WATCH: The Truth About NFL Playbooks in 3 Minutes

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings NFL Strategy Podcasts  watch truth shocking truth behind facebook playbooks minutes about  The strategic contribution of the NFL playbook should not be underestimated.



The Best Cities to Watch a Football Game In!

2020-21 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Fandom Football  watch fooball cities  You’re not just a fan of your team, you are a fan of the game. If a move is in the cards for you, why not move to a city that embraces the game of hard knocks as much as you do? A solid stadium, plenty of game parties, and great sports bars are all high on the wish list too. Here is a look at some of the greatest football cities in the nation.

Green Bay

Green Bay proves it’s the best football city in the United States by owning its team. Instead of a wealthy owner who spends millions on the team, the city of Green Bay designates a board of directors who act in place of an owner. The Green Bay Packers are the only team in the league that’s a publicly owned non-profit corporation, dating back in 1923. If you’re still not sold on Green Bay, maybe the sports bars, such as Fuzzy 63 Bar & Grill or Titletown Brewing Company, will change your mind.


The Cowboys aren’t nicknamed “America’s Team” for no good reason. On the contrary, the Cowboys are a one of the most celebrated teams in NFL history, and it’s the most iconic and valuable team in the league. Despite a Super Bowl drought, Cowboys fans pack the $1.25 billion AT&T Stadium every home game. Nobody can deny that Dallas has a passion for football.

For a great sports bar in downtown Dallas, check out the Press Box Grill. Each month they stock a different specialty brew for just $3, and the atmosphere is bright and friendly, not always the case in sports bars.

Washington, D.C.

While the Redskins’ season may be over, their run to the playoffs was marked by the most dramatic comeback in franchise history. Now with a quarterback who looks to be a solid starter for the foreseeable future, this team is primed for a breakout season next year.

The Kangaroo Boxing Club is an iconic, yet intimate sports bar that is packed with fans every Sunday. Since it’s so small, it doesn’t take reservations and often turns people away. Make sure you get here early if you want a seat.


The consistency of the New England Patriots over the last decade has made Boston of the of strongholds of American football. Lead by legendary quarterback Tom Brady, every year they are in the Super Bowl conversation, and with the most dramatic Super Bowl win in NFL history last season, it is no surprise that they made it to the AFC Championship once again this year.

The Harp is a well-known sports bar that hosts more than just football parties. Boston is a sports heavy city with an NBA, NHL, and an MLB team as well. Don’t pass up the party each game in this bar that has over 40 beers available.


This city lives and breaths their team to the chagrin of their opponents, at times. Century Link Field is widely acknowledged as one of loudest and most feared stadiums for visitors, and the crowd that packs its 67,000 seats are nicknamed “The 12th Man” because of the numerous false starts called on opponents due to the crowd noise. Seattle is truly a football city.

Right across from the stadium is Pyramid Brewery. If you don’t have tickets to the game, catch it on TV with other fans either in the beer garden, or head inside and try out the spicy Diablo Burger.

WATCH: Russell Wilson: Top 10 Plays Ever!

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WATCH: Jon Gruden Brags on His Team

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WATCH: The Lazy Person’s Guide to NFL Shocking Upsets

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Watch Peyton Manning’s Nephew Play Quarterback!


SUMMARY:  He Killed It!

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