The Rationale Behind Wonderlic Testing in the NFL

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How the NFL Uses Wonderlic Testing

Being drafted into the National Football League is one of the greatest achievements for any football player. It is indicative that they are stronger, more skilled, and faster than other players in the country. The exposure obtained in the process sharpens their skills and helps them to earn a decent living. Even so, they must appreciate the fact that the drafting process is rigorous. Beyond showing their physical prowess in the field, they must pass a Wonderlic test. What does this mean? Why is it used? Well, these questions are answered satisfactorily in this article.

Meaning and Use of Wonderlic Test in NFL

A Wonderlic test is one of the intelligence tests used in schools and job market. It measures a person’s ability to acquire and apply knowledge, engage in abstract thinking, and adjust to the environment. The players are expected to answer a series of questions within a short time. This helps NFL to determine whether they can make perfect decisions in split seconds.

Why Use Wonderlic Tests?

Undeniably, every second counts in a game. Players must have the capacity to make critical decisions at any time while in the field. For instance, they must decide which receiver should get the ball amidst intense pressure. The opponents do not wait for the player to make a decision, instead they will employ different tactics to create confusion. Only individuals with high levels of intelligence can make the right decisions in such moments. These moves will also determine how much a player and a team earns. Investors must be assured that they are spending their resources in a worthwhile course. On their part, the citizens need to know that their country
or region is well represented. A Wonderlic test helps NFL to choose a winning team.

Confidentiality and Privacy of Results

The information about the score of a player is kept confidential. This helps to protect a player’s identity and reputation. NFL acknowledges that failing in one test does not imply that the player is incapacitated in other areas. It is also possible that they may have been anxious during the test and can score highly in a different time. The public may also have low confidence in players who fail to get a certain score. Keeping the information confidential at all costs is therefore prioritized. However, it does not prevent the media from speculating.

How Valid Is The Wonderlic Test?

It is often argued that intelligence tests should not be used because it is difficult obtain accurate information on the capacities of a football player. However, it has been proved that if all factors are kept constant, a player is likely to score the same if they take the test more than once. This means that their valid results will be obtained when other issues such as anxiety and health complications are absent. The validity and reliability of the tests explains why they are widely used in the job market. The managers are assured that they have made the right decisions by comparing the test results obtained from different candidates.
Even more, NFL comes up with the questions that match the specific skills required in a game in a given season. Considering the dynamic nature of the NFL, it is daunting for the player to predict the test questions. In any case, the test questions are kept secure. Other than the few examiners, other parties are not allowed to access the tests. The information is encrypted. Decisions can be made to change the test questions if breaches occur. It is, therefore, difficult for players to cheat in the test; bias and discrimination on the football field is eliminated.

The players must prepare well

It is worth noting that a Wonderlic test does not test how well a player is motivated to play a game in the field. They must, therefore, prepare accordingly. It involves:
Buying and reading materials that offer a complete guidance on how to take a Wonderlic test. They must be aware of the type of questions to expect in a test. The resources are available online at a reasonable fee.
Taking as many tests as possible before the actual date of tests. This refreshes their memories on basic mathematics and comprehension skills that they acquired at some point in their study. At the same time, it helps them to take away the pressure and anxiety that comes with taking tests.
Consulting professionals who can guide the players on the strategies to use while doing tests. Some of the strategies include determining the type of questions to answer first so that the player can complete the test on time.

Remaining confident during tests

Even the most intelligent players can fail in a Wonderlic test if they are anxious. The player must be confident that they have what it takes to pass in the tests. All in all, NFL is justified to use Wonderlic tests because they are credible enough to help them find the best players.

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