2024 NFL Draft: Baltimore Ravens

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings The Baltimore Ravens, with their knack for strategic selections and patience in the draft process, have once again assembled a promising group of rookies in the 2024 NFL Draft. Leading the charge is Clemson’s cornerback Nate Wiggins, a first-round pick who brings a blend of athleticism and intelligence to the Ravens’ defensive backfield.
Not resting on their laurels, the Ravens made another significant move by selecting T.J. Tampa, a cornerback out of Iowa State, in the fourth round. Tampa, who was widely expected to go earlier in the draft, represents a potential steal for the team, adding depth and talent to their secondary.
On the offensive side, the Ravens secured a Day 1 starter at right tackle by picking Roger Rosengarten from Washington, a move that is expected to fortify their offensive line significantly.
Furthermore, the addition of Adisa Isaac, an edge rusher from Penn State, underscores the Ravens’ commitment to improving their defense and adding quality depth.
The 2024 draft class for the Ravens is reflective of their straightforward and effective drafting strategy, suggesting that the team is poised to integrate these talented rookies smoothly into their roster.

All Ravens Draft Picks:
Nate Wiggins, CB – Round 1, Pick 30
Roger Rosengarten, OT – Round 2, Pick 62
Adisa Isaac, Edge – Round 3, Pick 93
T.J. Tampa, CB – Round 4, Pick 130
Devontez Walker, WR – Round 4, Pick 113
Rasheen Ali, RB – Round 5, Pick 165
Devin Leary, QB – Round 6, Pick 218
Nick Samac, OL – Round 7, Pick 228
Sanoussi Kane, S – Round 7, Pick 250

Best Pick: Roger Rosengarten
The departure of Morgan Moses to the Jets left a notable void in the offensive line for the Baltimore Ravens, a gap they aimed to fill with their selection of Roger Rosengarten. Standing out not only for his remarkable athleticism but also for his adeptness in pass protection, Rosengarten is anticipated to step into a starting role from day one.
Despite the need for added strength to contend with the physical demands of NFL defensive linemen, his immediate skill set and promising long-term potential make him an exceedingly valuable addition to the Ravens’ offense.
His ability to integrate quickly into their scheme underscores the strategic foresight behind the Ravens’ decision, solidifying their offensive line and enhancing their competitive edge for the upcoming season.

Worst Pick: Devontez Walker
Despite the evident talent in the 2024 draft class, the selection of Devontez Walker as wide receiver raised some eyebrows. Coming from the University of North Carolina, Walker possesses the raw speed essential for making significant plays downfield, a trait that cannot be taught and is highly coveted in the NFL.
However, his overall game requires considerable refinement before he can be considered a reliable contributor to the Ravens’ offense. While Baltimore’s need for depth at the wide receiver position is palpable, Walker’s current skill set suggests he may not meet the immediate production needs the team faces.
Nonetheless, having Lamar Jackson, a two-time MVP, as his quarterback might provide Walker with unique opportunities to exploit his speed and develop his game faster than in other environments. His ability to learn from one of the league’s best quarterbacks could accelerate his growth, potentially making this pick more beneficial in the long term than it initially appears.

Final Thoughts:
The Baltimore Ravens’ strategic approach in the 2024 NFL Draft has placed them in an excellent position to excel in the upcoming season. With the addition of high-caliber talent across both defense and offense, the Ravens have not only addressed immediate needs but have also invested in the team’s future success.

The combination of promising rookies and established veterans set the stage for a dynamic and competitive team, hinting at favorable outcomes for the Ravens Money Line in the coming season. Whether it’s strengthening the offensive line with Roger Rosengarten or adding depth to the receiving corps, the Ravens have made calculated moves that are poised to pay off, making them a team to watch in the 2024 season.


Miami Dolphins 2024 Season Preview

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings As the Miami Dolphins gear up for the 2024 NFL season, excitement and anticipation fill the air among fans and analysts alike. Coming off an 11–6 record from the previous year, the Dolphins are poised to make a splash in the NFL under the guidance of head coach Mike McDaniel, entering his third year at the helm, and general manager Chris Grier, marking his ninth. The team’s focus is clear: to improve on last year’s performance, secure a playoff spot for the third consecutive season, and end a 15-year AFC East title drought. With a blend of seasoned veterans and fresh talent, the Dolphins’ roster looks promising for the upcoming season.

Roster Overview: Talent Across the Board:
The Dolphins boast a robust roster featuring key players across all positions. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is set to lead the offense once again, with support from Skylar Thompson and Mike White. The running back room, featuring De’Von Achane and Raheem Mostert, is poised for explosive plays, while the wide receiver corps is led by speedster Tyreek Hill and dynamic playmaker Jaylen Waddle. On defense, new additions and established talents aim to bolster a unit that has shown flashes of dominance. Special teams also look solid with Jake Bailey handling punting duties and Jason Sanders as the reliable kicker.

The Road Ahead: Challenging Yet Conquerable Schedule:
Looking at the season ahead, the Dolphins face a challenging yet exciting lineup of opponents. In addition to their traditional AFC East rivals – the Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, and New York Jets – the Dolphins will clash with teams from the AFC South and NFC West, among others. Noteworthy matchups include home games against the Jacksonville Jaguars and the San Francisco 49ers, as well as away games against the Houston Texans and the Green Bay Packers. The full slate of opponents hints at a season filled with high-stakes battles and opportunities for the Dolphins to prove their mettle.

Betting Outlook: A Gamble Worth Taking
As the season approaches, the Miami Dolphins betting odds are a hot topic among enthusiasts and bettors. With a strong roster and a promising schedule, the odds are favorable for Miami to make a deep playoff run. Additionally, NFL Draft betting has seen significant interest, with fans and analysts speculating on which prospects the Dolphins will select to bolster their squad. These betting activities add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for what promises to be an enthralling season.

Conclusion: A Season of Great Expectations:
The 2024 season presents the Miami Dolphins with a golden opportunity to solidify their status as contenders in the NFL. With a talented roster, strategic off-season moves, and a challenging yet conquerable schedule, the Dolphins are on the cusp of breaking through and achieving greatness. Fans, players, and the coaching staff are all aligned in their aspirations for success, making the upcoming season one of the most anticipated in recent memory.
As the Dolphins navigate the 2024 season, their journey will undoubtedly be a testament to resilience, teamwork, and the relentless pursuit of victory.

Dolphins’ Raheem Mostert: Dominating Backfield Despite Increasing Competition

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings raheem mostert increasing dominating dolphins despite backfield After a robust campaign with the Dolphins, Raheem Mostert has re-inked his contract for another season, sitting comfortably, yet challengingly, in the potential position of Miami’s top running back. However, he’s not alone in the race. The fresh talent, De’Von Achane, drafted in Round 3, and diligent Jeff Wilson are all suited up to give Mostert a run for his money.

While Mostert was the leading force in Miami’s last season—showcasing an impressive 891 rushing yards from 181 carries and scoring five touchdowns—his age and the increasing competition might influence his position in the upcoming Fantasy leagues.
Yet, if he maintains his health and performance, Mostert could offer fantastic value as a late-round pick, potentially seizing the title of Dolphins’ best running back in 2023.

Raheem Mostert Shines with Two Rushing TDs, Now at 13

In Friday’s 34-13 victory over the Jets, Raheem Mostert delivered an exceptional performance, rushing 20 times for 94 yards and scoring two touchdowns. His performance was particularly impressive in the fourth quarter when he managed to push through New York’s worn-down defense to score from 13 yards out. This remarkable feat propelled him to the top of the league, boasting 13 rushing touchdowns to his name.
Despite the lack of receptions, Mostert’s yardage and touchdown contributions were significant to the victory of the NFL team. Mostert’s second touchdown, a 34-yard run, further underscored his dominance and skill on the field.
Even with De’Von Achane likely to return from injury for Week 13 against the Commanders, Mostert has established himself as a key player in the Dolphins’ offensive strategy. It’s clear that Raheem Mostert, with his consistent performances and the current league lead in rushing touchdowns, continues to shine in Miami’s backfield.

Raheem Mostert: Dolphins’ Lead Back, Achane Out of the Picture

In the wake of De’Von Achane’s knee injury, Raheem Mostert has solidified his status as the lead back for the Miami Dolphins. In Achane’s absence, Mostert has shown exceptional performance, consistently garnering more than 50 percent of the offensive snaps and averaging 13.8 touches across four games. Mostert reached season highs with a 78 percent snap share and 22 carries when Achane was restricted to just three snaps upon his short-lived return.
As we head into Week 12, with Achane on the sidelines and Salvon Ahmed out for the season, Jeff Wilson steps up as the Dolphins’ No. 2 option, but Mostert will likely continue to command the lion’s share of the backfield work as long as the game remains competitive. Despite the increasing competition, Mostert’s remarkable consistency and performance reaffirm his dominance in the Dolphins’ backfield.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up, it’s clear that Raheem Mostert’s role in the Miami Dolphins backfield is still growing. Despite the growing competition and his age, Mostert continues to impress with his stamina, skill, and consistency. His ability to capitalize on opportunities—even in the face of adversity—sets him apart and continues to place him in a favorable position in terms of the Miami Dolphins odds.
As the Dolphins gear up for the upcoming season, eyes will undoubtedly be on Mostert to see if he can maintain his spectacular performance and once again lead the Dolphins’ offensive charge. Only time will tell if he can retain his crown as the Dolphins’ top running back, but one thing is for sure: Raheem Mostert is a force to reckon with.

Charlotte Hornets: Season Preview

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings style season preview hornets color charlotte 011361

The Charlotte Hornets are one of those teams that are challenging to label as outright underdogs, but at the same time, it’s a stretch to expect them to compete for something serious, like reaching the second round of the playoffs. However, the Hornets’ roster looks quite interesting and potent. Could this season be a breakthrough for them?

Although most bookmakers have given less than optimistic forecasts for Charlotte, ranking them outside the top twenty teams in the league in terms of strength. If you plan to bet on the NBA, it would be useful to read a review of one of the most popular bookmakers, which is available at the link https://mostbet-az-mobile.xyz/.

So, the Charlotte Hornets and their new season. What kind of team is it, who is the leader, and what can we expect?

Key Facts

Last season’s results: 14th place, 27-55 record.


Arrivals – Kai Jones (27th pick), Frank Ntilikina, Brandon Miller (2nd pick).

Returnees – LaMelo Ball, Terry Rozier, James Bouknight, Cody Martin, Gordon Hayward, Miles Bridges, PJ Washington, Nick Richards, Mark Williams.

What to Expect from the Team:

Last year, this team significantly suffered due to the injury of their star player, LaMelo Ball, who had to prematurely end the season. Although the injury occurred closer to the middle of the regular season, by that point, the team’s prospects were already questionable.

Overall, the Hornets have been plagued by a negative vibe. Frequent injuries to key players like Ball and Hayward, legal issues with players like Bridges and Bouknight, recent incidents involving Kai Jones and his unexpected trade request, and a controversial “GOAT Life” rap album – all contribute to a somewhat turbulent atmosphere. It’s too early to draw conclusions, but it seems that with the majority ownership of the team sold by Michael Jordan for an estimated $3 billion over the summer, leaving him as a minority owner, the so-called “negative vibe” that has haunted the club, along with poor management, may improve in the coming season.

As a parting gift, Michael Jordan left the franchise with a somewhat questionable second pick in this year’s Draft, Brandon Miller. It’s not fair to say that Miller is untalented and didn’t deserve to be chosen second overall, but his potential is slightly lower than that of Scottie Henderson. In the distant future, this could become noticeable.

It will also be interesting to see how Miles Bridges’s story unfolds. He was supposed to return to the court this season but recently had another run-in with his ex-partner and was sent back to court.

The minimal saga over PJ Washington’s contract extension finally came to an end after nearly a year. Realizing he wouldn’t get $20 million a year as a restricted free agent, he agreed to the offered 48/3 deal from the Hornets. Returning to Charlotte, he’s in a nearly ideal situation. The key is to make progress.

Season Joker: LaMelo Ball

In the summer, the youngest of the Ball brothers signed a massive deal – 260/5. He needs to justify the substantial investment in him and reach a genuinely star level. He certainly has the potential for it. LaMelo has incredible court vision and can be a focal player. Moreover, nobody on the team is going to argue that Ball is the main star and the first fiddle.

Prediction: 13th place in the Eastern Conference.

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Colin Cowherd’s Week 1 2023 Blazing 5

FF-Winners is largely in agreement with CowNerd this week!

What Have the Patriots Done with QB Bailey Zappe!

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings zappe patriots bailey When the Patriots’ 2022 season came to an abrupt end, certain pundits pondered the possibility of a showdown between Bailey Zappe, the fourth-round quarterback of 2022, and Mac Jones, the first-round selection of 2021, for the coveted starting position. However, as we approach the regular season, the uncertainty surrounding Zappe’s status as New England’s QB2 looms large.

To the astonishment of many, Zappe was unceremoniously released by the Patriots on the day of the deadline, only to find himself back on the practice squad. Subsequently, the team has added the former third-round pick, Matt Corral, further complicating the quarterback situation behind Jones. According to Albert Breer of SI.com, Zappe’s struggles during the preseason and his apparent inability to adapt to Bill O’Brien’s new offensive system ultimately led to his demotion to the practice squad.

Although flawed, it must be acknowledged that Matt Patricia and Joe Judge played a role in aiding Zappe’s transition into the NFL by incorporating an offensive scheme reminiscent of his collegiate days at Western Kentucky. The rookie displayed promise by winning both of his two starts last season, with an impressive completion rate of 70.7 percent.

Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay to Gotham!


2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings rodgers green gotham aaron

In the realm of East Rutherford, New Jersey, an indelible moment etched itself into the memories of the Jets faithful on Saturday night. The genesis of this memory was none other than the inaugural touchdown pass delivered by the esteemed Aaron Rodgers donning the Jets’ revered uniform. A picturesque throw, executed with finesse, found its mark within a narrow aperture, igniting a fervent flame within the hearts of their devoted fans.

However, it was not this particular moment that propelled the Jets’ supporters to the precipice of their seats, teetering on the edges with bated breath.

That pivotal moment materialized a series prior, as the newly acquired Giants linebacker, Isaiah Simmons, succeeded in dislodging the Jets’ prized possession from the confines of the pocket, compelling him into a hasty retreat. Simmons, exhibiting remarkable athleticism, lunged towards Rodgers, grazing his foot and inducing the venerable 39-year-old quarterback into an unsteady stumble towards the sidelines.

This sequence of events triggered a cascade of painful recollections spanning half a century for the long-suffering Jets fans and all those affiliated with a franchise that has perennially endured a seemingly insurmountable curse. The impact was so profound that approximately 20,000 Jets enthusiasts in attendance at this Giants’ home game instinctively clutched their chests, their collective breath held in a palpable display of trepidation.

Perhaps the sole individual capable of perceiving a glimmer of positivity amidst this disheartening spectacle was none other than Jets coach Robert Saleh, the valiant figure who had boldly staked everything on this endeavor.

Best 5 NFL Teams

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings teams style color 011361
Football is a thrilling sport. Each game combines strategy, precision, and a whole lot of surprises. Lucrative betting sites such as https://us.onlinegamblers.com/ offer fans the chance to turn their passion for football into a rewarding activity. Football is loved on a far larger scale than just as a sport. It serves as a language that people from all over the world are fluent in. Each team offers a distinctive quality to the game. This enthusiasm ensures that the game remains captivating and worth watching.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are recognized for their thrilling on-field performance, culture of excellence, and collaboration. The formidable team has some of the top athletes in the NFL, including Jamaal Charles, one of the league’s all-time leading rushers, and superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes. From their earliest days until their triumph at Super Bowl LVI, the team’s constant dedication to development and community involvement is visible in all they do.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals have proven to be a giant in the NFL with a bright future ahead of them, which emphasizes their skills on the field. Each game they play represents the team’s ongoing development, resiliency, and unwavering dedication. The squad is constantly making progress toward leaving a lasting NFL legacy. The Bengals are eager to add to their already impressive list of accomplishments thanks to younger players like Joe Burrow, one of the driving forces pushing the franchise ahead.

Philadelphia Eagles

From its humble beginnings in 1933 to date, the Philadelphia Eagles have firmly secured their seat in the NFL. The team is reputable as one of the league’s top franchises with numerous successes. The team works tirelessly to ensure a trait of success and victory, offering three league titles and impressive Super Bowl appearances. Their historic triumph over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII in 2018 is proof of their unbreakable spirit and strategic foresight.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills football team represents the strength and resilience of the American spirit. The Buffalo Bills have developed outstanding expertise over the years and are renowned for their fearsome defense and tactical skill. This authority is supported by strong leadership from head coach Sean McDermott and the dynamic quarterback Josh Allen. The Buffalo Bills have certainly had a considerable impact on the National Football League, and it looks like they will only triumph further.

San Francisco 49ers

Founded in 1949, the San Francisco 49ers have had their fair share of wins and losses, yet are still growing strong thanks to their phenomenal coach Kyle Shanahan. Well known for its golden-gate legacy, the San Francisco 49ers football team is leaving a solid footprint. The team has built a strong reputation for itself, earning more than 20 division titles, seven conference championships, and winning five Super Bowls.

Should the Minnnesota Vikings Break the Bank for WR Justin Jefferson?

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings vikings style should minnnesota color break 011361
During eventful times, certain stories tend to go unnoticed despite deserving attention. In the case of Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson, his contract extension has been overlooked, even though he is one of the faces of the NFL.

While discussions continue about running back pay scales and Russell Wilson’s preseason workload, Jefferson remains without a contract extension, and it seems that no one is concerned about it. Recent reports suggest that Jefferson himself isn’t worried, but perhaps he should be.

Jefferson, the reigning Offensive Player of the Year, still has two years left on his rookie contract. He is set to earn $2.4 million in the 2023 season, with an estimated $19.7 million in 2024 from his fifth-year option. While it may seem like there is still time for contract talks, Jefferson’s value to the Vikings cannot be understated. He is one of the most valuable non-quarterbacks in the NFL and a key factor in the team’s success.

Wide receivers are prone to injuries, and although Jefferson’s injuries are not career-threatening, it raises concerns about his future earning potential. Many NFL teams have used administrative tactics to suppress a player’s value, and it is uncertain if the Vikings would do the same if something were to go wrong.

There could be various reasons why Jefferson hasn’t pushed for a contract extension yet. He may want to enter the market alongside fellow receiver Ja’Marr Chase, engaging in a game of big-money negotiations. However, this depends on the Cincinnati Bengals’ ability to manage their finances and pay Chase accordingly.

Another possibility is that Jefferson is waiting for the upcoming free-agency cycle to assess the market. However, the 2024 free-agent class is more likely to witness a depression in wide receiver contracts, rather than a boom period like in 2022.

Perhaps the issue lies with the Vikings, as contracts are a two-way street. If this is the case, a few cryptic messages from Jefferson could signal his dissatisfaction and rally support from fans. However, the Vikings may struggle to afford Jefferson next year if he replicates his 2022 performance.

Hopefully, Jefferson is waiting for the right opportunity to make his case. As he is not only the face of the Vikings but also one of the faces of the NFL, his value is constantly increasing. It is crucial for the Vikings to address his contract situation and ensure he is compensated accordingly for his contributions to the team.

Three Dream Football Scenarios for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2023

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings three style scenarios football dream color 011361
For NFL fans analyzing the Las Vegas Raiders’ roster going into the 2023 season, it’s time to start dreaming. With July’s training camp right around the corner, there is a feeling that the worst is behind them. After all, the hope around Raider Nation hinges on having a successful rebound from an underwhelming 2022 season.

So what could happen? This article will look at three dream football scenarios for the Raiders in 2023 – from running backs dominating on offense to stellar defensive line play and more: anything can be possible if Coach Josh McDaniels puts his magic touch onto this team.

Raiders RB Josh Jacobs:

The tension between Jacobs and the Raiders over a long-term deal might last all summer; rumors exist that he could sit out training camp and even some of the preseason.
But the Raiders will likely find common ground and sign Jacobs to a long-term contract. At just 25 years old, Jacobs has at least four more productive seasons ahead of him while entering a contract season. He has already put up three 1,000-yard seasons and 40 touchdowns since he entered the league in 2019.
With Jimmy Garoppolo as quarterback, the passing game should improve, benefiting Jacobs and the running game. A better passing game keeps defenses from stacking the box, leading to bigger runs.

Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo:

The Raiders’ greatest wild card right now is Garoppolo. The quarterback’s injury history has been a problem his whole career, and there are concerns his lingering foot injury may keep him out in the preseason.
In an ideal world, Garoppolo’s injury bug will not raise its ugly head this season, and he can start all 17 games. Jimmy G has not only been effective in terms of numbers in seasons when he has stayed healthy, but he has also led his club on long postseason runs, something Raider Nation is desperate for. He led the 49ers to a Super Bowl XLIV appearance and came up just short against the Rams in the 2022 NFC Championship Game, despite a lack of weapons around him. In Las Vegas, he has plenty of weapons.
Garoppolo is not the most flashy thrower, and he does not attempt many downfield passes, but he has demonstrated that he can win in the NFL. For the previous nine seasons, the Raiders have had a stat-padding quarterback, and although Derek Carr established practically every passing record, there was no consistency, and victories were few and far between.

Raiders’ 2023 Rookie Class Makes Immediate Impact:

The Raiders have a promising rookie class, highlighted by edge rusher Tyree Wilson who has all the tools to make an immediate impact. Tyree Wilson joins Maxx Crosby and former All-Pro Chandler Jones on the defensive line.
The Raiders’ second-round pick, Michael Mayer, might have an even greater influence on the team. Mayer was widely regarded as the top tight end available in this draft, and with the Raiders trading away Darren Waller to the Giants in the offseason, Mayer now has an opportunity to step in and instantly be a playmaker for Jimmy Garoppolo and the offense.

The Raiders have much potential going into the 2023 NFL season. With Josh Jacobs likely returning, Jimmy Garoppolo staying healthy, and their promising rookie class, Raider Nation has plenty to be excited about. All three dream football scenarios are possible if Coach McDaniels gets this team to the next level in a very challenging division.

If all goes according to plan, the Las Vegas Raiders odds may improve as the season goes along. No matter what happens, though, one thing is certain: it’s sure to be an exciting year for the Silver and Black as they strive towards greatness on and off the field.

Ranking the Most Talented Players of the Washington Commanders 2023

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings washington talented style ranking players color 011361

It’s been a little over two years since the Washington Commanders first made their mark in the NFL, and it’s no surprise that they’ve had some truly spectacular players on their roster. From celebrated All-Stars to up-and-coming stars, there are plenty of talented people making an impact on this team!
In this blog post, we will look at the top most talented players of the Washington Commanders 2023, and believe us when we say you’ll recognize many of these names. So, let’s get into it and start ranking some of the most promising football players in the league.

Jacoby Brissett:
Jacoby Brissett, the Washington Commanders’ star quarterback, has been a steady force for the team since he was drafted this year. In the last season, Brissett put up impressive numbers, finishing with 2,608 yards and 12 touchdowns against just six interceptions. He proved to be a reliable and consistent passer who could extend plays with his feet when necessary.
His leadership skills have been invaluable to the team’s success, earning him the respect of both teammates and opponents. With another year of experience under his belt and the Washington Commanders’ upcoming odds looking great, expect big things from Brissett in 2023.

Danny Johnson:
Danny Johnson had a standout season in 2022 and earned himself the starting cornerback position this year. He put up big numbers and recorded nine pass deflections, one interception, and 20 solo tackles.
His impressive coverage skills were on full display throughout the season, earning him recognition as one of the league’s best cornerbacks. Johnson is a valuable asset to the Washington Commanders’ defence, and he should have another stellar year this upcoming season.

Efe Obada:
Efe Obada is an up-and-coming defensive end for the Washington Commanders. He’s steadily improved and has progressed in his career since joining the team in 2022. That season, Obada posted 14 solo tackles, 4 sacks, and 7 quarterback pressures, earning him a spot on the Pro Bowl roster.
His impressive performance earned him high praise from fans and opponents, cementing his status as one of the most promising players on this team’s roster. Expect big things from Obada in 2023 and beyond!

Logan Thomas:
Logan Thomas is a veteran tight end for the Washington Commanders. In 2022, he was one of the league’s leading receivers, finishing with 670 yards and 6 touchdowns on 72 receptions. His reliable hands and sharp route-running made him one of quarterback Jacoby Brissett’s favourite targets throughout the season.
Thomas provides great leadership for the team and will undoubtedly continue to produce impressive numbers in the upcoming season.

Final Thoughts:
These are just a few of the many talented players on the Washington Commanders’ 2023 roster, but we think these three will have a particularly huge impact on their success this year. With plenty of talent and potential at every position, it should be an exciting season! Keep an eye on this NFL team and their players, as they’re sure to make a name for themselves.

What Do the Bengals Need to Win Another Super Bowl?

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings super style coloe bengal another 011361
Are the Bengals going for the win this year? What do they need to win another Super Bowl?

Given that the Cincinnati Bengals are an NFL playoff team this season once again, boasts an 11-4 record as we head into the final two weeks of the regular season, and currently sit at the top of the AFC North division as they seek back-to-back titles, it is clear that the Ohio franchise is looking to try and replicate their run of last season and go one better.

As many of us can all remember, the Bengals were the unlikeliest of challenges for the Super Bowl last season, however they managed to get to the premier event where they took on the Los Angeles Rams in the opponent’s own backyard: SoFi Stadium. Of course, the result was not quite what the team had in mind, but it seems that there is no hangover being experienced by the Bengal Nation.

Can the Bengals Return to the Super Bowl?

There is a lot of chatter around the NFL and even in the state of Ohio at the moment regarding the Bengals and whether they can make an instant return to the Super Bowl this season and finally win it. Last season’s appearance was the first time the team had managed to make the game in 33 years, and with recent campaigns having been rather disappointing, last season was a dream for many supporters.

However, times have changed under Zac Taylor and Joe Burrow, with the head coach and the quarterback appearing to have given the team an incredible chance of being able to challenge for honors with each season they are working together. Indeed, the team also has a number of star players on its roster, which naturally helps improve those odds, too.

So, can the team return to the Super Bowl for a second straight successive season? There is every reason that they could. As highlighted, the team already boasts an 11-4 record which has been good enough for the AFC North divisional leaders to capture a playoff berth and compete in the postseason in January.

Wanting to keep ahold of their crown as divisional champions, the Bengals have not let the fact that they know they will be playing in the postseason slow their season down, either. While there is still plenty to play for in the two final games of the regular season against the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens, the team went out and put on a clinic in their recent matchup with the New England Patriots following confirmation of their involvement in the playoffs.

The Bengals are in Fine Form

The organization is also in fine form as of this moment, with the team having won seven on the bounce, and with their home form (5-1) impeccable, the two upcoming contests will be played at the Paycor Stadium, thus feeling many around the team with confidence that they can get the job done when they take to the gridiron.

The form that has been shown throughout the vast majority of the season has provided staff, players, fans, and even some online bookmakers that are set to enter the Ohio sports betting market imminently with that same feeling of confidence in recent weeks, too. Some of these bookmakers are already offering punters the opportunity to take advantage of some Ohio sportsbook promotions which could be potentially utilized on markets such as reaching Super Bowl LVII by those who believe the Bengals will be able to make an immediate return.

However, while there is a degree of confidence about what could happen, will the Bengals actually be able to do what was once seen as impossible before the drafting of Joe Burrow?

Tough Challenges Lie Ahead

As highlighted already, the final two games of the 2022 NFL season are arguably two of the hardest fixtures that the Cincinnati Bengals could have possibly been handed this year, especially with how the campaign has turned out.

Of course, the confidence is there in regard to backing the Bengal Nation to get the job done and retain the AFC North title that had been captured the year before, however, with the Bills and the Ravens both set to come to Ohio, things could be a little tricky for the franchise.

Starting with the game on Monday Night Football, the Buffalo Bills are in a similar position to the Bengals in the regard that they know they have already clinched a playoff berth for the postseason. However, the Bills still have something else they are fighting for, which will make the upcoming game at the Paycor Stadium challenging to navigate.


The Bills are fighting for the overall No. 1 seed in the AFC and will know a win against the Bengals can help them to achieve it. This is because they hold the tiebreak over the Kansas City Chiefs, with both franchises currently 12-3 on the year and among the strongest teams in the NFL this season. The No. 1 seed is important in the playoff run, as it will mean the team who has it will receive a bye before having the home-field advantage in their postseason contests.

Following the conclusion of that game, the Bengals will then need to take on AFC North rivals, the Baltimore Ravens; a team that could still end up as the divisional champions if they are able to win both their games and the Bengals lose both. The Ravens are currently 10-5 on the season, but a win against the Pittsburgh Steelers could crank up the tension and nerves experienced by those in Ohio and around the world that cheer on the Bengal Nation.

Super Bowl Run Can Happen

While there is still plenty of gridiron football left to be played, the Bengals have certainly put themselves in a strong position to try and return to the Super Bowl and compete for the NFL’s biggest prize. Of course, they have already qualified for the postseason, although many will suggest the hard work begins now.

Whether Burrow can replicate the impressive feats of last season and get the Bengals to the premier event once again remains to be seen, but it would not be wrong to assume that they could end up there once again based on how the organization has been performing in recent months.

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NCAAF Profiles: Pittsburgh Panthers

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The Pittsburgh Panthers college football program is one of the league’s most prominent teams. The team offers a consistent defense and also has a very long and detailed history that dates back to 1890. During this time, the Panthers have achieved many amazing victories.


But it’s not down to just luck. The team plays solidly as a cohesive unit and has won over 50% of its games during the last five years. 


You can take a closer look at NCAAF betting odds to place your bets for the upcoming season. But if you want to learn more about the team, this article will reveal all.

But if you want to learn more about the team, this article will reveal all. But they are not going to be in the NFL Superbowl!


Who Are They?

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Panthers (or Pitt Panthers) football team are the representatives of the University of Pittsburgh in college football. 


The team competes in the highest level of collegiate athletics in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision for American football and has done so since the school’s first sponsorship of the sport in 1890. The Pittsburgh Panthers also compete as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).


Football began at what was then known as the Western University of Pennsylvania (WUP) in the fall of 1889. In 1908, the university changed its name from the Western University of Pennsylvania to the University of Pittsburgh (“Pitt”). The following year, the school officially adopted the Panther as a mascot. 


Home games are played at Acrisure Stadium which is shared with the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers. 


Team History

In 1889, the first WUP team consisted of three players, including Bert Smyers and John Scott, and went on to lose their first game. 


The first game for the university was played on October 11, 1890, when the opposing team for the Allegheny Athletic Association, Shadyside Academy, failed to appear for its game. The WUP team was brought in as a replacement, suffering a defeat of 38-0.


WUP closed its inaugural three-game season with the school’s first victory over Geneva College while its next season paved a path to a 2–5 record.


After falling under the leadership of head coaches Hart and DePasqua (1966-1972), the university chancellor Wesley Posvar hired head coach Johnny Majors to resurrect the Pittsburgh Panthers program. His impact was immediate.


Under his leadership, the Pitts were invited to play their first bowl bid since 1956 against Arizona State in the 1973 Fiesta Bowl. Though they lost 28–7, the stage was set for the 1976 team to run for the national championship.


The 1976 season started with the Panthers ranking ninth in an AP preseason poll. Due to their success, the Panthers attended the 1977 Sugar Bowl to face the fourth-ranked Bulldogs. Pitt achieved a satisfying victory here and eventually went on to claim their ninth overall national championship – the first since 1937. 


Major Achievements

The Pittsburgh Panthers claim a total of nine national championships which is the 11th most in college football history. They’ve also participated in 28 bowl games under the guidance of renowned coaches Pop Warner, Jock Sutherland, and the iconic Johnny Majors.


Due to their high performance since the 70s, they rank among the top 20 college football programs in terms of their all-time wins. 


Its teams have had many different coaches and players that are extremely notable figures throughout the history of college football. This includes the fifth most Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees, the 12th most College Football Hall of Fame inductees, and has seen at least 133 All-American selections.


How Are They Currently Performing? 

When you think of Pitt football, you immediately think of a dominant defense. Especially under the current leadership of seventh-year head coach, Pat Narduzzi. 


The Pitt Panthers have counted their elite defensive line over the past few seasons. This is the deepest unit on the team in defense or offense and is stacked full of high-end talent played with an aggressive style.


The 2021 season was Pitt’s ninth season as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). They finished with an 11-3 record and a 7-1 conference record, which is their best to date. They also won the Coastal Division of the ACC Championship by winning over Wake Forest (45-21) and lost to Michigan State to officially end the season.



The Pittsburgh Panthers have a rich history in the world of college football with an amazing roster of incredible talent. There’s hope for a similar defensive strategy in the 2022 season. If their performance over the past few seasons stands strong, they’ll have no issues.


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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the New England Patriots

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Weird, Interesting, and Cool Facts About The Patriots 

Love them or hate them, the New England Patriots have been the most talked-about NFL team this century. 


They have been involved in multiple scandals, won 6 Super Bowls, and set multiple NFL records along the way. 


If you follow the NFL, then you probably know a lot about the Patriots already, so today, we thought we’d share with you 10 facts you probably didn’t know about them. 


You can find the NFL betting odds on them winning the Super Bowl next year, here. 


#1 – Their Leader Scorer Is… 

While Tom Brady holds the league’s all-time record in most categories, he didn’t actually break the franchise scoring record while with the Patriots. 


That honor is held by Stephen Gostkowski. 


Stephen Gostkowski played for the New England Patriots between 2006 and 2019. He scored a total of 1,775 points for the Patriots. 


He also holds the league record for most seasons as lead scorer – 5 seasons. 


#2 – Least Yards Allowed… 

In a game against the Chargers in 1961, the Patriots set their least yards allowed record. 


In this game, which ended 41-0 to the Patriots, they only allowed the Chargers to rush for a total of 2 yards. 


Can you imagine seeing a team doing that these days? We can’t… 


#3 – Spy-Gate Was Way Worse Than Deflate-Gate 

In the last 20 years, the Patriots have been involved in two major scandals – Spy-Gate and Deflate-Gate. 


People were horrified by Deflate-Gate, but the actions carried out by the Patriots during Spy-Gate still shock us. 


During Spy-Gate, the Patriots secretly filmed the New York Jets coaches and tapped into their team coms to try and get an advantage over them. 


This happened just before the 2008 Super Bowl. The team was fined $250,000 and the coach was fined $500,000. 


#4 – They Won The First Ever AFL Pre-Season Game 

Let’s roll back the clock to the formation of the AFL. 


The very first match staged by the league was a pre-season match between the Patriots and the Buffalos. 


Both teams had been created for the league, so this was a premiere game for both of them. The Boston Patriots (this was their name at the time) went on to win the match 28-7. 


#5 – They Were Almost Known As… 

After the AFL was absorbed into the NFL, many teams had to change their names. The Patriots had to drop their Boston title and find something new. 


They went through many ideas before almost settling on the Bay State Patriots. Until someone pointed out what it would be abbreviated to. 


The B.S. Patriots… 


It was probably best for everyone that they went with New England instead. 


#6 – Prisoner Saves The Day In 1982 

Patriots fans will remember the day when the groundskeeper and snowplow operator Mark Henderson cleared part of the pitch during the game for Patriots kicker John Smith. 

This kick won the team the match. 


What many people might not know about Mark Henderson is that at the time he was a prisoner on work leave from the local prison. 


Clearly, the Patriots have always had the urge to bend the rules. 


#7 – They Hold The Longest NFL Winning Streak 

You may be surprised to learn that despite being the only team to record a perfect season (regular season through to Super Bowl), the Dolphins do not have the longest regular season winning streak in the NFL. 


The Patriots hold that. 


Between 2002 and 2004, they won 21 regular season games in a row. No other team has come close to this level of dominance since. 


Just in case you’re wondering, it was the 49ers who broke this streak. 


#8 – Putin Stole What From Robert Kraft?! 

Bear with us on this one. 


During a meeting with the Super Bowl champion, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin told Robert Kraft that he would “kill someone” to own a Super Bowl ring. 


Kraft then said that Putin laughed and then put the ring in his jacket pocket. 


Putin claims to have never met Kraft and that he knows nothing about what happened to his missing ring while he was in Russia. 


#9 – A Lannister Always Pays His Debts 

Any fantasy fans will know that instead of writing the next book in his Song Of Ice And Fire series (the book series Game Of Thrones was “based” on), writer G. R. R. Martin has been looking for a million ways to procrastinate. 


This started by helping the TV show write the Game of Thrones, then he started writing short stories, and eventually, he turned his hand to sports journalism. 


In an article where he compared the NFL teams to houses, he said that the Patriots were most definitely the Lannisters.  


#10 – They Are The Most Penalized Team In Draft History 

Finally, the Patriots are the only team to be subject to 4 Draft forfeitures. 


Once for using their injury reserve list illegally, once for Spy-Gate, and twice for Deflate-Gate-related issues. 


They are the most punished team in NFL history. 


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