PODCAST: What is the Sports Betting Moneyline?

The money line allows you to bet on the winner of the game, ignoring
pointspread. The odds are adjusted to make them approximately equal.

What were the NFL’s Best and Worst Divisions in 2019?

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SIMPLE: How to Use Regression Analysis to Help Predict NFL Scoring

This video is rather basic – but should give you some idea how a simple statistical method, “regression”, can be applied to predict NFL outcomes”.

The 3 Main Reasons Most Amateur Sports Bettors Lose Money

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Financial and Small Business Gambling Sports Betting Statistics  sports money how to get into sport betting bettors amateur  Does the following scenario sound familiar?

“This guy Archie came into my book on the first week of September and bet about $1k on ten different NFL games. He ended up going 9-1, and turned his $10k into $18k. (n.b. we are ignoring vig for the sake of simple calculations) I knew he would be back though, and sure enough he was there the following week, betting $2k on nine different NFL games and totals. He got hot again, and went 7-2, and his $10k had now grown to $28k in just two weeks. I wasn’t worried though, because the story is always the same with these guys. In week three, he came in with 7 more ‘locks’ and put $4k on each game, only to go 1-6, losing three of the games in the last minute. Frustrated with his bad luck, he put all of his remaining $8k on the Monday Night Under, which busted when the Broncos scored a meaningless touchdown in the final minute. Three weeks after he started, Archie was broke.”

The 3 main reasons amateurs lose money:

          1.   They over bet.

         2.   They vary their bet size dramatically.

         3.    They fail to appreciate the amount of randomness in game outcomes and forecast accuracy.

                (the media contributes to this view by understating the luck factor).

For the correct mathematics:



The Shocking Truth about the Kelly Betting System

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But is that true? Should you use it?


PODCAST: How Mr. Whale Capper Uses Seismic Engineering to Predict Football Games

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The Statistical Power of Regression in Predicting Football

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predicting football outcomes, we recommend this new article

by Ed Feng:


6 Weird NFL Streaks

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Will these NFL Streaks end in 2018?  I say that most will continue!