering a killer bluff that takes everyone at the table by surprise.

When it comes to one-off showcase games like the Super Bowl, it is never a good idea for a coach to recycle a trick play or bluff that they used earlier in the playoffs or regular season. This is because, just like eagle-eyed chess grand masters or poker pros, top NFL coaches study past plays and moves that offensive coordinators make.

For this reason, it always pays off for a head coach to have a fresh trick play up their sleeve on the eve of the Super Bowl, as long as video of it is not leaked to the press in the build-up to game day.

2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings super style learn color coaches classic 013369

Chess is the ultimate strategy game, which can certainly teach NFL head coaches a thing or two when games become intense

Thinking Ahead Pays Dividends in the 4th Quarter

Being able to pre-guess your opponent, whether on the football field or during a hard-fought classic game, is one of the most precious abilities that any player or head coach can have. Unfortunately, the only way to hone this skill is via a combination of studious research and experience, with the latter obviously only being developed as a coach’s career progresses.

Chess and backgammon players are well aware of such necessities because those of them who can find patterns and habits that their opponents exhibit, go on to wear their foes down as a game or encounter nears its end.

This was very much in evidence at the 2021 Super Bowl, as the Bucs always seemed a few steps ahead of Mahomes and the Chiefs. Maybe Andy Reid should get his online backgammon board or playing cards out on his phone or laptop and start thinking a few more plays ahead.

Adding to Your Play Book All the Time

While playing classic games online will always enable NFL head coaches to think more strategically, what they can also do is improve mindsets around personal development and a willingness to get better. This is because any gamer who rests on their laurels quickly gets left behind, due to there always being other players who are willing to put in the hard graft to usurp their peers.

With American Football, and the way it is played, constantly morphing, head coaches would be wise to do as top poker pros and chess grand masters do, and make sure their knowledge of the game is as flawless as possible.

Upside? 3 NFL Stars that Will Go Super-Nova-Astral-Cosmic in 2020!

                                                2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings super stars cosmic astral   OUT OF THIS WORLD!

2015 Super Bowl Point Spread : Early Movement (archival article)

2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings week 15 super spread point movement ff-winners week 2 early

The point spread for Super Bowl XLIX moved 3.5 points at MGM Resorts on Sunday night, as the Patriots pulled away from the Colts to secure the AFC title.

The Las Vegas sports book operator, along with many others in town, opened the Seahawks as 2.5-point favorites during the third quarter of New England’s 45-7 victory. By the late fourth quarter, the Pats were the 1-point favorite.

“We opened (Seattle) -2.5, but I knew it was the wrong side, and I just kept dropping it down little by little even though we didn’t get much action on it,” Jay Rood, MGM Resorts VP of race and sports, told The Linemakers’ Micah Roberts. “The more I was thinking about it, the more I thought New England should be favored, and the bulk of the action we took on it — about $10,000 — has been on the Patriots -1.”

The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook opened Seattle -2.5, but the shop was dealing the game at a pick ‘em less than a half-hour later, according to assistant manager Jeff Sherman’s Twitter feed.

William Hill U.S. moved to a pick ‘em on Sunday night as well, director of trading Nick Bogdanovich told The Linemakers on Sporting News in a text message. The shop was offering an advanced line of Seattle -3 vs. New England last week.

Super Bowl XLIX is set for Sunday, Feb. 1 in Glendale, Ariz.

That the spread moved immediately in New England’s direction is not a surprise. Early line moves are typically prompted by money from professional bettors. But with Vegas books packed with public bettors for Championship Sunday, the cumulative smaller wagers have a greater impact. Public bettors, of course, tend to base their wagers on what they most-recently witnessed — and that was the Pats blowing out the Colts and the Seahawks coming away with a very fortunate win over the Packers.

“The books want to get to the right number as quickly as they can,” said The Linemakers’ Roberts. “This will be the biggest bet game of the year, where the public has more influence on the number than the wise guys. In most cases with the public, they go by what they saw last, and in this case, it was Seattle struggling at home and committing five turnovers and the Patriots rolling to a blowout win. I think the public will side with the Patriots early on.”

Early wagering on last year’s Super Bowl was similar, as Seattle opened as a short favorite but Denver was bet to a favorite within a few hours on Championship Sunday.

Said Tony Miller at the Golden Nugget, “We haven’t taken any big action on the game yet, just a bunch of guys putting some small parlays on it before they head out of town.”

Miller said he believes Seattle -3 is the proper number, but he adjusted to what he saw in the market.

“With -2s being out there and -1.5 at the Mirage, I opened -2.5 just to be at the highest number, but the (odds) screen is jumping right now,” Miller said. “I’m looking at a few books down to -1 right now, so I’m moving to -2 and I’ll still be high.”

Five minutes later, Miller took a bet large enough (not a limit wager) to drop even further, to -1, to put him in line with most of the other books around town. But the number would continue to drop, and pick ‘em was the consensus line by the time the AFC game ended.

The total opened between 48.5 and 49.5.

On sale: The Wynn is enticing bettors in Vegas with a special offer of -105 vigorish on side bets, exec VP for Race & Sports John Avello told The Linemakers on Sporting News in a text on Sunday night. Gamblers usually have to lay -110.

High bar: Nevada sports books handled a record $119.4 million in wagers on last year’s Super Bowl, which shattered the previous mark of $98.9 set the previous year. They also won $19.6 million, another record.

Will Justin Timberlake’s Wardrobe Malfunction at Super Bowl LII halftime?

2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings wardrobe timberlake super malfunction justin halftime

Justin Timberlake has finalized a deal to perform during the Super Bowl LII halftime show.

Source: https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/10/22/justin-timberlake-super-bowl-lii-halftime-performer

2017 NFL Football Futures Odds For Winning Super Bowl LII!

2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings winning super futures football Right after the New England Patriots were crowned once more as the Super Bowl champions, oddsmakers were busy at work determining the futures odds for winning Super Bowl LII. Of course, you can probably guess at which teams are the early favorites without too much trouble, but where do you place other teams? This year’s season hasn’t even started but already there are those making their NFL betting picks according to SkyBook a top online sportsbook.


While it’s too early to even take a wild guess at which teams can make it all the way to the Super Bowl, based on the odds it might not be too bad of an idea of laying down some money right now while the odds may be soft. In case you’re wondering here are Super Bowl LII odds as they stand right now:







BUFFALO BILLS              +8000




DALLAS COWBOYS         +900

DENVER BRONCOS         +1400

DETROIT LIONS                +3500


HOUSTON TEXANS          +1600



KANSAS CITY CHIEFS          +2000


LOS ANGELES RAMS             +12000

MIAMI DOLPHINS                 +4500





NEW YORK JETS       +20000







TENNESSEE TITANS                +5000



See anything you like? At +3500 (a $100 bet bags you $3.500 bucks if the team wins), perhaps you  like the New Orleans Saints. Ditto goes for the Kansas City Chiefs. Of course, you could go for the long shot and place a bet on the the New York Jets at +20000 or perhaps the San Francisco 49ers at +15000. But maybe you think the Patriots will make it once more, in which case you’d only see $250 for your $100.


Then again, it’s not over till the fat lady sings and every team has a shot at being this year’s champs, so might as well get your bets in early before the odds change ! 

NFL 2016-7 Super Bowl Dark Horses

2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings super horses

Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons are 7-4, and just defeated the Arizona Cardinals 38-19 at home. The Falcons are ranked 4th in total offense, and 3rd in passing offense. QB Matt Ryan has looked much more comfortable with an improved offensive line and a steady, reliable run game in Devonte Freeman. The pass defense is ranked 30th but the run defense is ranked 9th, and they are +3 in turnover differential. The Falcons have always been a dominant team in the Georgia Dome, and if they continue to play at a high level they could secure a home playoff game. With the balance they have on offense and the improving defense, we could see this team making a run in the playoffs.
New York Giants: The Giants are 8-3 and are on a 6 game win streak. The Cowboys are the obvious pick to win the NFC East, but the Giants could still sneak in the wild card and make some noise. Eli Manning is an elite QB, and they have one of the best WR trios in football with Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz and rookie Sterling Shepard. The Giants last two super bowl wins, they barely snuck into the playoffs then caught fire. This team has the potential to do that again, with Manning they are never out of a game. The defense has drastically improved from last year as well, ranking 16th in total defense and 5th against the run. The NFC East is always crazy, and we could definitely see the Giants spoiling the Cowboys super bowl run and make a deep run of their own.
Denver Broncos: This is an unconventional pick from the AFC West, most would pick the Kansas City Chiefs. We like the Broncos because of their suffocating defense, they won a Super Bowl with great defense last year and they could make a run again. QB Trevor Siemian has played well, throwing for 2,396 yards 15 TDs and only 7 INTs. The Broncos have proven they can win b y not beating themselves and letting the defense keep the scores close. They still have an opportunity to clinch a playoff berth with games at the Chiefs and a home finale with the Raiders. If they sneak in, they will be a tough out with that stout defense and can cause problems to the explosive offenses in the AFC.

[Analysis by NFL expert Preston Rowe]