Is it possible to learn anything useful from NFL 2020 Week 17?

Or is it just a waste of our valuable time?

More Than You Want to Know about Betting NFL Teasers

What is a NFL Teaser Bet? A teaser bet is a group of straight bets (two or more) combined into one bet, where each individual line has been shifted to your favour by the number of points of the teaser. There are three main NFL teasers – 6, 6.5 and 7 point teasers.

We DO NOT recommend betting teasers – but still it is educational to
know about them. So here ya go…………….

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Colin Cowherd’s Blazing 5 Picks for 2020 Week 13

Last Week’s Blazin’ 5 record: 2-2-1

2020 Blazin’ 5 record: 27-31-2

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Is QB Taysom Hill the Future for the New Orleans Saints?

Has Tom Brady Become a Turkey?

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Professor MJ Releases 6 NFL Picks For 2020 Week 11

Colin “Cow Heard”‘s Blazing 5 Picks for NFL 2020 – Week 11

Colin’s Last Week’s Blazin’ 5 record: 4-1

2020 Blazin’ 5 record: 24-25-1

FF-Winners AI agrees with Colin on 3 of 5 picks. In Game 5,Colin recklessly bets on a 43 year old quarterback and is bold enough to give 4.5 points on top of that! Tampa simply winning (let alone, “cover”) is merely a 50-50 proposition given the Rams are 16-9 versus Tampa Bay historically.


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How To Convert Betting Odds to Winning Percentages

Astute bettors use posted odds to calculate their expected win or loss on a given bet – of course they only take bets with expected value (EV) that is positive…. Here is how it is done…


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Last Week’s Blazin’ 5 record: 1-4.

2020 Blazin’ 5 record: 20-24-1

Professor MJ Releases Monday Night Pick: Vikes versus Bears 11/16/20

Mr. Yak (62% ATS) Releases Thursday Night 11/12/2020 Pick

Mr. Yak is 36-22-1 ATS this season.

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Hey Haters: Watch Tom Brady’s Nightmare Performance: 11/08/2020

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NFL 2020 Week 10 – Betting Preview

Should New York Giants QB Daniel Jones Be Benched?

No way! We think Mr. Jones has great potential.

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