FILM STUDY: How Atrocious Is the Dallas Cowboy Defense?

Please keep in mind that they have played Seattle, Los Angeles Rams, Falcons and Browns so far.

FILM STUDY: The Best 3rd Down NFL Defense Ever!

During the 2019 season, the Patriots did something that nobody has done in NFL History: They held opposing offenses to less than a 25% conversion rate on third down (24.1% exactly). This is the lowest in NFL History. The previous record holder was the 2017 Vikings at 25.2% and before them it was the Saints back in 1991 (!) where they held opposing offenses to a 26.1% conversion rate.

ADVANCED FILM STUDY: How to Play Hungry Cover-1 Defense

I bet you’ll learn something from this video!

WATCH: The Missile Shot that Detonated the 49ers Defense

 Patrick Mahomes was named MVP of Super Bowl LIV after leading the Chiefs’ dramatic fourth-quarter comeback. Mahomes sparked the Chiefs’ late rally with a big throw to wide receiver Tyreek Hill on a play the team calls “Wasp.”


FILM STUDY: How to Make Pre-Snap Reads on NFL Defense

 Where athletic ability meets preparation, there is opportunity!




WATCH: QB Patrick Mahomes Hang 6 TDs on the Steelers Defense

 These balls are extremely well thrown. Wow!


FILM STUDY: How Nick Foles Owned the Minnesota Vikings Defense