Crazed Sports Analyst Simulates 2018 Fantasy Football Draft Round One

Here Ya Go……….


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How is it that Mr. Sherman always seems to be in the right spot at the right time?


Guru Reveals: Top Value Picks for Fantasy Football 2018

Here are some sleepers to watch out for. It is always a good idea to
target the top offenses and to understand that some running backs lower in the depth chart will become fantasy superstars.

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Predicting how well an NFL team will do next season, is not always so easy…

2018’s Top Free Fantasy Football Resources

Let’s get those fantasy football juices flowing…

How to Nail Your Fantasy Football Draft

Although I don’t agree with everything in this video – it definitely should help you think about the important issues!

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Mr. Romo had some tough losses/crazy moments/injuries – but overall definitely a great career.