Short review of CS:GO for beginners

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most popular shooter on Steam and one of the most important events in the history of esports. Here we will tell you everything you need to understand the game.

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What is CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a competitive first-person shooter developed and published by Valve. The game does not have a single player campaign, the entire gameplay is built around several network modes. The main one is competitive.

Competitive mode

Strict rules apply in competitive mode: round time is limited, you can deal damage to allies, and all equipment and weapons must be bought. The main competitive Bomb Defusal mode with two teams of five people.

In total there are 30 rounds in the match, after 15 teams have been played they change places. The victory is awarded to the team that first takes 16 rounds.

One of the teams takes on the role of attack, the other – defense. The attack team needs to destroy all rivals in the allotted time or blow up one of the two points on the map. The defense team, accordingly, needs to block the installation of explosives, and if it failed, neutralize it, or kill all enemies.

All maps of this game mode are similar. They have the prefix “de_” at the beginning. On each of the maps, you can find four points: the place where the attack team spawns, the defense team, and both explosive planting points. The latter are called A and B.


The main difference between Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other competitive shooters like Call of Duty is the use of the economy system. For successful actions – planting and disarming explosives, killing enemies and winning the round – the player is awarded in-game dollars. For them at the beginning of the round you can buy armor, weapons and grenades. Unspent money is saved.

Bad actions are penalized. Killing teammates or shooting hostages will reduce the amount of money the player has. A separate case is the defeat in the round. Finances are also charged for it. With a series of defeats, this reward will grow: from 1400 for the first defeat in the series to 3400 for the fifth and subsequent. Each next lost round increases the bonus by $500, and so on up to a maximum of $3400.

The exception is a timeout loss for the attacking side. In this case, all surviving players get 0, but keep all the property for the next round.

Knowing how to calculate your economy and that of the enemy is an important competitive skill that helps you win rounds before they even start.

Other modes and matchmaking

In addition to the competitive mode, the game also has a normal, deathmatch, arms race, battle royale and several others, including temporary modes. Each mode has its own rules.

For example, in the royal battle there is no division into rounds – the whole game is one big round, and the economy is disabled in the arms race. The only way to improve equipment is to kill an opponent and earn points for changing weapons.

There are three separate ranking systems for Competitive, Battle Royale, and Teammates, while all other modes do not. The rating system keeps track of the level of the game and according to it the appropriate rank is assigned. Players of approximately the same level are brought together by a selection system, or matchmaking.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the leading esports shooter. Esports is a competition of the highest level. Dozens of international Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments are held annually, bringing together hundreds of teams.

All competitions can be divided into two large groups: network and LAN. The former are played over the Internet, while the latter are played over a local network, which is where their name comes from. LAN tournaments are considered more prestigious. They are like regular sports. There is an arena, stands, spectators, commentators and other attributes.

The game’s publisher, Valve, supports esports and hosts several tournaments each year under its auspices. They are called majors. Winning a Major is the highest point in a player’s career, comparable to winning the World Championship.


In 2018, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive became free to play. The main source of income from the game is microtransactions. A number of cosmetic items are available for purchase in the game. With their help, players can change the appearance of weapons, characters or the game environment by painting graffiti or replacing the musical insert at the end of the round.

Many items can be obtained in two ways: randomly and by trading or buying from another player. The Steam marketplace is used for selling and buying. In addition to it, there are other places for exchange and trade.

For example, you can directly buy or exchange items on CS.MONEY. Unlike the Steam marketplace, we have lower prices and a more intuitive interface.

Now you know everything you need about CS: GO.

Bonus review at casino pin up

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Pin Up betting company has recently entered the Indian market and is in dire need of attracting as many new players as possible.

For this reason, the company’s management has developed its own development plan, and in the first place has included bonuses that each of you can use. Moreover, it is definitely worth using these promotional offers, because thanks to this you can earn a lot of money out of thin air, and I will tell you how to do it in this material.

Get a Pin Up Bonus

Absolutely every citizen of India can get a Pin up bonus, because the company conducts its activities on a legal basis by connecting to a Single Betting Regulator. So, to participate in all promotions, you will need to register on the website, and then proceed with identification to confirm your identity.

Also, do not forget that there is a promo code system on the site, and if you want to get the biggest bonus possible, then go to the site at the link below.

Pin UP Bonuses

The number of Pin up bonuses is incredibly huge, and the money offered there is very, very large, so I suggest that we do not waste time, but start reviewing the most generous offers on the gambling market in India.

Welcome Bonus Pin up

You should start with a welcome bonus Pin up, which every new player can use. To receive it, you only need to register on the website, and then go through identification and top up your account. You need to approach the replenishment of the account with all seriousness, because depending on how much you make the first deposit, the same amount will be on the bonus account (up to 3000 INR). This means that if you top up your account with 1000 INR, you will get the same bonus, and if you top up with 5000 INR, you will grab the maximum possible jackpot of 3000. However, this amount will need to be wagered on the bonus account, and I will tell you how to do this later.

Bonus wagering conditions

The entire amount received will need to be won back in a certain amount. For example, if you have topped up your account on:

  • 15,000 INR – wagering in 12 times the amount;
  • From 15,000 to 2,000 INR – in 15-fold size;
  • From 2000 to 3000 INR – in 20-fold size.

Wagering implies bets that you should place on any sporting event with a coefficient of at least 1.7. As you can see, the coefficient is quite acceptable, so there should be no problems with wagering the Pin up bonus. In addition, do not rush, because you will have 30 days available to fulfill the conditions.

Pin-Up Quiz

In addition to the welcome bonus, the bookmaker offers its customers a unique promotion called Pin up quiz, where you can get free tickets for the correct answers to sports questions. Questions will be sent every Monday to your email address, and the size of the free bet depends on how many correct answers you were able to give. For example, for one correct answer, a free bet of INR 750 will be credited, for two – INR 1,500, and for three – INR 3,000.

Mostbet bonus program for players in Bangladesh

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Mostbet bonus program for players in Bangladesh

Mostbet bookmaker office in Bangladesh differs from other gambling establishments by its versatile bonus system. Prize options are waiting for players every day. Promotions have both general and personal nature.

What can be found in the welcome package?

Bangladeshi bettors don’t have to spend much to open a starter package at the online club. A user will only need a starting deposit of 200 taka to get up to 125% on their first deposit. This bonus is available to all customers who have completed a full registration.

To create an account at Mostbet you need to specify your email and bind your mobile number. After that, the user needs to fill in the boxes in the personal questionnaire. All what remains is to open an account, which can be done via bank cards, electronic systems available in Bangladesh.

Some welcome promotions are of a one-time nature. This applies to promo codes with freebets. You can find these on popular social networks. Information about bonuses is also posted on the main page of the bookmaker club. New coupons always appear on the eve of major tournaments and significant events from the soccer world.

Unique promotions of Mostbet in Bangladesh

Most of the bonus options at Mostbet BD bookmaker’s office are exclusive in nature. This means that you can hardly find such rewards in other BKs, which is exactly what sets the club apart from other gaming sites focused on Bangladesh.

Customer in the institution is waiting for the following:

– Birthday gift. Each birthday boy can get a freebet in honor of his birthday. The amount is determined according to the account rating. Top Mostbet players will be able to activate a promo code for several 1000 taka and raffle off this money on bets in any sports discipline.

– Cashback up to 10%. Beginners in betting are not always lucky. The administration takes this into account and offers a refund of up to 10% of the money lost every week. The main thing is that during this period the amount of loss was greater than the amount of winnings.

– Insurance bets in express format. If a user has collected more than seven sports events in one of Mostbet’s expresses, he can replace one unsuccessful one. This will help save the combined bet and get a payout despite the failure.

– Multipliers for expresses. The user can not choose sports events independently, but play already prepared schemes. If one of the proposed parlays comes in, the odds on it will increase by 10-20%.

For each soccer match, bookmaker Mostbet in Bangladesh offers a sell option. When a bet doesn’t go in and there are still a few minutes left until the end of the sporting event, the bet can be sold and thus minimize financial losses.

Features of the loyalty program of BC Mostbet in Bangladesh

The loyalty system is based on statuses. New account titles are assigned when the rating increases. Credits are awarded to players for each open deposit.

Promoting through the Mostbet status system means that the bettor shows activity. Therefore, the administration is ready to give out individual gifts. These are promo codes, which are sent by mail or issued in a virtual chat directly on the bookmaker’s website.

Coupons are most often of a monetary nature. A visitor after activating another bonus code may receive more than 1000 BDT to his account or increase his next deposit by 50-100%.

BC Mostbet allows you to activate several prize features at once. It is recommended to be careful with this. Each bonus must be wagered. Otherwise, the cashier will simply not accept the request for payment.


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