<h1><p style = "color:#011361">What if Taylor Swift Played Quarterback in  the NFL?</h1><h1><p style = "color:#011361">What if Taylor Swift Played Quarterback in  the NFL?</h1>

What if Taylor Swift Played Quarterback in the NFL?

What if Taylor Swift, the epitome of pop music stardom, decided to ditch her microphone for a football helmet and…

8 months ago

WATCH: How is Quarterback Rating Calculated?

Passer rating is calculated using a player's passing attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns, and interceptions. Passer rating in the NFL is…

4 years ago

WATCH: Best Quarterback Tryouts at 2020 NFL Combine

Click Here for the Next Generation of Quarterbacks

4 years ago

Five NFL Teams with Severe Quarterback Problems (archival article)

CLEVELAND BROWNS Cleveland is the capital of NFL misery. Robert Griffin is not the answer! No way! Some experts are…

4 years ago

The Next Great NFL Quarterback: Trevor Lawrence?

Clemson has successfully recruited the #1 High School Quarterback in the Country!

6 years ago

WATCH: KC Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

  Mahomes will be starting Week 17 for the Chiefs and probably many more starting in 2018. CLICK HERE!

6 years ago

WATCH: Nick Foles – The Last Quarterback in the Galaxy

Lots of people like the Eagles. Even more like Star Wars. Hmmm. Source: http://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/the700level/last-qb-nick-foles-star-wars-hype-video-exists

6 years ago

Joshua Dobbs: the Next Great Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback

Folks, watch out! Once Ben Roethlisberger retires, the Steelers will need a new quarterback to take over and lead the…

6 years ago

FF-Winners.com’s Opening Week 2017-8 Quarterback Power Rankings

NFL quarterback rankings come out each year before the season begins. These rankings give a good idea of who may…

7 years ago