What Does it Actually Take To Make an NFL Game Happen?

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Football games NFL Office Videos  happen actually  How many gallons of paint does it take to paint the field? When does the head official receive the coin for the toss? Why is that guy on the sideline wearing an orange hat? Go behind-the-scenes with the Green Bay Packers and NFL Football Operations team to see just what it takes to make an NFL game happen.   CLICK HERE!  


WATCH: NFL 2020 Strength Of Schedule Rankings

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The NFL doesn’t hand pick these schedules to give their favourite teams easy schedules. All the games they play are decided by a rotating schemes that applies to every team in the NFL. Over the course of 4 years every NFL team will play every other NFL team at least once. 6 games from your own division (Home and Away against each team) 4 games against a division in your conference (1game each) 4 games against a division OUT of your conference (1game each) 2 games against teams that finished with the same record as you last season And 1 bye.



Does the XFL have Something to Teach the NFL?

We will not be betting on/predicting the XFL – but we are all for it if it somehow makes the NFL better!

Watch NFL Refs Hate on Detroit Lions versus Green Bay Packers

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Lowlights NFL Office Refereeing  watch versus packers lions green detroit  Pretty soon it will be illegal to “play football”!

Throw your red cursor here!

NFL Competition Committee Prepared to Change Pass Interference Rulings

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings NFL Office  rulings prepared eject competition committee change catch  These look like improvements!


The NFL gets into gambling: what the exclusive casino sponsorship with Caesars will mean for football fans

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Advertising & Marketing Gambling Gaming NFL Office  sponsorship how to get into sport betting gambling football exclusive casino caesars  After years of outright contempt for gambling, the National Football League has brokered a deal with Caesars Entertainment Corp., which will impact football fans and casino players alike. Caesars is currently the largest casino operator in the US and the fans have long been awaiting to see the NFL enter the gambling world.

From rejection to golden deals

Until recently, the NFL famously avoided to get involved with gambling and sports betting. The NFL claimed that gambling was one of the biggest threats it could face, and it was one of the most vocal opponents to sports betting and its effects on the game. But the NFL surprised everyone earlier this year when it announced that Caesars Entertainment would be its first-everofficial casino sponsor“. Insiders expect an arrangement of $30 million-per-year for the next three years.

Last year, the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act allowed states to legalize sports wagering. The ruling directly resulted in the NBA, NHL and MLB partnering up with MGM Resorts International, Caesars’ biggest competitor, and in the more recent deal between Caesars and the NFL.

What does this deal mean for me?

Although the exclusive deal has not mentioned sports gambling as such, it certainly represents exciting opportunities for football and gambling enthusiasts. As of now, Caesars can use NFL trademarks so that fans can expect to find NFL branded items in casinos near them. Fans might also be able to witness NFL exclusive events in selected casinos and hotels. For instance, Caesars Rewards members can rejoice at the possibility to experience the unique NFL Draft Party, taking place at the famous Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. For the few unlucky ones unable to fly out to Vegas straight away, do not despair, Casinorange.com got you covered! You can try your luck at some of the best online casino games until NFL events come to your favourite casino.

Hopefully, the recent merger between Caesars and Eldorado Resorts Inc. will increase the NFL offerings for fans. Although both companies failed to mention the NFL sponsorship during the official deal announcement, we can already speculate on how the newly largest casino company in the US will make most of this partnership for gambling fans who love football.

Hey Patriot Haters: Watch This Video!

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings NFL Office Opinion Tom Brady Videos  watch video patriot haters  This is a very informative video about how NFL scheduling actually works and the actual statistical results. Do you hate on the Patriots less or more now?



2019 NFL Strength of Schedule Analysis

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Fandom NFL Office  strength schedule nfl strength of schedule 2019-20 analysis  The 2019 NFL Schedule has been released!  Hoo! Who?


Most Outrageously Poor Referee Calls in NFL History

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Shocking Video Footage: OMG! Is NFL Rigged?

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Hilarious Satire or Too Close to the Truth???  Click On Video Below:

What the Hell Was Rob Gronkowski Doing?

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings NFL Office Player News  gronkowski doing

I’m sorry. This was totally inexcusable.



AI is Coming: NFL Footballs Now Have Data Collecting Chips

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NFL footballs  have chips in them this season, collecting data to be analyzed. However, the technology is not advanced enough to help officials.

Source: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20618245/data-collecting-chips-every-nfl-football-2017

NFL Refuses to Defend Referee Walt Anderson

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The fact that the NFL wouldn’t defend veteran referee Walt Anderson’s bungling performance says a lot about the mistakes he made during the Monday Bills-Seahawks game. The NFL never admits fault. And the online betting odds of the NFL defending Anderson were quite high.

Dean Blandino, who always backs his officials, rejected Anderson’s account of the Monday game and admitted that he made mistakes. He actually tweeted during the game that Anderson’s team had missed an unnecessary roughness penalty, one that should have been obvious to someone like Anderson.

If you didn’t hear, the Seahawks defeated the Bills on Monday in a game that many believed grew messy because of an absent penalty. Richard Sherman’s actions on a 53-yard field goal attempt with 3 seconds left in the first half, should have caused officials to blow the play dead. But they did not.

The collision between Sherman and Bills Kicker Dan Carpenter should have elicited a penalty, but even that was absent. After that, things only spiraled; Dan was forced to leave the game for one play. The Bills suffered a delay of game penalty, and before long, the Bills could do little more than watch as the game slipped out of their hands.

Because of Anderson’s mistakes, the Bills lost six points overall during that whole mess; a more competent referee who was officiating the game properly would have given the Bills ample opportunities to take a victory.

Anderson adamantly defended his decisions after the game and refuted any fouls others thought he should have recognized and called. Anderson’s failures during the Seahawks/Bills game have naturally elicited discussions about his role during the DeflateGate scandal.

Anderson was officiating the Deflategate match last January; not only did he fail to take the necessary PSI measurements, this along with losing all the footballs, but he ignored the Colts concerns about football funny business.

It shouldn’t have taken so long for Anderson to realize that the footballs were missing, but, according to investigator Ted Wells, Anderson spent quite a while fuming about the missing footballs.

Everyone that investigated that matter considered Anderson’s recollection of events to be unassailable. For all intent and purpose, he was unimpeachable. Ted Wells was filled with admiration for Anderson.

He noted Anderson’s renown in the NFL as a referee; he thought that Anderson was a highly responsible individual that approached his duties with respect and integrity. He also noted that Anderson was very familiar with the playing rules and was always diligent in his activities on the field.

According to Ted, Anderson was one of the very few referees that would personally test the inflation levels of game balls before any match began; he didn’t delegate.

Simply put, Ted Wells was certain that Anderson’s recollection was impeccable, this despite his account of events causing complications regarding the use of the logo/non-logo gauge, a complication that would eventually cost the Patriots.

The NFL stood tall during the DeflateGate issue, condemning the Patriots because they implicitly trusted Anderson’s integrity.

So it comes as a shock that the same NFL was unwilling to defend him this time. Clearly, the NFL’s confidence in its referees has reached an all-time low.