WATCH: Tim Tebow Mania: 2011


One of the most shocking games in NFL history!




The Vikings Pull Off a Mystifying Win Over the Saints with a Last-Second 61-yard Touchdown Pass

Case Keenum connected with Stefon Diggs to win the game in “walk off” fashion.

In a prevent defense, with time running out – you simply keep the receiver in front of you, let the receiver catch the ball and wrap him up. There is no need to panic. This blunder is inexplicable IMHO.


WATCH: Every New England Loss Since 2011!

Well we are missing a few from this season…


WATCH: Some of the Greatest NFL Juke Moves of All Time

Fun Video! Can you say “Barry Sanders”?


VIDEO: 30 Minutes of Alcoa’s NFL Fantastic Finishes

NFL History is often amazing…

Kill! Kill! Tony Romo Calling Plays Before They Even Happen

Tony Romo kicked off his broadcasting career Sunday in a debut worthy of the rave reviews he received from those in the business and fans alike.


VIDEO: Simply Amazing Football Plays – Wow!


5 insane win-probability swing plays of NFL Week 4 – 2017

A game-winning OT grab. A game-losing incompletion in the closing seconds. A game-changing sack. These are the plays that swung Week 4 in the NFL.


Game Preview: Patriots at Buccaneers – Here We Go….

The New England Patriots travel to Tampa Bay for a Thursday night game against the Buccaneers.


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