Carson Wentz’s Guide to Thinking in the Redzone!

2021-22 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study NFL Strategy Player News Quarterbacks  wentz thinking redzone guide carson  Philadelphia’s QB can be scary  good when he is healthy! Try to keep him from scoring!

WATCH: Detroit Lion’s Speedy New “Slot Machine”!

New Mexico State RB Jason Huntley is fast. He ran a 4.36 forty at his Pro Day. While his speed stands out, he’s much more than just a speedster. He’s a play maker who is so exciting to watch with the ball in his hands. He makes plays in the run, pass & especially the return game. Huntley rarely gets talked about, but he has legitimate NFL talent. Look for him in the return game!

FILM STUDY: Green Bay’s New QB Jordan Love

So Green Bay now has a decent backup quarterback and possible successor to Aaron Rodgers.   Our AI Power Rankings show that Green Bay was overrated last year. Does this help?


FILM STUDY: Seattle Seahawks Brilliant New Cornerback

2021-22 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study Player News  study seattle seahawks cornerback brilliant  QUINTONNNNNNNNN DUNNNNNNBARRRR!!!!

The Seahawks made a significant addition to their secondary, acquiring cornerback Quinton Dunbar in a trade that sent a fifth-round pick to Washington.

Dunbar, 27, started 11 games last season before going on injured reserve with a hamstring injury, and recorded four interceptions, eight passes defensed and 37 tackles. Pro Football Focus put Dunbar on its second-team All-Pro team, and gave him an 87.6 overall grade, the second-best mark among cornerbacks last season.

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WATCH: The Math Behind NFL Quick Interceptions

2021-22 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study NFL Strategy Quarterbacks  watch style quick interceptions color behind 013369  The math can work if the defender is outstanding!



WATCH: The Greatest NFL Athletic Trainer Ever!

2021-22 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study Health & Fitness Health Care & Medical  watch trainer greatest athletic  Ronnie Barnes! A New York Giant you must respect! This guy is amazing and cool…..

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FILM: Does Your Team Need a Freaky Hybrid Defender with Amazing Size and Speed?

Isaiah Simmons from Clemson is projected to go in the top 5-10 picks in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft. He is an athletic marvel with an otherworldly size-speed combination that is exceptionally rare, he plays linebacker, safety and rushes the passer.

WATCH: Dan “Frickin” Marino: The Greatest Pure Passer Ever!

2021-22 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study Highlights Quarterbacks  watch passer marino greatest frickin  Cannon for an arm, as accurate as a sniper rifle, almost psychic vision, and a beautiful football mind. The fact this man never won a super bowl might be the saddest thing in sports history.  He didn’t have a problem getting into the Hall of Fame, though. True legend! 



FILM STUDY: How to Throw a Nice Tight NFL Spiral!

FILM STUDY: Jerry Jeudy – The NFL’s Next Multipurpose Wide Receiver

Wide Receiver Jerry Jeudy from the University of Alabama is expected to be one of the first Wide Receivers off the board in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft. He has advanced route running technique, utilizes a variety of releases to beat man coverage and has an ability to find the soft spots in zone coverage.

FILM STUDY: Dantari Poe – The Cowboys New Defensive Tackle

With this free agent acquisition look for the Cowboys to make a serious run at the Superbowl this year!

FILM STUDY:What NFL Teams Need to Know About Tua Tagovailoa

Mr. Tagovailoa has a ton of talent and intelligence – but there are injury issues. What do you think?

FILM STUDY: Tour Peyton Manning’s Mind!

2021-22 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study Highlights Quarterbacks Videos  watch peyton manning latte  Mr. Manning is a perfectionist. Trust me – that is not an easy thing to be!



FILM STUDY: The Amazing Talent of RB Derrick Henry

2021-22 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study Highlights Player News Videos  talent study henry derrick amazing  Derrick Henry led the league in Rushing yards last season and then went on one of the most dominant runs in NFL History, shattering records left and right. He pulled his Tennessee Titans to the AFC championship game where they were eventually beaten by the Superbowl champs, Patrick Mahomes and Kansas city Chiefs. 


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FILM STUDY: Is QB Joe Burrow Going to Be a Big Time Bengal Boomer Bust?

It is Mr. Burrow’s ability to read pre-snap alignments coupled with his athletic ability and throwing accuracy and knowing where his receivers are going to be that make him special!

FILM STUDY: The Top 7 NFL Quarterbacks at this Moment, Now, Today!

The NFL Quarterback position is in major transition as Brady, Brees, Rivers, Rodgers are
gradually giving way to the new generation…

FILM STUDY: Who and What the Bengals are Seeking in New LINEBACKERS in 2020


With the FF-Winners 24th Ranked Defense they need these guys!!

FILM STUDY: How Sammy Watkins Embarrassed 49ers Secondary in Superbowl 54

2021-22 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study Highlights Player News  watkins superbowl study secondary sammy embarrassed 49ers


WATCH: Where Cinematography and the NFL Meet

2021-22 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Arts & Entertainment Film Study Videos  where watch cinematography




WATCH: The Missile Shot that Detonated the 49ers Defense

2021-22 NFL Computer Predictions and Rankings Film Study Highlights NFL Strategy  watch missile detonated defense 49ers  Patrick Mahomes was named MVP of Super Bowl LIV after leading the Chiefs’ dramatic fourth-quarter comeback. Mahomes sparked the Chiefs’ late rally with a big throw to wide receiver Tyreek Hill on a play the team calls “Wasp.”