2017-8 NFL Computer Game Picks



Deep Learning Associative Neural Networks are trained in house to meet two primary objectives:

  •           Produce the most consistently accurate NFL game predictions anywhere!

  •           Make every prediction available FREE to our visitors!

 Each week our AI systems  adapt and improve. They mathematically reverse engineer and recognize

the DNA of winning and losing football teams:  Deep learning breakthroughs are based on algorithms that can learn not only precise details, but also features that differentiate one football game from another. Furthermore, the algorithms repeatedly review the intricate relationships between the present and the past to find short cuts that will improve future forecasts.

We are confident that 2017-8 will be our best season ever!



(All predictions are independently audited at thepredictiontracker.com)

Superbowls Win_Loss Record:   3-3

Superbowls Against the Pointspread: 4-2
Superbowl Totals: 0-2


2016   W-L Playoffs: 9-2

2016                   ATS Playoffs:   5-4 (12th best of 72)

2016                   Totals Playoffs:   3-8

2016 W-L: 162-103

2016 Against the Spread: 118-127  (15th best of 72 systems; 2nd best in home field advantage assessment)

2016 Totals:   112-130  (7th of 25 in error 2nd half of season)


2015 W-L Playoffs: 7-4

2015 ATS   Playoffs: 5-4

2015  Totals Playoffs: 6-5

2015 “Totals” Bets:  (tracking started week 12):     60-55  (3rd best of 20 systems. 2nd best in accuracy.)

2015 Win-Loss Record: 162-105

2015 Versus Pointspread: 115-123


2014 Win-Loss-Record:     165-101

2014    Playoffs W-L: 7-4  ATS:6-4-1

2014 Against the Pointspread: 133-116(ranked 24th of 75  systems)


2013 Win-Loss Record: 174-93   (ranked 9th of 71 systems in the second half of season, 14th best in home field advantage assessment for the season.)
2013 Against the Pointspread: 123-123
2013 Playoffs:  10-1 (among the top 5  systems in the world. )
2013 Playoffs  Against the Pointspread: 5-3-3


2012 Win-Loss Record: 145-114

2012 Against the Pointspread(ATS): 97-149    (awful, but must be on to something…. ? )
2012 Playoffs: 4-7

2012 Playoffs Against the Pointpread(ATS): 4-6


  1. Bob says:

    Great stuff! Love it…

  2. Sarah Long says:

    If this was the predictions for this upcoming season, I wonder what it would look like for the next 5 years? Also, it’d be interesting to see if the predictions actually happened. It also would be interesting to see predictions by players.

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