FILM STUDY: Brady and Mahomes Go Rope to Rope!

What an awesome pair of quarterbacks!




VIDEO: Tom Brady Mic’d up Highlights

Some interesting moments!


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Dramatic Tom Brady Strip Sack as Heard Around the Planet

Brandon Graham’s strip sack of Tom Brady and Derek Barnett’s recovery of the ball proved to be a deciding play of this year’s Super Bowl. 13 different broadcasts of the play are compiled here:


WATCH: All Tom Brady Postseason 4th Quarter or Overtime Victories



Tom Brady Brags on Danny Amendola: “Uncoverable”

Clutch and  dependable  are words that I associate with Danny Amendola. I never thought I’d say this but I guess I can now add uncoverable to that list.


VIDEO: All of Tom Brady’s 2016 Regular Season Touchdowns

Deflated football or deflated opponents? LOL.


Watch Here:

VIDEO CAPTURE: Tom Brady Hating On Losing

Tom doesn’t like to lose. The Patriots lost to the Chiefs on opening Thursday night


Quiz: How Well Do We Really Know Tom Brady?

How well do you really know the Pats quarterback?

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LEAKED VIDEO: Julian Edelman is practicing at Tom Brady’s ranch!


See Tom Brady make hilarious motivational speech

Tom Brady is having fun with this “Madden curse.”