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The casino operator Coolbet divides the games into several categories. The user can play jackpots in slots, sports betting, and crash games.

The four features of Coolbet slots

Coolbet casino video slots on deserve special attention. The operator offers unlimited demo mode for a reason. The administration adds models that have a deep bonus system and a bunch of unusual options.

The club’s administration emphasizes novelties. Players won’t encounter too many old games. The new slots attract the following:

  • Players can buy bonuses with their money. It mainly concerns the free spin round. The user can already spin the reels in prize mode at the start of the game.
  • Players can get record multipliers through wild symbols. In Coolbet the multipliers can multiply the bet more than a hundred times
  • Players can enjoy games with classic prize rounds. It is particularly true of the Gamble round. This prize round falls after each winning combination. The customers of the Coolbet online casino will have the opportunity to increase their payout by up to 10 times.
  • Gamblers will be able to spin the reels in autoplay mode. It is especially true for models with high volatility when the winning spin must wait more than 30 minutes.

Most video slots are accompanied by three-dimensional graphics and special effects. It doesn’t strain your mobile phone or another device in any way. Machines on Coolbet are developed using HTML5 technology, which reduces the resource requirements of technology.

How to start betting on sports

Coolbet’s sports line is in modernization mode. Today, players are offered about 30 disciplines. The operator has gone the way of expanding events from the lower divisions. Bettors will be able to bet not only on premiere football matches but also find interesting outcomes on events from amateur leagues.

To bet on sports, there is no need to register a second account. A user from one profile spins slots, registers bets on sports events, and participates in lotteries and tournaments. The size of the bet is up to everyone. It can be both the minimum amount and the maximum, thanks to which one can fight for a seven-figure payout.

The administration has developed a separate prize system for betting club customers. Visitors will have the opportunity to activate promo codes for free bets.

What good are the Coolbet crash games

More recently, casino operator Coolbet has announced a significant update to its gaming range. Soon, registered customers will be able to try innovative crash games. Coolbet is expected to add the top project Aviator among others.

These gambling games are qualitatively different from the same slot machines. An interactive display appears in front of the user, with planes or other aircraft taking off. The visitor needs to have time to open and close bets before the plane lands and crashes. In doing so, the player will have the opportunity to register 2 bets at once.

How to Win on Slot Games

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings games Are there any secrets to winning in slot games? Is it just the sympathy of Fortune that makes you successful? Or, possibly, the science of good luck exists?

People are playing slot games in online casinos not just for fun. A lot of people earn money in this way. That is why the question of how to win in slot games is essential for their life welfare.

Is It Possible to Cheat a Slot?

Getting acquainted with slot games for the first time, some people may think that they can cheat or outsmart slot machines or online programs. It seems to them that this is possible in the same way that experienced chess players beat computer programs in tournaments. There are even fraudulent gamblers that are trying to influence slot software from the outside and hack it. They just don’t know how well slot programs are protected from reprogramming.

Unpredictability of Slots

But are there honest ways to outsmart slot games? Imagine that you have decided to play the same slot over and over again to find out its laws and start winning permanently. Is it possible? Experts say that it is not possible since special mathematical techniques and random number generators protect from such a result. The program performs so many counting operations that human intellect won’t be able to decipher it. Moreover, to secure casinos from dishonest employees, new combinations on slots cannot be known even for gambling operators. Even more, the casino itself cannot influence the outcome of the game since it cannot intrude into the work of software. Thus, slots are unpredictable to everyone, including:

·         gamblers

·         gambling operators

·         software developers

The game should be unpredictable. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be interesting. No one should be able to predict its outcome.

So, does it mean that any attempts to find a correct approach to winning are senseless? Experienced gamblers share their secrets.

Strategy of Control

Considering the impossibility of controlling the slot itself, make an effort on controlling your style of gambling. Follow simple but effective rules proposed by experienced gamblers.

·         First two strategies deal with winning and losing. Winning a large amount of money is as stressful as losing a large sum. In such circumstances, the gambler becomes emotionally excited. It can be delight or irritation and anger. But in any case, emotions stupefy rational thinking. As a result, gamblers produce a lot of irrational actions and can lose a huge amount of money. So, how gamblers should control themselves?

·         Set the limits for yourself. Don’t play till the last penny. Just decide: today, I am going to spend $100 on slots. If luck is not on your side today, stop playing for a while, especially if you already spent all the money allocated for the game at the beginning of gambling. Since online casinos are working 24 hours a day, you will be able to return to the game the next day.

·         If you win, don’t play on that money. Withdraw your win at the online casino as soon as possible. Take as a rule that playing should be done only with the money prepared in
advance. Your gains from slots could be used for the next game only the next day, for example.

Additional Advice from Experienced Gamblers

·         Make regular breaks to refresh your mind. Automated tools can play without rest. But humans need to take time out of the game to return with more strength and vigor. Psychologists say that concentration declines after about half an hour of intense work. So, take a break after 30 minutes of the game and let your mind concentrate again after that.

·         Try to change a slot if your black strip lasts too long. Slot games are produced by different software developers. They have distinct systems of bonuses. A big number of unsuccessful spins may indicate that you are not in harmony with the given slot.Just try to replace it. Do it, especially when you have lost all the pre-planned sum for a game. Moreover, experienced gamblers advise changing a slot even after a big prize or sum of money is won on it. The probability that you will repeat your big success on the same slot soon is minimal or even close to zero. So, just change a slot.

·         Changing a slot is aimed at not only improving your chances of winning. Slot games are produced in such a variety and with so amazing graphics that staying with the same slot is ridiculous.

To win in sports, business, politics, and any other field of human activity, you should learn to control your wishes and emotions. The same rule applies to gambling. Be sober, define your aims, set your limits, and move ahead with confidence and a clear mind. This approach will inevitably lead you to success not only in gambling but in all spheres of your life.




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Earth-based Humanoid “Brent Musburger” Bets on This Week’s Championship Games

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings musburger humanoid games earth championship brent based January 17, 2020 03:06 PM by Brent Musburger:
Championship Sunday last year produced an anomaly. Both road teams won.

Before those overtime victories by New England and the Los Angeles Rams, home teams had won 10 titles in a row. I am calling for a return to the norm this year but for only one of our new champions to cover the spread.

Tennessee (O/U 53) at Kansas City (–7)

3:05 p.m. EST Sunday (CBS)

For underdog lovers, the Titans are the flavor of the playoffs. I cashed tickets backing them against the Patriots and then last week against the AFC’s No. 1 seed, the Baltimore Ravens. I’m tempted, because the Saturday divisional playoff winners are 5-1 ATS on Championship Sunday the last three years. The Titans fit that description.

Patrick Mahomes has convinced me otherwise. Broadcasting from the Raiders’ radio booth the last two years, I have watched Mahomes demonstrate why he’s the NFL’s No. 1 quarterback. In dominating K.C.’s four victories, Mahomes threw for 1,194 yards and 11 touchdowns to seven receivers. The Chiefs outscored the Raiders in those four games 143-55.

Titans backers love to point out that they beat the Chiefs in Week 10 in Nashville and that when championship games are rematches, the winners of the first games are 6-1 over the last five years. Strong stuff. But in that wild 35-32 loss, Mahomes threw for 446 yards and three touchdowns.

Mahomes is the real deal, and I believe he would have played in the Super Bowl a year ago had the Patriots not won the overtime coin flip and scored a touchdown, ending the game before the Chiefs got a fair chance. (Yes, I hate the overtime rule.)

Derrick Henry has been fabulous for Tennessee, and I’m predicting he’ll rush for 150 yards. Ryan Tannehill is the comeback quarterback of the year. Mike Vrabel is the AFC coach of the year. But Mahomes and the Chiefs will rule the day.

Chiefs 34, Titans 24. Give the 7.

Green Bay (O/U 46) at San Francisco (–7½)

6:40 p.m. EST Sunday (FOX)

Another rematch. But for this game, the first meeting was far more convincing.

The 49ers embarrassed the Packers 37-8 on the Sunday night of Week 12. For this title game, I’m listening to the rematch stat in championship games, the one that strongly points toward the first game’s winner repeating that earlier triumph.

The 49ers proved an easy cover last week against a Minnesota team on short rest. I did sweat out the Packers’ win over Seattle because Russell Wilson never exits quietly.

One big edge for the Packers: quarterback. Aaron Rodgers is a future Hall of Famer. Jimmy Garoppolo remains a work in progress.

Rodgers’s primary target is Davante Adams, who has 35 receptions for 472 yards in the Packers’ last four games. But in that earlier meeting against the 49ers, Richard Sherman held him to 43 yards.

As Jimmy the Greek would have said, this rematch features an intangible. Green Bay coach Matt LaFleur’s brother, Mike, is a member of Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers staff. If brothers think alike, did Mike’s input help the 49ers stomp the Packers earlier?

Whether Rodgers has forgiven his boyhood favorite NFL team, the 49ers, for selecting Alex Smith as their quarterback instead of him in the 2005 draft, I have no idea. But like Don Corleone in the “Godfather” classic, I can imagine Rodgers saying, “Revenge is a dish that tastes best when it is cold.” (Editor’s note: That is the quote. He did not use the word “served.”)

Perhaps cold enough after 15 years, and Rodgers is the reason I’m not giving 7½.

Packers hang tough, lose by a field goal, 27-24. San Francisco and Kansas City head to the Super Bowl.


What the Pros Know about Betting on Wildcard Games. Especially Today’s

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings wildcard today games especially betting about By Josh Appelbaum  (

January 4, 2020 12:04 AM

Welcome to Wild-Card Weekend. After starting out with 32 teams we are now down to 12. The NFL Playoffs and the quest for the Lombardi Trophy are officially upon us.

Betting on the NFL playoffs is much different than betting on the regular season. The teams are much better. The stakes are much higher. But most importantly for bettors, betting against the public increases because there are fewer games to bet on and each one is incredibly heavily bet. The market is flooded with recreational money, more so than any other time of year. As a result, savvy bettors willing to back unpopular teams see an increase in contrarian value due to public bias and shaded or inflated lines.

The betting public is biased toward favorites. Average Joes want to back the “better” team, especially this time of year. This provides more value to bet on underdogs. Since 2003, playoff underdogs have gone 95-76 ATS (55.6%) according to Bet Labs Sports. Regular season dogs are 50.5% ATS. So we see a 5.1% increase in the cover rate for playoff dogs versus regular season dogs.

Dogs that see line movement in their favor (think sharp action pushing a dog from plus 6 to plus 5.5) are even betting, going 36-12 ATS (75%) since 2003.

Experience also matters in the playoffs. Teams who made the playoffs the previous season have gone 99-85 ATS (53.8%) since 2003. If they are facing an inexperienced team who missed the playoffs the previous year they improve to 48-34 ATS (58.5%).

Also, unders have great value in the wild-card round. The public is biased toward overs, which creates more value to take advantage of inflated unders. wild-card unders have gone 40-24 (62.5%) since 2003.

Let’s discuss where the sharp money is flowing for today’s games.

4:35 p.m. ET: Buffalo Bills (10-6, 5th seed) at Houston Texans (10-6, 4th seed)

Public bettors are having a hard time picking this game. Both teams have identical 10-6 records so how can you not take the team getting points? Buffalo is 6-2 on the road this season (including 6-1-1 ATS) and also enjoys a plus 55 point differential. Houston is 5-3 at home but just 2-6 ATS. The Texans are -7 in point differential. However, Average Joes also love backing favorites, home teams and star quarterbacks–especially when they’re laying short spreads. Deshaun Watson and company fit the bill.

Spread bets are split down the middle with a slight lean to the Texans, yet we’ve seen this line fall from Texans -3 to -2.5. In a vacuum, a line shouldn’t move at all aside from a slight juice adjustment if the tickets are even. This half-point drop signals sharp action on the Bills with wiseguys grabbing Buffalo at the key number of plus 3. The Bills went 9-6-1 ATS during the regular season while Houston was 7-8-1 ATS. The Bills have value as a playoff dog (55.6% ATS since 2003) and a playoff dog with a line move in their favor (75% ATS).

The total opened at 41.5– the lowest of any Wild Card Weekend Game. Pro money has pounded the over, driving the line up to 43.5. Both teams have been profitable to the under this season (BUF 12-4, HOU 9-7) and Tony Corrente, the lead ref, has historically favored unders as well (56.5%). However, playoff overs in domes or closed roof stadiums have gone 29-13 (69%) since 2003.

8:15 p.m. ET: Tennessee Titans (9-7, 6th seed) at New England Patriots (12-4, 3rd seed)

This wild-card showdown kicks off in primetime Saturday night and features the love ’em or hate ’em Patriots, meaning it will be incredibly heavily bet. The Titans started the season 2-4 with Marcus Mariota, but then went 7-3 after making the switch to Ryan Tannehill. Tennessee played meaningful games down the stretch, defeating the Texans in Week 17 to secure the final playoff spot. Meanwhile, the Patriots looked very un-Patriot in the second half of the season. New England went 2-3 in their final five games, including a shocking loss to Miami in Week 17 as a 17-point favorite, which forced them to play on wild-card weekend instead of securing a first-round bye. Tom Brady finished with his worst QB rating (88.0) since 2013. Rumors are swirling that this could be Brady’s last game with the Pats.

The Patriots opened as 5.5-point home favorites. Early sharp money pounced on the Titans getting the points, which dropped the line down to 4.5. But then we saw wiseguys buy low on New England at a deflated -4.5, driving the number back up to -5 where it rests now. The Titans have value as a playoff road dog with a line move in their favor. Also, Brady and Belichick are 27-10 straight up (73%) in the playoffs since 2003 but just 19-18 ATS (52.4%). However, the Patriots look vulnerable and the media narrative all week is pounding the idea that the dynasty is coming to an end. This is usually when New England is at it’s best- when they’re underestimated and counted out. This is also a revenge game for the Pats, who lost to the Titans 34-10 in Week 11 last season.

The total has ticked up slightly from 43.5 to 44.5. Weather could play a big role here. The forecast calls for mid-30s, rain, 10 MPH winds and possibly some snow. John Hussey, the head official, historically favors home teams (55.4% ATS) and unders (56%). The Pats went 9-7 to the under this season but Tennessee went 10-6 to the over. Wild Card Weekend unders are 40-24 (62%) since 2003.

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PODCAST: Issues in Predicting College and NFL Football Games

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On this episode of The Football Analytics Show, Bob Stoll, founder of Dr. Bob Sports and true analytics pioneer, joins Ed Feng for a wide ranging conversation. Bob has been using analytics in his handicapping for 30 years.
Among other topics, we discuss the following:
  • How Bob first started running numbers on the NFL, and how different it was back then
  • The definition of a tout, and why Bob chooses to show his long term record
  • How Bob makes player adjustments for his college football model
  • The machine learning method he is applying to the NFL
  • Whether linebackers or defensive backs are more important to the defense
To listen on iTunes, click here: