Are These the 5 Worst QBs in the NFL for 2021?

Yes! We predict that at most 2 of them will be starting in 2022.

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WATCH: Worst Refereeing of the 2019-2020 NFL Season

Sigh............... Get disgusted here!

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Are the Jaguars Really Going to Be 2020’s Worst Team?

According the our Power Rankings, the Jags have a terrible road record and the worst offense in the NFL.  They…

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Which 5 NFL Teams Will Be Worst This Year?

We largely agree with this video's conclusions - except we think the Bengals will be stronger. But the other teams…

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10 Worst “Overlooked” Penalty Calls in NFL History!

NFL players are getting bigger, smarter  and faster every year. Unfortunately, the referees are not!

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WATCH: Worst NFL Game Time Decisions Ever

Try not to do stuff like this :)   CLICK HERE!

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