WATCH: Baker Mayfield’s Impressive Rookie Season Highlights

Mr. Mayfield proved me wrong. I have never seen a rookie quarterback be able to throw the ball so accurately and confidently into tight windows – a measure of excellence at QB!


FILM STUDY: Peyton Manning Analyzes QB Play of Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes

This video is very fun and educational!




FILM STUDY: How Baker Mayfield Gained the Starting Spot from Tyrod Taylor

WATCH: Every Baker Mayfield Run & Pass Versus Giants

Check out every Baker Mayfield play from his NFL debut. The Cleveland Browns take on the New York Giants during Week 1 of the 2018 NFL preseason. Personally, I am unsure: Slow to get the ball out, throws into double and triple coverage, itchy in the pocket…  However, others are saying he is destined for the Hall of Fame…


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