Biggest Betting Mismatches in the League

One of the more interesting activities to participate in as Thanksgiving approaches is to look at the underlying mismatches in the NFL, or at least some of them (Click Here for the latest Super Bowl picks).

Anyone looking to set their daily fantasy lineup will find this especially interesting:

+Vikings at Detroit Lions

No one thought Minnesota would do so well against the Arizona Cardinals; going into their Week 11 encounter, the Vikings’ defense made it easy to write them off. However, the Vikings refused to be intimidated.

Their sensational performance saw them garner a 30-24 victory over the cards with two field-long touchdowns. The Vikings are very stingy when it comes to rushing scores, and it will be interesting to watch as the Lions find that out.

The one thing you will notice about the Vikings’ first ten games this season is the way they restricted their opponents to five rushing touchdowns. They have simply refused to surrender rushing TDs this season, and you can see that in the way they limited their opponents in this area in the last here games.

The Lions have a pass-heavy red-zone strategy that has given them a mere four rushing touchdowns in 2016. Even Lions fans cannot deny the fact that they are especially inept when it comes to rushing in the red zone.

The Vikings, on the other hand, are determined to shut rushing scores down. The Lions’ offense will be fighting an uphill battle.

+Redskins at Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are riding high on a nine-game winning streak. This means their thanksgiving bout with the Redskins will have added significance because Washington is fighting for second place in the NFC East.

Neither team can afford to not take the other’s offense seriously, not with the talent hiding within each side’s squad. The Cowboys will boast quite the difficult challenge for the Redskins whose defense is definitely lacking.

The Redskins do not do well when it comes to road games; Dallas will be one of their more difficult tests this season, especially seeing as the Cowboys are ranked second in rushing yards per game (overall) and home rushing yards per contest.

The chances of the Redskins overcoming this contest, set in hostile territory, are low, especially if the Redskins fail to contain Ezekiel Elliot.

+Steelers at Indianapolis Colts

Pittsburgh is struggling to change the narrative that they are truly terrible on the road. They only seem to come alive during home games, and convincing pundits that they could turn things around against the Colts will take a lot of effort.

After all, Ben Roethlisberger has only thrown 19 touchdown passes in the last 19 road games; this is as opposed to the 55 thrown in the previous 19 home games. Of course, the Steelers do not necessarily have much to fear.

After all, they have shown that they are very tough when it comes to home teams facing third-down situations. The Steelers are tied with the Miami Dolphins with their tiny 33.3 percent conversion rate, with only Oakland standing ahead of them.

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