Car Enthusiasts: What Your Garage Needs

Detail of a mechanic using electrnoic diagnostic equipment to tune a car

Detail of a mechanic using electrnoic diagnostic equipment to tune a car

Broadcaster and “Top Gear” host Jeremy Clarkson once said of cars that the foibles and lack of proper handling is what gives them a human quality. It is this anthropomorphized love of the quirks that define an auto enthusiast. It is the sharing of sweat, blood, and oil that make the bond between car and owner. Of course, like any passion, the right job requires the right tools.

Appropriate Tool Box

Some of the appeal of car collecting is the wide range of personalities of the auto as they vary in price and age. A 1967 Datsun 2000 Convertible can transport us to a time in the past when love was free and we had hair through which the wind could blow. An Aston Martin DBX can bring us into the future where we are spies, saving our mother country from harm. The practical consequence of this fluctuation through time and country is that the tool box needs to match the temporal and spatial coordinates of the auto. For old model cars, Second Chance Garage recommends a low tech tool box that includes a crank flashlight, a hammer, hose clamps, and two adjustable wrenches so that you do not need to worry about metric or British units.


In an article for Speed Hunters, Matthew Jones chronicles the rehab of a 1965 Beetle. One of the first things that needed to be changed was the tires. What is the fun of a car if you cannot drive it? On a practical note, for those of us without tons of disposable income, the collector’s car is also our driving car so safe tires that match the specs of the automobile are a must. Generic tires may not be right for a specialty car. There are some tire manufacturers that specialize in tires for car enthusiasts, making sure that the design is right for the car and still safe for modern driving.

Jack Stands

VW enthusiast and owner of Kid’s Castle Family Daycare, Phyllis Montoya says that the jack stand is the most important item in her garage. Car collectors come in a wide range of income levels. Not everyone will have tons of time and money to throw at the car, which means that it is going to spend some extended time on the jacks. Good jack stands need to be strong and safe, especially if the car is going to be stored in a family garage where children may be around.

Computer Science Degree

A voltmeter may be sufficient for an old car but new automobile collectors need to have some advanced knowledge of electrical engineering and computer programming to tweak the internal software of the car. This has become an issue for some new car collectors. In 2015, federal legislation changing some copyright laws allowed users to tinker with the software in automobiles, as well as older model video games and telephones. As cars become more and more reliant on the integrated electronics, car collectors are going to need to be increasingly educated in software and hardware programming.


Duct tape is a staple of any car owner, not because it fixes everything but because it is the perfect medium for your limitless creativity. Decorative blankets can become seat covers and a can of spray paint can become art, at least until you have the budget to do it right. Make creativity your most important tool.

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