Should the Minnnesota Vikings Break the Bank for WR Justin Jefferson?

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During eventful times, certain stories tend to go unnoticed despite deserving attention. In the case of Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson, his contract extension has been overlooked, even though he is one of the faces of the NFL.

While discussions continue about running back pay scales and Russell Wilson’s preseason workload, Jefferson remains without a contract extension, and it seems that no one is concerned about it. Recent reports suggest that Jefferson himself isn’t worried, but perhaps he should be.

Jefferson, the reigning Offensive Player of the Year, still has two years left on his rookie contract. He is set to earn $2.4 million in the 2023 season, with an estimated $19.7 million in 2024 from his fifth-year option. While it may seem like there is still time for contract talks, Jefferson’s value to the Vikings cannot be understated. He is one of the most valuable non-quarterbacks in the NFL and a key factor in the team’s success.

Wide receivers are prone to injuries, and although Jefferson’s injuries are not career-threatening, it raises concerns about his future earning potential. Many NFL teams have used administrative tactics to suppress a player’s value, and it is uncertain if the Vikings would do the same if something were to go wrong.

There could be various reasons why Jefferson hasn’t pushed for a contract extension yet. He may want to enter the market alongside fellow receiver Ja’Marr Chase, engaging in a game of big-money negotiations. However, this depends on the Cincinnati Bengals’ ability to manage their finances and pay Chase accordingly.

Another possibility is that Jefferson is waiting for the upcoming free-agency cycle to assess the market. However, the 2024 free-agent class is more likely to witness a depression in wide receiver contracts, rather than a boom period like in 2022.

Perhaps the issue lies with the Vikings, as contracts are a two-way street. If this is the case, a few cryptic messages from Jefferson could signal his dissatisfaction and rally support from fans. However, the Vikings may struggle to afford Jefferson next year if he replicates his 2022 performance.

Hopefully, Jefferson is waiting for the right opportunity to make his case. As he is not only the face of the Vikings but also one of the faces of the NFL, his value is constantly increasing. It is crucial for the Vikings to address his contract situation and ensure he is compensated accordingly for his contributions to the team.

When Should Jobseekers Use A PDF Resume?

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If you recently got an opportunity to bag your dream job, chances are the recruiter or employer has specified the required resume format. Other times, they may not specify the resume file format, which leaves you in a dilemma. If this sounds familiar to you, don’t fret!

PDF resumes are widely preferred over word resumes for a number of reasons. First, they’re impossible to edit without the appropriate PDF resume editing software, which makes them more secure than word documents. Better yet, your PDF CV can be password-protected when sharing sensitive information. This guarantees much more stringent security measures against identity theft.

It makes sense to have your resume in both word and PDF for recruiters. When the latter is preferred, a PDF CV editor can quickly convert your word CV into an editable resume template PDF, so you can make changes directly on the document, convert it back into a word file, and vice versa. In this article, we’ll cover which situations warrant jobseekers to send in their resumes in a PDF format.

MS Word Resumes Don’t Always Turn Out Right

How often do you manually fix your resume’s formatting before submitting it in a word format? Anyone can open Word documents with a word editor. Unlike PDF files, how the contents of a word file are displayed across different devices is not always the same.

Word documents display differently depending on the following:

  • System differences.
  • Device differences.
  • Font incompatibility.
  • Display driver software differences.

Font compatibility issues are one of the biggest challenges when sharing your word resume with recruiters. For instance, if your selected font is unavailable on the recruiter’s computer, they will see an alternative font instead. Additionally, you may have to restructure your word file all the time before sending it to the recruiter.

The best solution to font compatibility issues is submitting your resume PDF. The PDF format is a fixed format where all elements of the file are in a structured Cartesian coordinate system (also known as the User Space). In this system, the page edges are arranged in boxes, with each box playing a specific purpose (examples of such boxes include the crop box, trim box, bleed box, art box, and MediaBox).

What’s more, the font characters and their positioning are embedded within the PDF file. Combined, these two features allow PDF readers to display content in a standardized format with little to no variations across different devices.

You Should Always Have A Backup

When applying for jobs, you need to have a backup in your cloud storage for easy access and retrieval. And what better way to archive your original resume than with PDF?

Word documents are the go-to option when you need to make frequent edits to your resume. However, the PDF format is the better option when it comes to storing files in their original form. The PDF format was originally designed to be shared in collaboration with others. But there are more reasons why PDF is better for storage:

  • PDF resumes are more reliable and flexible – You can access the stored data in its original form, whether it was stored in tables, images, graphs, etc., without the need for editing. As such, you can send your resume template PDF as-is before sending the file to the employer. You can also combine PDF files into one document if you have multiple files scattered all over your Google Drive or your desktop.
  • PDF files are secure – File security is of paramount importance when creating an online backup. Since personal information is present in your resume, you can password-protect it, which can be done quickly on PDF files.
  • PDF resumes can be accessed on the go – Whether the recruiter is checking out your resume on their mac, PC, or on their smartphone, they are likely to see the same thing. PDF also offers easier and faster navigation than word documents – for instance, the recruiter can skip to relevant sections in the document using the PDF reader’s quick search function and bookmarks.

What’s more, PDF resumes have a professional appeal. Unlike word documents that your recruiter’s text editor can scramble, PDF files stay intact regardless of the device.

Recruiters May Decide The Resume Format For You

Sometimes, the recruiter specifies the format of the applicant’s resume. This often happens when the recruiter works in a recruitment agency and needs editing access to your resume. Some of the edits that they made include:

  • Inserting branding material (logos and images).
  • Adding any missing information.
  • Scraping off unnecessary information.
  • For HR automation purposes.

In other cases, they may request word documents so that they can be scanned easily by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). These systems are frequently used by large hiring companies that lack time to go through each applicant’s resume. However, the situation differs for smaller companies that prefer handling applications manually.

Essentially, the ATS system scans for specific keywords in your resume. Although these systems can scan through PDF files, older versions may or may not have the capacity to do so.

As such, the recruiter may prefer a word document. However, if they do not specify the format, a PDF resume is a much better option. Chances are, the recruiter could be using a newer ATS system, which is able to scan CV format PDF files. Regardless, PDF CVs are a much safer option since you can restrict who edits your personal information.

LinkedIn Profiles Aren’t Enough

LinkedIn is the world’s leading professional platform, with over 800 million users. Any recruiter will tell you that creating a LinkedIn profile is one of the first things successful applicants do when looking for a job. If you’re on a job hunt, some recruiters likely asked for your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn allows its members to create profiles that detail their work history, organizations, job titles, and location, among other recruitment information.

Sadly, LinkedIn profiles are no longer enough, and here’s why:

  • 34% of LinkedIn users lie on their profiles.
  • A LinkedIn profile is not a prerequisite to getting the job.
  • LinkedIn is prone to scams and identity theft.

Besides, LinkedIn is a social networking site where professionals meet to exchange ideas. As such, having a LinkedIn profile does not automatically guarantee that you will get a job. It boosts your online visibility and increases your chances of attracting the recruiter’s interest.

A resume is a more professional tool for recruitment. Unlike your LinkedIn profile, it contains conclusive detailed information about your work history, your contact information, experience level, education, and your value as a professional.


Resume format PDF resumes beat word CVs when it comes to reliability, security, accessibility, and compatibility on a wide range of devices. But there’s more. With the right CV online PDF editing software, you can easily convert your word resume into a PDF format, save it on your Google Drive, and make quick changes directly on your resume.

So, why wait? Try it for free!

Which team should Pogba join this summer?

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings which summer should pogba With dozens of strong players available this summer as free agents, the story with Paul Pogba looks, however, the most interesting. The French midfielder is already 29 years old but still looks like the footballer who hasn’t shown all his potential. He has plenty of skills and natural possibilities to play in any club in the world, but his most stable performances were for the French national team. Want more interesting news? Follow the link to the 90% accurate football predictions section and get fresh information every day.

The biggest issue that Paul met during his Manchester United career was the lack of stability. The guy was returned to Old Trafford to become another Scholes or Carrick – the midfielder who can cement the centre of midfield for years. But Pogba’s impact on the pitch was rather changeable: he could give four assists in a single game but then be silent for a dozen of games. It looked like he needed a few more great partners to be the core of a strong team, while MU’s bosses expected Paul to become the one who would lead the team solely.

The most logical and probable variant for Pogba is to return to Juventus. Although the French box-to-box is ready to earn a much lower salary, he wants to play football stably and return to his best conditions. However, the Old Lady significantly changed its roster since 2016, when Paul moved from Turin to Manchester. Juventus is likely to receive the best version of Pogba and can also expect too much from him, so the Frenchman should be very attentive to such a decision. By the way, we recommend visiting the site Odds2Win and getting the latest football predictions and get melbet promo code in India for free.

Among the other variants are Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid. The French club wants to receive a good partner for Veratti, who is the only stable footballer in the midfield. Also, the team from a home town is a nice variant for Paul, whose partner Mbappe stayed in Paris. The situation in Real Madrid is quite different: everyone is talking about the replacement for experienced Modric and Kroos, but the veterans still deliver quality and even won another UCL for the Whites. As we see, there are plenty of variants for Pogba. Independently of his choice, we hope to see the best version of Paul on the pitch, as he can really show magic.

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Should I invest in an inground basketball hoop?

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings should invest inground basketball

Whether you decide to invest in an inground basketball hoop or the portable type of basketball hoop, you will have made a good decision. This is because a basketball hoop is one of the best ways to learn how to play basketball. It also helps you to keep fit and healthy because you will be practicing basketball skills while just at home. You may also benefit because the basketball hoop is one of the best ways to interact with your family members and your friends. One of the best ways to learn about the various basketball hoops is to visit website. Here, you will learn about the 3 types of basketball hoops you can invest in such as the in-ground hoops, the portable basketball hoops, and the mounted type of hoops.

When it comes to the choice of basketball hoops, several factors make the inground hoops a good choice over the other types. They are heavy-duty, more long-lasting, sturdy, and many other good reasons.

Here are reasons why you should invest in an in-ground basketball hoop:

  1.   It increases the value of your home

An in-ground basketball hoop is one of the things that can add value to your home. This means you can get better resale value for the home when you decide to sell it. You see, many people nowadays consider the health aspect of the home on sale. People want to know if such a home has any added advantages such as accessibility, health facilities, and so on. With the in-ground basketball hoops, many homeowners will be happy with the permanent nature of the item.

  1.   In-ground hoops are adjustable

This is another factor that makes in-ground basketball hoops good for your needs. The fact that these hoops can be adjusted means that all members of the family can benefit from their use. You can lower or raise the hoop so that even your kids can use them. The adjustable height makes them accessible to all people regardless of their height. It also means that your kids can use the hoops even when they grow into adults as they can adjust these with time, based on their increasing height.

  1.   Stability

One of the reasons portable hoops may not be suitable is that they are not stable. With the in-ground hoops, you are assured of stability. As such, you can be assured of stability during dunks. You can also be assured that your shots will be more accurate due to the stability of the in-ground hoops. You see, if the hoops are not stable, your shots may not be accurate since the entire experience is distracted.

  1.   Durability

In-ground hoops are more durable when compared to the movable type. In general, these kinds of hoops are more durable because once they are fixed on the ground, they will not need to be moved around. As such, they can withstand the test of time because they are made from materials that last longer. In the long run, these kinds of hoops prove much cheaper because you will not have to keep replacing them.


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