When Should Jobseekers Use A PDF Resume?

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If you recently got an opportunity to bag your dream job, chances are the recruiter or employer has specified the required resume format. Other times, they may not specify the resume file format, which leaves you in a dilemma. If this sounds familiar to you, don’t fret!

PDF resumes are widely preferred over word resumes for a number of reasons. First, they’re impossible to edit without the appropriate PDF resume editing software, which makes them more secure than word documents. Better yet, your PDF CV can be password-protected when sharing sensitive information. This guarantees much more stringent security measures against identity theft.

It makes sense to have your resume in both word and PDF for recruiters. When the latter is preferred, a PDF CV editor can quickly convert your word CV into an editable resume template PDF, so you can make changes directly on the document, convert it back into a word file, and vice versa. In this article, we’ll cover which situations warrant jobseekers to send in their resumes in a PDF format.

MS Word Resumes Don’t Always Turn Out Right

How often do you manually fix your resume’s formatting before submitting it in a word format? Anyone can open Word documents with a word editor. Unlike PDF files, how the contents of a word file are displayed across different devices is not always the same.

Word documents display differently depending on the following:

  • System differences.
  • Device differences.
  • Font incompatibility.
  • Display driver software differences.

Font compatibility issues are one of the biggest challenges when sharing your word resume with recruiters. For instance, if your selected font is unavailable on the recruiter’s computer, they will see an alternative font instead. Additionally, you may have to restructure your word file all the time before sending it to the recruiter.

The best solution to font compatibility issues is submitting your resume PDF. The PDF format is a fixed format where all elements of the file are in a structured Cartesian coordinate system (also known as the User Space). In this system, the page edges are arranged in boxes, with each box playing a specific purpose (examples of such boxes include the crop box, trim box, bleed box, art box, and MediaBox).

What’s more, the font characters and their positioning are embedded within the PDF file. Combined, these two features allow PDF readers to display content in a standardized format with little to no variations across different devices.

You Should Always Have A Backup

When applying for jobs, you need to have a backup in your cloud storage for easy access and retrieval. And what better way to archive your original resume than with PDF?

Word documents are the go-to option when you need to make frequent edits to your resume. However, the PDF format is the better option when it comes to storing files in their original form. The PDF format was originally designed to be shared in collaboration with others. But there are more reasons why PDF is better for storage:

  • PDF resumes are more reliable and flexible – You can access the stored data in its original form, whether it was stored in tables, images, graphs, etc., without the need for editing. As such, you can send your resume template PDF as-is before sending the file to the employer. You can also combine PDF files into one document if you have multiple files scattered all over your Google Drive or your desktop.
  • PDF files are secure – File security is of paramount importance when creating an online backup. Since personal information is present in your resume, you can password-protect it, which can be done quickly on PDF files.
  • PDF resumes can be accessed on the go – Whether the recruiter is checking out your resume on their mac, PC, or on their smartphone, they are likely to see the same thing. PDF also offers easier and faster navigation than word documents – for instance, the recruiter can skip to relevant sections in the document using the PDF reader’s quick search function and bookmarks.

What’s more, PDF resumes have a professional appeal. Unlike word documents that your recruiter’s text editor can scramble, PDF files stay intact regardless of the device.

Recruiters May Decide The Resume Format For You

Sometimes, the recruiter specifies the format of the applicant’s resume. This often happens when the recruiter works in a recruitment agency and needs editing access to your resume. Some of the edits that they made include:

  • Inserting branding material (logos and images).
  • Adding any missing information.
  • Scraping off unnecessary information.
  • For HR automation purposes.

In other cases, they may request word documents so that they can be scanned easily by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). These systems are frequently used by large hiring companies that lack time to go through each applicant’s resume. However, the situation differs for smaller companies that prefer handling applications manually.

Essentially, the ATS system scans for specific keywords in your resume. Although these systems can scan through PDF files, older versions may or may not have the capacity to do so.

As such, the recruiter may prefer a word document. However, if they do not specify the format, a PDF resume is a much better option. Chances are, the recruiter could be using a newer ATS system, which is able to scan CV format PDF files. Regardless, PDF CVs are a much safer option since you can restrict who edits your personal information.

LinkedIn Profiles Aren’t Enough

LinkedIn is the world’s leading professional platform, with over 800 million users. Any recruiter will tell you that creating a LinkedIn profile is one of the first things successful applicants do when looking for a job. If you’re on a job hunt, some recruiters likely asked for your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn allows its members to create profiles that detail their work history, organizations, job titles, and location, among other recruitment information.

Sadly, LinkedIn profiles are no longer enough, and here’s why:

  • 34% of LinkedIn users lie on their profiles.
  • A LinkedIn profile is not a prerequisite to getting the job.
  • LinkedIn is prone to scams and identity theft.

Besides, LinkedIn is a social networking site where professionals meet to exchange ideas. As such, having a LinkedIn profile does not automatically guarantee that you will get a job. It boosts your online visibility and increases your chances of attracting the recruiter’s interest.

A resume is a more professional tool for recruitment. Unlike your LinkedIn profile, it contains conclusive detailed information about your work history, your contact information, experience level, education, and your value as a professional.


Resume format PDF resumes beat word CVs when it comes to reliability, security, accessibility, and compatibility on a wide range of devices. But there’s more. With the right CV online PDF editing software, you can easily convert your word resume into a PDF format, save it on your Google Drive, and make quick changes directly on your resume.

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What are Virtual Numbers for SMS?

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Virtual numbers for SMS are phone numbers that can be used to receive SMS messages, often for the purpose of verification or authentication on various online platforms. These numbers are not tied to a specific phone line or device, and they are often temporary and can be easily acquired and disposed of. This makes them a convenient and affordable alternative to using a real phone number for these purposes.

Why Buy a Virtual Mobile Number for SMS Verification?

There are several reasons why you might want to buy a virtual mobile number for SMS verification:

  • You need to register for an online service or platform and don’t want to use your personal phone number for this purpose.
  • You want to keep your personal phone number private and don’t want to share it with every service or platform you register for.
  • You need to register for a service or platform that is not available in your country, and a virtual mobile number allows you to do this anonymously.
  • You need to register for multiple online accounts and don’t want to go through the hassle of getting a new SIM card or phone number for each one.

Where Can I Buy a Virtual Number for SMS?

There are a number of companies and services that offer virtual numbers for SMS, including the “Tiger SMS” https://tiger-sms.com service mentioned in the provided material. When shopping for a virtual number, be sure to consider factors such as price, the number of countries and platforms supported, and the availability of customer support.

Features and Benefits of Virtual Numbers for SMS

There are a number of features and benefits to using virtual numbers for SMS:

  • Convenience: You can easily acquire and dispose of a virtual number whenever you need it, without the need to purchase a new SIM card or phone line.
  • Anonymity: You can use a virtual number to register for online services and platforms without revealing your personal phone number or other personal information.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Virtual numbers are often less expensive than real phone numbers, especially if you only need them for a short period of time or for a specific purpose.
  • Support for multiple platforms: Many virtual number providers offer support for a wide range of platforms and countries, making it easy to use the same number for multiple accounts.
  • Professional support: Many virtual number providers offer professional customer support to help you with any issues or questions you may have.


Virtual numbers for SMS can be a convenient and affordable way to receive verification codes and authenticate on various online platforms. Whether you need a temporary phone number for a one-time registration or a longer-term solution for multiple accounts, a virtual number may be the perfect solution for you. Be sure to shop around and compare different options to find the best fit for your needs.

Make Cash Selling Tires

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Did you know that selling tires could actually be a decent side hustle… And not just selling tires, but recycling them could lead to a few bucks in your wallet.  A spooky amount of bucks… 👻.

So that’s why our lead tire technician, Joe, at WeReviewTires.com created a guide outlining everything there is to know about tires and earning a few on the side via recycling or just selling tires. He’s got 9 years in the tire business, so he shares a few insider secrets.

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Every Single Way To Make Money Selling Tires

Small Business Ideas and Tips For Sports Lovers

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You have many options if you’re interested in launching a venture in the sports industry. Turning your passion for sports into a lucrative business is now more practical than ever, with tons of ideas and opportunities at your fingertips. All you need is an entrepreneurial spirit and determination to put in the work of building a business from the ground up. Below, FF Winners shares some simple tips for getting started!

Consider Your Options

If you’re still not sure precisely what type of sports business you want to launch, take time to research the various opportunities out there. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Open a sporting goods store
  • Sell merchandise for local and national sports teams
  • Sell refreshments/merchandise at local games
  • Launch a sports newspaper or magazine
  • Start a sports betting business
  • Help sports teams (local and national) with analysis and research
  • Launch a sports radio station or podcast
  • Become an announcer at local and national sporting events
  • Run a basketball academy
  • Customize football jerseys
  • Become a sports agent
  • Open a karate studio
  • Become a football scout
  • Open a fitness center
  • Provide transportation to and from sporting events

Another excellent business to consider is providing lighting to sports stadiums. Dedicating time to viewing industry case studies and researching the different types of large-scale lights can go a long way in developing your expertise. Look into lighting options for stadiums and arenas to see what professional and collegiate sports teams use.

Also, consider the many at-home business options at your fingertips. Whether your goal is to work part-time or start a full-fledged business. You can build a lucrative career without leaving your house, from social media production to sports marketing.

Create a Business Plan

When you determine what type of company to start, begin writing your business plan. This document should describe your business’s core values, how you’ll structure your business and sell your products, how much money you’ll make in the first several years, and more. Think of your business plan as a blueprint for the many decisions you’ll make, and keep it as professional as possible so it helps you secure funding if you need it.

Invest in the Necessary Tools

Whether you’re starting a side gig or a full-fledged business, it’s critical to take advantage of the technology available to business owners. Countless digital tools can help you operate more efficiently, build brand awareness, strengthen your customer base, manage your money, and more. Consider these types of technologies:

  • Project management software
  • Social media management tools
  • Email marketing solutions
  • Website builder platforms
  • Online accounting tools

Promote Your Brand

Once you have a solid business plan and the right tools in place, start promoting your business. You should begin developing and rolling out your marketing strategy before you even launch the company.

Whether you’re starting an ecommerce business or a local shop, focus on growing your online presence. Social media, email, and paid ads are crucial to building brand awareness and a firm foundation for your company.

Of course, this means you’ll need to create a visual identity, including a logo, typography, font, and other elements to showcase on your marketing materials. Don’t worry – there are tools to help with that too!

Give Back to Your Neighbors

Finally, think about how you can use your company to benefit the lives of local residents. Profit is essential for maintaining success, but be sure to leave room for helping other people.

Maybe you could sponsor a kids’ sports team, provide discounts to first responders, or partner with other organizations and entrepreneurs to organize charity events. Just consider how you can give back, and make it happen!

If you love sports, you can convert your passion into a flourishing business. Research all your options and learn more about the lighting used by sports teams. Also, develop a thorough business plan, find tools that aid your success, and promote your brand before launching your company. Then, you’ll have a solid foundation on which to build your new sports business.

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Getting Digital: The Basics of Moving Your Sports Business Online

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With new regulations, reduced walk-in traffic and countrywide lockdowns, it’s clear the pandemic has only accelerated a widespread digitization of business. For small companies, including sports-oriented companies, this is generally good news: 51 percent of executives now report a high level of risk to their organization over the next five years from technology-driven disruption by startups. In other words, the vast array of online tools, accessible for free or at low cost, are helping to level the playing field.

If you own a small sports business, it may be time to seize the moment and take full advantage of what the digital space has to offer. FF-Winners presents a few tips to make that transition a little smoother.

Registering Your Business

If you haven’t done so already, make sure that your business is registered with the state. This will ensure that you are legally allowed to do business there, as well as provide you with some liability protection and tax advantages you may not have access to otherwise. Also, if you intend to do business under a different name for whatever reason, make sure you register your “doing business as” name, or DBA name, allowing you flexibility in branding your sports business. That might sound complicated; luckily, getting an affordable online DBA name is as easy as visiting ZenBusiness.


In 2019, it was found that the global marketing technology (or, Martech) industry value surpassed $121 billion worldwide. In fact, the power of this field grew so substantially and with such effectiveness that there has been governmental intervention in a number of countries to ensure companies don’t get out of control (i.e., the EU’s 2016 GDPR laws). If you’re able to develop leads, understand paid advertising and you can stomach social media management, there’s huge profit to be made by marketing online.

Gaining access to the wealth of online consumers requires an understanding of the various softwares now in circulation. These programs will help you to generate leads, analyze your performance and manage customer relations (amongst other things). If you’re completely new to these ideas, it’s worth checking out Google’s fundamental course on digital marketing. It’s free, covers most of the basics, and can be used on your resumé if needed in the future.


These days, HR doesn’t just refer to hiring and firing — the tech revolution has evolved the role of human resources to include the analysis of employee data, assessment of productivity and management of internal communications. Savvy business owners are now using the latest HR tech to aid in the running of their business and to maximize the output of their employees. One way that software can immediately impact business is through how payroll is run. Labor laws are more convoluted than elsewhere, and a reliable, organized system can help to manage things smoothly.


In the digital space, sales and marketing work hand in hand. The function of sales software is to keep everything organized, maximize time efficiency and help you close deals. This is where CRM platforms come in. Using software such as Salesforce or Pipedrive, you can access all of your information in a centralized database, build customized workflows and manage things on the move with mobile apps.

Remember that good client relationships are key to success in business. Managing your interactions is easy, to begin with, but as you begin to scale, you’ll need a way to keep track of things and oversee relationships as they’re passed on to your employees. Picking the right CRM now is crucial for the smooth continuation of business later. Your criteria should include deal management, alerts and automation, reporting and contact functions. You’ll also want to find one that accommodates all sales methods — whether you’re calling, emailing or even working in person.

Taking your sports business online isn’t just a profitable thing to do — as the pandemic drags on, it may be the only thing to do. However, if you can keep an open mind and you’re willing to learn, doing so could pay off limitlessly.

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4 Tech Updates Small Businesses Can’t Afford to Overlook

2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings updates small overlook businesses afford By now, you know what kinds of tech can help your small business thrive and how to weigh those tech costs against your business needs. What you may not know, however, is that there are some pieces of tech that can not only help your business succeed but can be so valuable that they end up paying for themselves with utility and efficiency. If you want to take your business to the next level, here are the essential tech elements you can’t afford to be without.

A Well-Designed Business Website

If you want to reel in customers and improve profits, your website needs to be ready to “wow” online visitors. Since this is such an important element of modern business, those with no real web design experience should leave this task up to more experienced professionals. If this sounds like you, know that CSS developers from Upwork have the coding and design experience needed to add that “wow” factor to your small business website. As Upwork notes, you should hire CSS developers who understand HTML and JavaScript basics is best, but also make sure your consultants have full knowledge of front-end CSS frameworks. Are you worried about taking on an additional employee? Well, the best part about using online job boards to find and hire tech help for your small business is that these professionals provide freelance business help, meaning you only pay for services as needed.

Integrative Payment Processing Tech

The costs of buying new tech individually to help with inventory management, sales forecasting, and payment processing can start to add up fast. So, if you are looking for new tech that can handle all of these essential business functions while essentially paying for itself with convenience, then you may want to update your POS systems. Because many of the latest point of sale tools for small businesses not only make securely processing credit cards and other payment types easier, but these helpful gadgets also include features that streamline inventory management and sales tracking. Plus, with an updated POS command, you can open your business up to profitable new payment options, like Apple Pay. Being able to accept digital payments can keep your business competitive, so look for payment processing that does it all.

Time and Project Management Tools

Think seriously about your small business for a second, and think about what you consider to be your most valuable asset. Many business owners and entrepreneurs may instinctively think about monetary assets when they answer this question, but valuing time is one of the keys to achieving sustainable success. That’s why so many small and large business owners are using productivity tools to prioritize tasks and manage their busy schedules. For instance, you can use apps like Freedom and FocusBooster to stay tuned in to a single task, or you can use apps like Slack and Chanty to communicate with others when working on team projects (these can even be useful for working with freelancers). Best of all, many of these tools are free, but paid apps can pay for themselves. Because saving time can save you money.

Self-Care, Health, and Wellness Apps

At first glance, that heading may seem out of place when thinking about business. When you take into consideration that many small business owners and bosses experience health issues related to the stress of running a business, then the helpfulness of these tech tools begins to make sense. If you are constantly under negative pressure when managing your own business, you are more likely to develop high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, and even substance abuse problems. Those health hazards can not only limit your life, which should be cause for concern, but the resulting burnout can also limit your professional abilities. So as you invest in critical tech for your business, be sure to look for self-care tools that will help you invest more time in your health. Because your business depends on you to thrive and survive!

Tech can be expensive, and this is especially true when you are trying to get a new startup off the ground. That’s why it helps to know which tech investments pay off sooner, as well as how to use those tools to boost your small business.


3 Key Ways The Latest Tech Can Drive Success for Your Small Business

2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings success small latest drive business Are you looking for ways to boost profits and streamline operations for your small business? If so, you may be looking for the latest tech without even knowing it! Tech can provide a plethora of solutions for a multitude of small businesses — you just have to know which tech to invest in to help your business succeed. With this in mind, here are some of the top tech tips that can keep your small business thriving.

Adding This Tech Update Can Add to Your Profits

When you think about investing in tech, you may think you need to spend money. Well, some tech updates can actually make your business money without the need for huge upfront investments. A dropshipping business is a prime example of this type of low-effort, high-benefit tech that can help small businesses boost their bottom lines. With dropshipping, you don’t need any additional space to house items that can dovetail nicely into your current products and services. Instead, you just need to choose which products you want to sell, from Halloween costumes to home decor to hoodies. If you are new to the small business world, starting a dropshipping business can also be a simple, low-cost way to gain experience and grow your skills as an entrepreneur. Starting with the right products and suppliers is key to success, but you can conduct free research via sites such as Amazon to make choosing the right inventory and increasing your small business profits easier.

Boosting This Can Attract Even More Customers

Another thing that likely comes to mind when you think of tech these days is social media. If you’re not thinking about your business’s social media presence yet, you really should be. Social media is one of the easiest and least expensive methods for engaging potential customers, connecting with existing ones, and competing with similar businesses in your field. Because social media is mostly free, with the exception of paid advertisements, this is one tech investment that is likely to offer your small business the most ROI. Even paid social media ads can benefit digital marketing strategies when used correctly. Small businesses can use strategically placed social media ads to target key audiences across various platforms, making any additional cost well worth the investment. Speaking of digital marketing strategies, yours shouldn’t stop with social media. It’s also well worth your time and investment to create a functional, attractive website and use other tools to make it easier to connect with customers.

Enhancing This Can Help Protect Your Business

Updated tech can also be useful for protecting your business and customers from online threats. Malicious code, phishing schemes, and unsecured wireless networks are just a handful of the risks that small businesses face when it comes to protecting data and operations these days. Those threats are only going to get worse as businesses become more reliant on tech, which means investing in data security should be one of your top tech priorities.

Enhancing cybersecurity sounds more complex than it has to be for small businesses, although protecting your data does require a multi-prong approach that may include building firewalls and VPNs, as well as properly training any employees. Each individual step can help protect your small business data from various security threats. Some reports estimate that one in eight small businesses will close up shop as the result of a data breach, so taking online threats seriously can help protect your operations, your profits, and the long-term success of your business.

If you want simple and affordable solutions to help your small business grow and thrive, tech is your answer. With so many low-cost and free tech upgrades available, there’s no reason why the latest tech can’t provide a boost for your small business. With tech playing an increasing role in the lives of consumers as well, there’s also the stark reality that your small business cannot afford to ignore tech updates if you want to continue to succeed. So, don’t just make tech an option for your small business — make it a priority. <hr />

How Everybody Can Earn Money Online

2023-24 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings online money everybody Our readers often ask us how they could make (more) money online.

We think you’ll find the following article filled with  helpful tips and ideas to get you started…


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