Fantasy Football Team Names (funny)

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1) Stafford Infection- The kind of infection that doesn’t require a trip to the hospital.

2) You are Ngata father- No one is going to hate on a team that makes a Maury reference.

3) Ha Haaahh!!! Real Monsters- A 90s classic, mixed with the best name in this year’s draft.

4) Turn McCown for What?!- Lil Jon feat. Josh McCown.

5) Suh Kids on the Block- He would have been an ideal member of any boy band.

6) Welker Texas Ranger- I guess that makes Wes Welker Chuck Norris.

7) Garcon Daly- From video countdowns to touchdowns.

8) The Reggie Bushwhackers- Reggie Bush in the company of legends.

9) Kalil Team 6- A Panthers hero.

10) Talib the gun, take the Haloti- Probably the first time anyone has had Haloti as part of their team name.

11) Killer Clowneys From Outer Space- Or from Texas now, but whatever.

12) They see me rollin’ they Haden- I miss Chamillionaire.

13) Better than Dezra- Cowboy fans and 90s rock enthusiasts are elated.

14) Carr Rescue- He may tell Schaub to “SHUT IT DOWN” this season.

15) What kind of computer? Odell- Hopefully this is a quality (O)Dell. The one I had in college broke all the time.

16) Khiry a Rivers- A little Timberlake.

17) Shady McCoy Detmer- I don’t even know how to feel.

18) Lacy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade- …to the end zone. Eh? Eh?

19) The Forte Forte Club- What Jay-Z is going to have to rename the club after this season.

20) Le’Veon on a Prayer- We know what he’s singing on team karaoke night.

21) Suh-icide prevention Hartline- I don’t think anyone is preventing Suh from doing anything. Hartline on the other hand? Maybe.

22) Kenny Stills and Nash- Crosby was a hack.

23) Maid in McFadden- Darren McFadden should aspire to be the J-Lo of football. I don’t know what that would entail, but he should do it.

24) Tickle me Manzielmo- The adorably arrogant toy you’ll be buying this Christmas.

25) Manziel L Cool J- Fits like a glove.

26) Cordarrelle Pants- They’re making a comeback.

27) T.Y. Beanie Babies- Unlike most beanie babies, this T.Y. won’t be collecting dust in an attic. He’s a big part of the Colts’ season.

28) The Joique-y Boys- The Joique’s on you, NFL.

29) Ghostface Pitta- He could be part of the Suh-Tang Clan. The possibilities for Suh are endless.

30) Ertz Wind and Fire- If he’s as good as this band, he’s in good shape.

31) Knowshons Eleven- The movie about Moreno’s 2014 season probably won’t be as good as Oceans Eleven.

32) Male Pattern Boldin- Balding can stink. Having Boldin on your fantasy team? Not so bad.

33) The Sankey Leg- You’re the life of the party with this dance.

34) Blessed Union of Sproles- Like this band’s run, Sproles is short and powerful.

35) 21 Jump Streater- No brainer.

36) Henne I Shrunk the Kids- You should shrink Bortles if you want to keep that starting job.

37) Tebown Thugs n’ Harmony- There are no bounds to what I’d pay to see Tim Tebow rap.

38) The Bridgewaters of Madison County- A classic.

39) Schaubshank Redemption- Redemption? Meh. He’ll probably be pretty average.

40) The Brandon Marshall Tucker Band- It just worked too well.

41) Chutes and Latimers- Tremendous board game.

42) Oscar Meyer Fleener- Tough task to grow up with a name that ends with -eener.

43) DeAndre Hopkins University- Way more swag than “Johns”

44) Cecil’s Jorts- Jean shorts are back in a big way.

45) Kaepernickelback- A lot of people don’t like Nickelback. If you’re one of them, and you also don’t like Colin Kaepernick…you’re welcome.

46) Marquise Mark and the Gronky Bunch- Good Vibrations all around.

47) Hootie and the Bowefish- We hear Dwayne is a big fan.

48) Burleson Coat Factory-  A post-NFL business venture?

49) Helu vs. Netdix- Who ya got?

50) Instagraham- A good way to make Jimmy Graham’s touchdowns look artsy.

Got any other ones? How about one that you think will make you a legend this season? Post your team name artistry below! Want even more? You’re in luck! We’ve reposted our list from 2013 below to give you a ton of choices!

51) White Cassel – It’s been proven that too much can clog your arteries.

52) Fleener-Schnitzel – Always difficult to digest or defeat.

53) Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe – Somewhere over 1,000 yards with a competent quarterback calling the shots.

54) Favre Dollar Footlong – Plus tax.

55) Forte Year-Old Virgin – In football, 27 with a questionable ankle is old.

56) Coples Therapy – Rex Ryan’s questionable methods are nicknamed for the first time.


57) Prater Haters – Don’t hate the punter, hate the game.

58) Bjoern to be Wild – The Colts sure hope so.

59) 12 Items or Bess – The Browns interestingly chose Bess, despite lacking depth.

60) Back that Asomugha Up – The fragile cornerback did far too much of “backing up” last year.

61) Sproles Royce – Each one flashy in its own right?

62) Along Came Collie – And then he was gone.

63) The Playbook of Eli – Shockingly dominant.

64) Jersey Leshoure – Questionable, though creative.

65) Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi – Jacksonville might be that horrifying this year.

66) RG-3PO – This speedy play on words takes us back to a galaxy far, far away.

67) I Dream of Beanie – Said no one ever.

68) Too Legit to Britt – Not quite.

69) What You Talkin’ Bout Hillis – A classic.

70) Medulla Amendola – You can’t really go wrong with a Waterboy shootout.

71) The Blair White Project – A forgotten tandem.

72) I Hate Torain on your Parade – Said David Wilson to Ryan Torain.

73) Burressted Development – Yes.

74) Orton Hears a Who – Who tells him to throw interceptions.

75) Rice Rice Baby – The first of its kind.

76) Foster: Australian for Touchdown – Marketing genius.

77) Corn on the Kolb – Always tough on the teeth.

78) Revis and Butthead – His Jets career in a nutshell.

79) James Starks of Winterfell – A 4.5 40-yard dash couldn’t have kept the Packers tailback away from those White Walkers.

80) The Garden of Weeden – (insert age joke here)

81) Pierre-Paul & Mary – Influential and omnipresent.


82) Barden the Interruption – Loud noises!

83) I Can’t Believe it’s Not Cutler – Chicago fans still prefer margarine.

84) More Cushing for the Pushing – Intimidation is the key to fantasy victory.

85) Kalil Me Maybe – After guaranteeing a Super Bowl and then promptly incurring a season-ending foot injury, Ryan Kalil takes it down a notch.

86) The Big Tebowski – ”Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional bench-warming flashback.”

87) Sour Carimi and Onion – A powerful effect.

88) Talib it to Beaver – That’s fun to say.

89) Dez Dispenser – A potential collector’s item.

90) Stop Flynn the Name of Love – Um, he’ll stop himself.

91) Shonneshank Redemption – Get busy winning, or get busy dying.


92) Hakuna Ma-Ngata – No worries in Baltimore right now.

93) Who Lechler Dogs Out? Punters are fearless.

94) What’s Eating Gabbert Grape – routinely 300-pound lineman.

95) Is That Your Final Ansah? Apparently.

96) I’m Sorry Fred Jackson – He was “for real.”

97) Red Hot Julius Peppers – A unique blent of flash and grit.

98) Henne Given Sunday – The Jaguars could use Steamin’ Beamen right about now.

99) Forgetting Brandon Marshall – Perfection.

100) Belicheck Yourself Before You Rex Yourself – Both ends of the spectrum explored.




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