WATCH: The Lazy Person’s Guide to NFL Shocking Upsets

2019-20 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Fandom Football games Highlights Videos  watch style person heartbreaking guide color 00008b   Many weeks  in the NFL tend to produce  more upsets than “expected”, because the media and public suffer from hype, arrogance and recency bias. Our artificial intelligence works against that.


FILM STUDY: What Lamar “Frickin'” Jackson Does for the Ravens Offense

2019-20 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study Highlights Player News Quarterbacks Videos  style study lamar jackson frickin color 00008b   Lamar Jackson may be one of the best athletes since  Muhammad Ali.

                  Try to tackle him here!

FILM STUDY: The Best Safety in College Football

Grant Delpit is an extremely versatile defensive back.

Watch Peyton Manning’s Nephew Play Quarterback!


SUMMARY:  He Killed It!

WATCH: The Man Who Thought He Was in a Video Game

2019-20 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Highlights Videos  watch video thought style color 00008b   KANSAS CITY’S FORMER  ELECTRIFYING SPEEDSTER DANTE HALL!


FILM STUDY: The Oakland Raider’s Ace at Running Back

Josh Jacobs is the next great Raider running back. What a talent!

Tom Brady Loves on Coach Belichick

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WATCH: The Amazing Way an NFL Film Room Works

If you are like me, you want to know everything about how  NFL  teams work!

Top Plays for each NFL Team in Week 7

2019-20 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Highlights Videos  plays   There are some good ones and some pathetic ones depending on who you are rooting for…