How Bad Exactly are the Denver Broncos?


Broncos May Dominate the AFC West Again In 2016

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Mark Sanchez’s future with the Denver Broncos was decided when he fumbled, not once, but twice inside the San Francisco 15-yard line on August 20th. But that is unlikely to rattle the Broncos whose dazzling defense allowed them to come out ahead as Super Bowl champions last year, this explaining why they hold such favorable ground in the NFL Betting lines.

All signs point to Trevor Siemian taking the reins at this point, though, the future undoubtedly belongs to Paxton Lynch. The comparisons between Lynch and Siemian are quite curious. The problem with Lynch is this: all he has to show at the present is potential.

On the other hand, Siemian’s power, poise, and precision are on display for all to see. The Broncos managed to survive last year’s quarterback conundrum because of the spectacular performance of an amazing supporting cast.

It is because of this supporting cast that the Broncos are still favorites to win despite their quarterback issues; though, they cannot afford to take their eye off the goal, not with Kansas City and Oakland so close to their heels.

The Broncos couldn’t have so easily forgotten their losses against the Raiders and Chiefs, and it took the efforts of players like Manning to stem the tide of a San Diego Chargers assault.

With the departure of Osweiler and Manning, GM John Elway was looking to Colin Kaepernick as a potential solution to the Broncos problems, however, that is no longer a viable option. The fact that the team will face Carolina in September with a pair of quarterbacks that have never thrown a notable pass in the NFL should worry them.

Fortunately for Denver, they have shown time and again that they have what it takes to navigate adversity. The loss of DE Malik Johnson and MLB Danny Trevathan to free agency is unlikely to have hurt them in any way that matters.

And pass rushers like DeMarcus Ware, Shaq Barret, and Von Miller should adequately compensate for the team’s injury issues. Miller, in particular, looked amazing in the limited action he saw this summer.

The Broncos are undoubtedly the team to beat in the new season. Oakland, on the other hand, could do with a helping hand, though they are legitimate contenders for the playoffs.

In signing players like CB Sean Smith and S Reggie Nelson, and drafting the likes of DL Jihad Ward, Oakland hopes to rebuild its defense into something formidable.

Derek Carr will carry the weight of Oakland’s offense; Carr struggled in the second half of the previous season, though, his failings could be imputed to injuries to C Rodney Hudson and WR Amari Cooper.

Kansas City is more than likely preoccupied with LB Justin Houston’s recovery from a surgical procedure to repair a non-functioning ACL. Along with LB Tamba Hali and RB Jamaal Charles’ surgeries, the Chiefs’ injury issues are a cause for concern.

That being said, the Chiefs have never had as much talent under their belt as they do today; and, at the very least, they do not have to deal with the Chargers contractual dispute complications.

Having missed the playoffs last season, the Chargers cannot afford their conflict with Joey Bosa, not when they need him to more effectively compete against their rivals.

Why the Denver Broncos will Disappoint In 2016

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We see the defending  Super Bowl champs missing  out on the playoffs and coming in last in the AFC West. Before you say that we must be on drugs, consider  the rest of  the division:

The Kansas City Chiefs   (currently ranked Number 2 in the NFL by the computer)have ended up being a strong team led by quarterback Alex Smith and their extraordinary defense. Second, the Oakland Raiders have been improving as a young team, and after tons of off season signings, they will be a significant rival this year. Although the San Diego Chargers were just 4-12 last season, they were pestered with injuries. Philip Rivers is one of the league’s premier quarterbacks and the return of Keenan Allan will be very refreshing. Thinking about all this, the Broncos, who have actually lost loads of vital players in free agent, have divisional games that will cause them significant difficulties. The Broncos were led entirely by their defense last year,  but have been broken up this off season. Their two biggest losses are Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan. To top all of it off, having  lost Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler, the Broncos starting quarterback  is Mark Sanchez. They are more likely than not to miss the playoffs and perhaps even finish last in their division.