Can Murray-Williams win a mixed double this year at Wimbledon?

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The presence of tennis legends via wildcard is always interesting to watch at the big events. And while the chances of winning a big event in singles with such an entrance remain quite impossible, the doubles increase the chances. The story with mixed doubles is even more intriguing.

Jamie Murray has won multiple double Grand Slam events at his 36. Five victories in the events in the mixed doubles, including two Wimbledons, are a good background for the recent tournament.

Venus Williams, of course, came to London with a clear mission to popularize the sport. It’s hard to expect her best game when she is 42, as even a small injury may lead to a fast retirement from the event. Even her smaller sister, Serena, can hardly be regarded as a contender for a title at the Grand Slam event. Want more interesting news? Follow the link to the tennis predictions for today and get fresh information every day.

But still, a mixed double is a place for surprises and unpredictable results. Here the representatives of even exotic tennis countries, like India, can reach great results and win big tournaments. The pair of Murray-Williams has great experience, which can help to achieve a great result. Moreover, the mixed duo has plenty of games in doubles mode and plenty of great victories.

However, it’s still hard to believe in their success in London. Almost 80 years in sum for Murray and Williams looks like the greatest obstacle. It also affects the simple physical shape component, which is hard to keep and gain after 35. By the way, we recommend visiting the site Odds2Win and getting the latest tennis news and get melbet promo code pakistan for free.

Although many regard tennis as a competitive sport with great prizes, it’s still an element of the show. A lot of viewers came to the court tribunes to see great shots, but a huge number also wanted to follow their favorites. Williams and Murray are, without a doubt, the pair that has plenty of fans and can please a neutral audience with great shots. Even without a title over their heads after the last game, the wildcard was used by Wimbledon organizers in the right case.

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