10 Easy D-I-Y Hacks to Keep the Workspace Clutter-Free

2024-25 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings workspace style hacks color clutter 011369 In the remote working culture, sometimes it becomes difficult to organise the workspace. Many individuals tend to think that it takes a lot of time to remove the clutter. But, with the proper office desk organisation idea, it can be done within an hour. An organised work desk increases productivity and concentration. And, a contaminated workspace can affect their health and performance. Moreover, office clutter and disorganisation can increase stress, burden and anxiety.

Researchers found out that an individual spent 4.3 hours finding a file from a cluttered desk. Moreover, an average employee wastes an hour to present the necessary files on time. And, for these reasons, everyone should consider cleaning the home desk regularly. It becomes difficult to pay attention at work when there is a pile of papers on the desk. Therefore, keep the essential papers in one place from where you can find them easily.

There are plenty of DIY organisers which you can use to store office accessories. And, it won’t break your bank to buy them. Spend a few bucks and tackle the desk clutter in the best possible way. Clean desks bring out the creativity of an individual.

Save time for organising the desk on the weekends by following a strategic plan. Here are a few home desk organisation ideas which you should take into consideration:

  1. Start with Removing the Desk Accessories

Before you get any of the organisation systems, prepare a list of accessories first. Currently, you might have plenty of things on the home desk. If there are a bunch of wires and cables, remove them immediately.

Do you use a notepad to write down the essential work-related information? Move that from the office desk and keep that in the drawer for a while. Along with these, you have to clear out the accessory that you use while working from home.

Place a cup and put the pens and markers over there instead of keeping them on the desk. Don’t keep the magazines, journals or newspapers on the desk; that’s not the right place. Instead, buy magazine holders and store the weekly magazines there. Further, you have to remove the small objects and router out of sight.

  1. Install Floating Shelves

Do you have floating shelves near the workspace? No! Then, consider getting one. Keep the essential office files on the floating shelves. But, make sure there’s enough space to install this. To utilise the bank space of the home office, attach as many floating shelves as you can.

Moreover, you can store books and also magazines on the floating shelves. And, for organising the office clutter, and to improve the room’s appearance, use shelves. Contact with an interior Design Dubai expert to decorate the floating shelves.

  1. Get Filling Systems

While working from home, you might have to deal with paper loads. And, not storing these paper files in the right place can cause a lot of problems. Use colour-coded filing systems to keep essential documents. Don’t keep the finance and medical bills in the same filing systems. Because, that can bring a lot of inconveniences while getting the required files on time.

Choose separate colours for the different types of files. It will make the desk organisation process less daunting. Take a blue filing system and put the tax-related papers there. You can keep the house maintenance documents in the red filing systems. Choose a green file to store the home appliance repair-related papers.

  1. Use Mail Stations

To keep the existing office mails, all in one place, nothing can be better than mail stations. You can get mail stations from online stores. But, you can also create these organisation systems by watching D-I-Y video tutorials. Arrange the necessary materials that will be required to create mail stations.

Choose an eye-soothing colour which will look good on the home office’s wall. Additionally, you can keep the monthly utility bills in the mail stations as well. Don’t forget to check the emails or files once a week.

  1. Keep Office Supplies in Cubbies

Cubbies can be the ideal organisational tool where you can keep valuable items. Starting from art pieces to hard-to-store inventories, cubbies can hold everything. Moreover, it can enhance the value of the house by keeping it clutter-free. You can also consider keeping cardholders or filing systems in the cubbies.

Additionally, you can fill the blank squares of the cube shelves with books. Choose a trending in-built cubbies design after consulting with an interior designer. Place decorative storage baskets inside the cubbies to hide the unwanted items. Further, select a unique colour palette and add a variety of textures to make the cubbies innovative.

  1. Add a Bin Organising System

Similar to cube shelving systems, bins also keep the office accessories in perfect order. Fix the messy condition of the home office by installing bin organisation systems. And, in these bins, you can craft a lot of office essentials with ease.

But, in this sort of organising system, you can’t keep large files or documents. To store supplies like pen, paperweight, charger and notepads, bins can be ideal. Choose unique designed bins and place those near the home office desk. Make separate bins for keeping the different office accessories. Select a white bin organising system that will provide a no-cluttered look.

  1. Upgrade the Workstation

Do you have space on the top of the home office desk? Then, utilise that by installing organisers to the living room’s wall. Moreover, you can consider adding a board to the wall to attach the to-do list. Additionally, you can also keep a calendar or sticky notes on that board.

Below that board, keep a set of same-sized mason jars. Fill those jars with the pens, pins, and other necessary items that you need while working. Change the scattered look of the home office by considering this storage solution.

  1. Get Wall Cabinets

If you have a low budget and have adequate wall space, consider installing wall cabinets. With built-in cabinets, individuals can keep files and papers easily. Moreover, these sorts of organisational systems help to keep the desk clutter-free.

Contact an interior designer to get the best-designed wall cabinets. These experts know which built-in cabinet design will look perfect in the workspace. Do you already have cabinets, but are you running out of space? Customise that, and rebuild new ones to fit the essential office supplies.

  1. Make a Command Center

Creating a command centre in the home office will help you to stay organised. Thus, consider keeping the printer, files, etc. You can include a calendar or the work schedule in the office station.

Preserve the essential items in one place to get immediate access. Prevent them from getting misplaced and remove the mess by taking necessary actions. Add a small table beside the desk and keep the items there.

  1. Keep a Caddy

Opt for buying a small-sized caddy and put that on the home office desk. Consider keeping the work essentials in a caddy instead of scattering them on the desk. But, don’t add too many containers to the desk; that won’t look good.

Keep the pencils, pens, tapes, glue, scale, markers and other items inside the caddies. Moreover, this desk organiser tool comes in different sizes and colours. Choose the right one and efficiently manage the clutter.

What else should You do to Organise the Home Desk?

Don’t keep the papers or documents on the desk that you no longer require. Consider keeping them in the cabinets or some other files. Get a paper holder and go through the piles of paper first.

After that, choose the ones that you will need while working and keep those in a paper folder. It’s the best way to hide the unwanted office paperwork that is lingering around the workstation. And, for more home desk organisation ideas, contact an expert now.

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