MUST SEE: The Amazing Potential of Next Gen Stats

The  NFL Quantitative Revolution is Here!   Where Technology and Computation Meet the Gridiron!


Love AI? Watch the Computer Chess Championship!

These programs (some over 3400) are significantly stronger than the current top human player Magnus Carlsen (rating 2839) .  “Lc0” is the deep machine learning darling of this era.  Enjoy!   Follow it at

Live Play:




Russell Wilson is Investing in High-Tech Helmet Maker

Can you say “Vicis?”


Neuroevolution: A different kind of deep learning algorithm

The quest to evolve neural networks through evolutionary algorithms.


AI is Coming: NFL Footballs Now Have Data Collecting Chips

NFL footballs  have chips in them this season, collecting data to be analyzed. However, the technology is not advanced enough to help officials.


OMG! This Song is Written Entirely By Artificial Intelligence

HMMMMMMM. We thought “Break Free” is an Ariana Grande song? AI guilty of plagiarism?

Check Out the Musical Neural Network