PODCAST: Applying Trading Fundamentals to Sports Betting

After 15-years as a trader, Andreas Koukorinis has gone on to co-found a tech startup which uses AI and machine learning to trade sports as a financial product.

From listening to this episode, you’ll soon notice that Andreas is passionate about applying rigorous trading principles to nascent markets. And you’ll also hear about the primary drivers behind his predictions on sports games…

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Is Now the Time for NFL Artificial Intelligence?

Computers are now being used to change the game at all levels.

How to Apply Artificial Intelligence to Fantasy Football

There are many ways to use artificial intelligence and machine learningto enhance one’s sports betting and gaming results. This article may give yousome ideas:

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Neuroevolution: A different kind of deep learning algorithm

The quest to evolve neural networks through evolutionary algorithms.

Source: //www.oreilly.com/ideas/neuroevolution-a-different-kind-of-deep-learning

5 Hot New Technologies Being Used By The New York Jets

The NY Jets are launching a bunch of new technologies this season that will help fans better engage with the team and keep track of player statistics.

Source: //www.sporttechie.com/5-technologies-to-expect-from-the-ny-jets-this-season/

AI is Coming: NFL Footballs Now Have Data Collecting Chips

NFL footballs have chips in them this season, collecting data to be analyzed. However, the technology is not advanced enough to help officials.

Source: //www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20618245/data-collecting-chips-every-nfl-football-2017

OMG! This Song is Written Entirely By Artificial Intelligence

HMMMMMMM. We thought “Break Free” is an Ariana Grande song? AI guilty of plagiarism?

Video Lecture: Computer Power Rankings and Football Analytics

This video covers the basics and some of the nuances of developing and using computer
models to forecast football games.

Deep learning and neural networks

Born in the 1950s, the concept of an artificial neural network has progressed considerably. Today, known as “deep learning”, its uses have expanded to many areas, including finance.

Source: //theconversation.com/deep-learning-and-neural-networks-77259

Neural networks made easy

If you’ve dug into any articles on artificial intelligence, you’ve almost certainly run into the term “neural network.” Modeled loosely on the human brain, artificial neural networks enable computers to adapt.

Source: //techcrunch.com/2017/04/13/neural-networks-made-easy/