PODCAST: Who are You Picking for Superbowl 56?

The Kansas City Chiefs have opened as the favorites to win Super Bowl 56 in the early odds. Green Bay has the second-best odds at +900, and the Jaguars have the worst odds at +10000.

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Mattress Mack’s Wild Superbowl Bet

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings superbowl mattress The long wait for Super Bowl 55 is nearly over. We are now just two days away from kickoff. Yesterday, we saw the largest wager placed on the game, with Jim McIngvale risking $3.46 million on the Bucs spread. Mattress Mack, as he is popularly referred to, must know the importance of key numbers as he paid -127 juice to ensure that he got Tampa Bay plus the hook (+ 3.5).

In a statement, McIngvale explained his decision by saying the following: “Tampa Bay is loaded with talent on both sides of the ball and led by the greatest football player of all time in Tom Brady, so I’m betting big on the Bucs who have overcome tough matchups throughout the postseason.”

Mack’s decision to pay the extra juice in order to get the hook is important. We all know that 3 is the most important key number in football. So if the Bucs end up losing by 3, which is the most common margin of victory, you want to be able to cash with the extra half point. However, the Bucs + 3.5 is no longer available across the market as we’ve seen the line fall down to 3. Most books are juicing the Chiefs -3 up to -115 but seem unwilling to actually move to 3.5. So what does this mean? If you like the Bucs you might as well wait and see if it goes to 3.5 between now and kickoff. If it doesn’t, you could do what Mack did and buy the extra half point in order to get the hook.

Buying points is age-old debate among sports bettors. Recreational bettors love buying points because they feel safer and more secure knowing they are getting a better number and, therefore, have a greater shot at covering. However, buying points is typically frowned upon by experienced bettors. If you are constantly buying points, it means you are paying expensive prices that will eat away at your winnings. Buying an extra half point may save you every once in a while, but over the long haul it won’t make as big of a difference as you think. One of the only scenarios where buying points can really be “worth it” is around key numbers, like in this case by taking the Bucs up to + 3.5. In this situation, it’s also much more palatable due to the current juice price. The Chiefs are -3 (-115) at most books with the Bucs + 3 (-105). So buying an extra half point when you’re starting at -105 (or even + 100 at some shops) makes it a little easier. If the Bucs were even + 3 (-110), buying that extra half point could take you to -135 juice or more. At that point, it becomes highly unattractive. If you can buy the extra half point and keep it under -130 (or ideally -120 or less), that’s an easier pill to swallow.

Are the Seahawks SuperBowl Material for 2020?

New York Jets traded Jamal Adams to Seattle Seahawks, and Colin Cowherd feels like this is the Seahawks trying to make up ground for a lot of bad picks in the past. Colin decides whether this addition will make the Seahawks Super Bowl contenders.  Our AI power rankings rank them #8 in offense and #11 in defense.  These are NOT elite numbers!

Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl 54 Hype Song Video


Do well-made hype song videos give you goosebumps?


FILM STUDY: How Sammy Watkins Embarrassed 49ers Secondary in Superbowl 54

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Long Shot Picks for Superbowl 55!

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings superbowl picks Super Bowl LV: Early Longshot Projections  

Kansas City captured its first Super Bowl in 50 years when MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to a come-from-behind victory over San Francisco in Super Bowl LIV. Heading into the offseason, it’s never too early to begin looking at next year.

The Chiefs (+500) are, of course, the early favorite to win it all again in 2020. What Kansas City – and New England and everyone before them – has shown the rest of the NFL is a certain recipe that makes a Super Bowl possible. First, it’s all the about the quarterback. A running game is nice and a top-level defense is even better.

With that in mind, what teams might be a nice longshot value pick for 2020? We thought you’d never ask.You might want to wager on  one or more  of these outcomes at a USA online casino!

The Not-So-Longshot

The Philadelphia Eagles won their last four regular season games in 2019 to capture the NFC East. They were ousted in the first round of the playoffs by Seattle, but the 2020 Eagles could be a value pick at +1400 to win next season’s Super Bowl.

The Eagles have the quarterback in Carson Wentz (4,039 yards passing, 27 TDs) as well as a solid running game and a defense that features two very good edge rushers in Brandon Graham (8.5 sacks) and Derek Barnett (6.5).

If you want a bit more value, Green Bay and Seattle check in at +1500. For Seattle, it appears all the Seahawks need is QB Russell Wilson. He almost wills Seattle to victory. The same is true in Green Bay where veteran Aaron Rodgers led the Packers to a 13-3 finish and an NFC North title in 2019.

Dallas (+1600) always has one of the NFL’s best rushing attacks and QB Dak Prescott finished second in the NFL in passing with 4,902 yards. The Cowboys success will hinge on getting Prescott signed this offseason.

True Longshots

If you want a true longshot, look no further than the AFC South. Houston (10-6) won the division with QB DeShaun Watson (3,852 yards, 26 TDs) and a top-10 running game led by Carlos Hyde (1,070 rushing yards). The Texans led the Super Bowl champion Chiefs 24-0 in the postseason but imploded and lost 51-31. If the Houston defense can return to form in 2020, it might make them a nice longshot pick at +2000.

The better longshot pick is Tennessee. At +2200, the Titans offer tremendous value especially after surprising everyone by playing for the AFC title last year. NFL Comeback Player of the Year Ryan Tannehill is back at quarterback and the Titans will return the league’s leading rusher in Derrick Henry (1,540 yards, 16 TDs). Under head coach Mike Vrabel, the Titans are always sound on defense and, as a result, could find themselves right back where they left off in 2019.

The Ultimate Longshot

Remember, Kansas City’s opponent San Francisco was 4-12 the year before playing the Super Bowl. Thinking along those lines and remembering the recipe for success, the 2020 ultimate longshot bet to win Super Bowl LV is…the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers are given +2600 odds to win, which would be a nice payout should it happen – and it could. QB Ben Roethlisberger will return from an injury last season and the defense is loaded. T.J. Watt could have easily won the NFL’s Rookie of the Year after recording 14.5 sacks, 55 tackles, 23 tackles for loss, eight pass breakups, eight forced fumbles, and two interceptions. An experienced quarterback and one of the NFL’s best defenses could propel Pittsburgh to a surprising Lombardi Trophy.

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Was Superbowl 54 Fixed or Did 49ers Fall Apart?

Folks.  Coaching Experience Matters!   Last year Belichick beat “young genius”   Sean McVay!


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Superbowl 54: Top Impact Players

FF-Winners believes that the Kansas City defense is underrated and overlooked by

many fans.  Watch out 49ers!



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Superbowl History We All Need to Know !

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Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers – Superbowl 51 Contenders -archival article

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings superbowl steelers pittsburgh packers green contenders


The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers are two hungry talented teams with latent potential to  go all the way in  2016-7 as they did 5 years ago.


Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson is never ever active in free agency. He just gets brand-new players from the draft, and this year was no different. All Green Bay did this year in free agency was re-sign linebacker Nick Perry, and add tight end Jared Cook as add another weapon for the best quarterback in the league, Aaron Rodgers. With Rodgers at the helm, Green Bay will always be Super Bowl competitors. With receiver Jordy Nelson coming back next season, the Packers’ offense will return to its pre-2015 season hype, and it is going to be very dangerous.

The Pittsburgh Steelers nearly beat the Super Bowl champs in the Divisional Round in 2014, with injuries to star receiver Antonio Brown, Le’veon Bell and Deangelo Williams, and Ben Roethlisberger. They were a fumble from winning the AFC Divisional Round, and knocking off the ultimate Super Bowl champs. This team is absolutely loaded with skill, on both the offensive and defensive side. Pittsburgh’s offense is absolutely stacked, with Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, brand-new tight end Ladarius Green, Le’veon Bell, and Deangelo Williams. Their defense is in fact also excellent, as they were a top 5 run defense last year. They simply need some more people in the secondary, and they can easily end up being genuine Super Bowl contenders.


The Coveted Superbowl Ring (NFL Fiction)

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings superbowl coveted

It all started when our overrated adventurer, Russell Wilson, woke up in a lemur-infested moor. It was the third time it had happened. Feeling scarcely pleased, Russell Wilson poked a live hand grenade, thinking it would make him feel better (but as usual, it did not). Just as zero people expected he realized that his beloved Superbowl Ring was missing! Immediately he called his so-called friend, Pete Carroll. Russell Wilson had known Pete Carroll for (plus or minus) 1.2 billion years, the majority of which were electric ones. Pete Carroll was unique. He was congenial though sometimes a little… stupid. Russell Wilson called him anyway, for the situation was urgent.

Pete Carroll picked up to a very unhappy Russell Wilson. Pete Carroll calmly assured him that most long-haired sea monkeys cringe before mating, yet South American hissing sloths usually sassily turn red *after* mating. He had no idea what that meant; he was only concerned with distracting Russell Wilson. Why was Pete Carroll trying to distract Russell Wilson? Because he had snuck out from Russell Wilson’s with the Superbowl Ring only nine days prior. It was a sassy little Superbowl Ring… how could he resist?

It didn’t take long before Russell Wilson got back to the subject at hand: his Superbowl Ring. Pete Carroll shuddered. Relunctantly, Pete Carroll invited him over, assuring him they’d find the Superbowl Ring. Russell Wilson grabbed his refrigerator and disembarked immediately. After hanging up the phone, Pete Carroll realized that he was in trouble. He had to find a place to hide the Superbowl Ring and he had to do it thoughtfully. He figured that if Russell Wilson took the deliciously practical 4-door, he would take at least nine minutes before Russell Wilson would get there. But if he took the flying football? Then Pete Carroll would be exceedingly screwed.

Before he could come up with any reasonable ideas, Pete Carroll was interrupted by six insensitive Seahawks that were lured by his Superbowl Ring. Pete Carroll cringed; ‘Not again’, he thought. Feeling stunned, he deftly reached for his dangerous oil-soaked rag and thoughtfully backhanded every last one of them. Apparently this was an adequate deterrent–the discouraged critters began to scurry back toward the secret vineyard, squealing with discontent. He exhaled with relief. That’s when he heard the flying football rolling up. It was Russell Wilson.


As he pulled up, he felt a sense of urgency. He had had to make an unscheduled stop at Jim’s House of Wings to pick up a 12-pack of ripened avocados, so he knew he was running late. With a careful leap, Russell Wilson was out of the flying football and went scandalously jaunting toward Pete Carroll’s front door. Meanwhile inside, Pete Carroll was panicking. Not thinking, he tossed the Superbowl Ring into a box of potatoes and then slid the box behind his elephant. Pete Carroll was worried but at least the Superbowl Ring was concealed. The doorbell rang.

‘Come in,’ Pete Carroll indiscriminately purred. With a inept push, Russell Wilson opened the door. ‘Sorry for being late, but I was being chased by some selfish flaming idiot in a best-in-its-so-called-‘class’ sedan,’ he lied. ‘It’s fine,’ Pete Carroll assured him. Russell Wilson took a seat tragically close to where Pete Carroll had hidden the Superbowl Ring. Pete Carroll belched trying unsuccessfully to hide his nervousness. ‘Uhh, can I get you anything?’ he blurted. But Russell Wilson was distracted. Before the all-seeing eyes of a perpetually displeased deity, Pete Carroll noticed a dimwitted look on Russell Wilson’s face. Russell Wilson slowly opened his mouth to speak.

‘…What’s that smell?’

Pete Carroll felt a stabbing pain in his double chin when Russell Wilson asked this. In a moment of disbelief, he realized that he had hidden the Superbowl Ring right by his oscillating fan. ‘Wh-what? I don’t smell anything..!’ A lie. A abrasive look started to form on Russell Wilson’s face. He turned to notice a box that seemed clearly out of place. ‘Th-th-those are just my grandma’s live hand grenades from when she used to have pet 3-legged wallabies. She, uh…dropped ’em by here earlier’. Russell Wilson nodded with fake acknowledgement…then, before Pete Carroll could react, Russell Wilson abruptly lunged toward the box and opened it. The Superbowl Ring was plainly in view.

Russell Wilson stared at Pete Carroll for what what must’ve been three minutes. Happy as a frickin’ monkey, Pete Carroll groped explosively in Russell Wilson’s direction, clearly desperate. Russell Wilson grabbed the Superbowl Ring and bolted for the door. It was locked. Pete Carroll let out a flamboyant chuckle. ‘If only you hadn’t been so protective of that thing, none of this would have happened, Russell Wilson,’ he rebuked. Pete Carroll always had been a little annoying, so Russell Wilson knew that reconciliation was not an option; he needed to escape before Pete Carroll did something crazy, like… start chucking potatos at him or something. Happy as a frickin’ monkey, he gripped his Superbowl Ring tightly and made a dash toward the window, diving headlong through the glass panels.

Pete Carroll looked on, blankly. ‘What the hell? That seemed excessive. The other door was open, you know.’ Silence from Russell Wilson. ‘And to think, I varnished that window frame two days ago…it never ends!’ Suddenly he felt a tinge of concern for Russell Wilson. ‘Oh. You ..okay?’ Still silence. Pete Carroll walked over to the window and looked down. Russell Wilson was gone.


Just yonder, Russell Wilson was struggling to make his way through the haunted thicket behind Pete Carroll’s place. Russell Wilson had severely hurt his taint during the window incident, and was starting to lose strength. Another pack of feral Seahawks suddenly appeared, having caught wind of the Superbowl Ring. One by one they latched on to Russell Wilson. Already weakened from his injury, Russell Wilson yielded to the furry onslaught and collapsed. The last thing he saw before losing consciousness was a buzzing horde of Seahawks running off with his Superbowl Ring.

About ten hours later, Russell Wilson awoke, his prostate throbbing. It was dark and Russell Wilson did not know where he was. Deep in the mysterious swamp, Russell Wilson was exceedingly lost. Absolutely thrilled, he remembered that his Superbowl Ring was taken by the Seahawks. But at that point, he was just thankful for his life. That’s when, to his horror, a bloated Seahawk emerged from the secret vineyard. It was the alpha Seahawk. Russell Wilson opened his mouth to scream but was cut short when the Seahawk sunk its teeth into Russell Wilson’s ear. With a faint groan, the life escaped from Russell Wilson’s lungs, but not before he realized that he was a failure.

Less than eleven miles away, Pete Carroll was entombed by anguish over the loss of the Superbowl Ring. ‘MY PRECIOUS!!’ he cried, as he reached for a sharpened potato. With a hasty thrust, he buried it deeply into his double chin. As the room began to fade to black, he thought about Russell Wilson… wishing he had found the courage to tell him that he loved him. But he would die alone that day. All that remained was the Superbowl Ring that had turned them against each other, ultimately causing their demise. And as the dew on melancholy sappling branches began to reflect the dawn’s reddish glare, all that could be heard was the chilling cry of distant Seahawks, desecrating all things sacred to virtuous men, and perpetuating an evil that would reign for centuries to come. Our heroes would’ve lived unhappily ever after, but they were too busy being dead. So, no one lived forever after, the end. 🙁

Are You Afraid to Review Superbowl 53?

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Here is your chance to review last  year’s defensive classic:


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