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Are Packers Misusing Aaron Rodgers?

Nearly every season, the question about Rodgers wasting his time with the Packers intensely resurfaces. Currently, the headline to such a mindboggling question is somewhat ironic and crazy. At only 32-years-of-age, Rodgers’ prime might go on for approximately seven or eight seasons. As Super Bowl picks take shape, the idea that Aaron Rodgers’ prime is being wasted at the Packers seems irrelevant because most quarterbacks still play at high levels even after their 30s.

A statistical analysis of all games that Rodgers has started for the Packers stands 80-39. Last season, he led his team to win four consecutive NFC North trophies. Furthermore, thePackers have made it to the playoffs for seven consecutive times. An icing to their cake of great run and fun was winning Super Bowl XLV as well. Provided that a team has an incredible QB, they can reach the Super Bowl championships easily, while keeping in mind that around thirty-two competitive organizations are in contest for the prize.

Technically, the Packers usually go through some unfathomable playoff losses. Many people believe that the best NFL teams have always won all the 50 Super Bowls. In a deeper perspective, the best teams usually strive to win several elimination championships, but strange things occur, and the Packers are one of the victims.

In a wildcard match in 2009 against the Arizona Cardinals, Rodgers played incredibly well to force overtime. However, he unintentionally kicked a loose ball to Karlos Dansby, who made a perfect catch for a touchdown. In their 2011 opening playoff match against the Giants, the 15-1 Packers lost that game heavily. In 2013, when the Packers played against the San Francisco 49ers in a home playoff match, the last play of the game handed them a painful loss. Rodgers had broken his collarbone a week prior to the game and he couldn’t help much. Some may say its bad luck, but I think the best teams rarely emerge victorious.

The unkindest loss among all that the Packers have suffered is their 2014 NFC championship game against the Seattle Seahawks. Morgan Burnett enigmatically slid as if the match had ended to crown the Packers as the winners. Afterwards, things went haywire, and Seattle, winning the game in overtime,ended their Super Bowl absence. In their last season’s game against the Cardinals, the packers got lucky to play overtime after making a touchdown at the end of regulation. However, their losing streak continued in a distressing manner. A 75-yard play sealed the game for the Cardinals after Larry Fitzgerald was left unguarded.

Green Bay has  had their sweet share of luck when it comes to winning ways. In 2010, the Packers traded their luck for a chance to reach the playoffs, which led them to winning a Super Bowl. However, people who believe the packers are wasting Rodgers’ prime must be the same people who thought that LeBron James legacy depended on the final game  theof 2016 NBA Finals. Even the best teams can lose the easiest games in their schedule because team sports have many things involved than the final matches.

Many teams have shown their consistency in winning playoffs without clinching any major title. Getting back to winning ways require a combination of luck and sacrificing some of your best players as well. It is ridiculous that some still think that the Packers are wasting Rodgers’ prime. However, since Rodgers has played as a starter in his first eight seasons, he should  now deliver more!


Comeback? Comeback? Johnny Football Manziel OMG!

Jonathan Paul Manziel, popularly known as Johnny Manziel by NFL fans, the mention of his name stirs a melancholic mood of a career cut short by not so popular choices. While the troubled quarterback admits that he is drafting a comeback, he remains with no team to train with as NFL training camps set to open. Manziel who was relieved of his playing duties by Cleveland Browns after two seasons full of distractions, assured his fans and followers on social media that his career is far from over. As a new season dawns, NFL predictions against the spread will seemingly become popular.

Manziel did not hold anything back as he expressed how badly he wanted to get back into action. In his social media platforms, he appreciated the way his fans and followers write about him. He openly corrected them by saying that he is not about what they read. He also added that he loves all his fans although some of their comments suck.

Controversies of Manziel Career

Manziel is a talented player; however his career has been full of distractions and is a clear portrait of a spoilt player. Below are some of the misconducts that he displayed on the course of his career;

2012 Arrest – Manziel Disorderly Behavior

On the fateful night of June 29th, 2012, Manziel was arrested and charged with failure to identify, possession of a forged driver’s license and disorderly conduct. After his arrest, his head coach favored him and selected him as the starting quarterback at Texas A&M’s.

2013 Off-season – Manziel Takes his Pride to Another Level

With his new found star status, Manziel gained personal pride and drew media attention for his bad behavior off the field. He was kicked out at a fraternity party at the University of Texas. Other misbehavior include early departure after oversleeping at the Manning Passing Academy and getting under the spotlight of NCAA after alleged payments for autographs. Although NCAA did not find any evidence, Manziel was suspended or the first half of the season.

2015 Off-season – Autographs Request Becomes Messy

On May 30, a heckler requested Manziel for his autograph on the AT&T Byron Nelson golf tournament. The heckler kept asking for one pushing Manziel to respond by throwing a water bottle at the heckler. Luckily, he missed and no criminal charges were pressed.

2015 Season-Intolerable Behavior

During the October season of 2015, Manziel was fighting with his girlfriend in his car. He admitted that he had drunk a few, luckily, no charges were made. Not long after this, on November, a video of Manziel partying surfaced on the internet forcing his coach to demote him to the third string. Later during the final games, Manziel got a concussion. Funny enough, he failed to show up to the team medic which is a requirement.

2016 Off-season – From Bad to Worse

After putting up with his behavior for long, Manziel’s Marketing Agency –LRMR terminated its works with Manziel. This was followed by the announcement by his representative Erik Burkhardt that he would no longer represent him. As that was not enough, the police department opened a criminal investigation on Manziel claiming domestic violence.

Things were falling apart for Manziel, on April 19, 2016, he was fired by his agent and on the same day Nike terminated their relationship with Manziel.

What Next for the NFL Quarterback?

In his recent statement with the Washington Post, Manziel re-assured his fans and followers that he is actually doing well. He added that he has put things into perspective and he is going to focus on being healthy, in fact, he had set up an in-house gym.

Despite his disappointing career, Manziel said that he is doing all it takes to make it right and as he waits for a team, he is exploring his options to see what the future has in store for him.

Top 5 NFL MVP Contenders in 2016-7

There is no greater on-field honor for a player in the NFL than to receive the Most Valuable Player Award. The fact that only a single defensive player has ever won the MVP award explains why Super Bowl odds are so absurdly in favor of offensive players to win this year, with the top five candidates most likely to take the award in 2016 including the following:

1). Cam Newton

Many a player knows how to stay in the pocket and make all the right throws. Newton does all that, and he can also escape the pocket and run. With Kevin Benjamin returning to complement Devin Funchess’ abilities, Newton’s chances of winning the MVP award this time round are relatively decent. Though very few players have been crowned MVP two years in a row, Newton has a legitimate shot at taking the award home this year.

2). Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers underperformed in 2015, and Aaron Rodgers wasn’t exactly at his best. However, his failures in 2015 haven’t made him any less of a phenomenal quarterback. Clearly, he is determined to reclaim his throne.

With Jordy Nelson (who just recovered from an ACL injury) returning this season, and Randall Cobb having already proven his mettle in previous seasons, Rodgers has all the tools at his disposal to take the crown in 2016.

Some people are also quite excited about Eddie Lacy’s performance this season. Following a successful campaign in 2014, Lacy put on a few pounds, pounds that he has since worked to lose, making him one of Rodger’s more reliable allies this time round.

3). JJ Watt

The general consensus is that Watt is the best defensive player the NFL has today. If there is one defensive player that could possibly take the MVP award in 2016, it is Watt. Coming in second in votes a few seasons ago, Watt has cemented his position in his particular field by winning the ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ award three times in a row.

Watt’s power and finesse have enabled him to overcome many double teams, and you do not find too many defensive players with a combination of power and finesse in the NFL.

4). Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is a legitimately impressive player. The fact that Receivers do not generally receive awards says a lot about Antonio Brown, that he is such a serious contender for the MVP award.

With 1,834 yards on 136 catches and ten touchdowns, Brown could have accomplished so much more if he had played the entire season. Arguably the best Wide Receiver in the NFL, the Steelers are going to depend on him to bring them glory.

If all goes well, Brown could actually break Calvin Johnson’s receiving yards record.

5). Russell Wilson

Wilson’s ability to win games is undisputed. He proved it this last season. For a long time, people saw Wilson as a great running quarterback that was most comfortable while throwing outside the pocket.

This image was shattered when Marshawn Lynch was injured. Wilson started throwing the ball more, this allowing him to show what he could really do. Wilson has a decent chance of taking the MVP award.


Be Creative With Your Fantasy Football League

If you can rattle off football stats faster than you can remember your mom’s birthday, there’s probably some kind of statistical probability that you are involved with a fantasy football league. They’re fun and interactive, aren’t they?

The Winnetka, Illinois-based FX comedy show “The League,” features six salt-of-the-earth football fans who take their fantasy football league to the extreme. Trying to incorporate some of their more outlandish antics and shenanigans into your team’s extracurricular gatherings is entirely up to you, of course. But hey, coming up with your own Shiva-esque trophy is one place to start.

Your entire team should keep up with all the stats, facts and games with “NFL Sunday Ticket” for this coming season. For those with players on out-of-market teams for your viewing area, you can all keep tabs throughout the entire day. Once you have your viewing schedule all mapped out, it’s time to start coming up with your own shenanigans to keep things interesting for the team.

Choose a Name for Your Team

Creating a team identity is a great way to have fun with puns and use your imagination. Sometimes fantasy football players choose names based on favorite players or teams. You can also draw inspiration from a group joke or something you remember from a previous game. One notable mention from Fan Duel Insider is “Forgetting Brandon Marshall,” inspired by the Chicago Bears wide receiver. Another classic name is the “Bradshawshank Redemption.”

Roast Your Fellow League Players

Not with actual fire, of course — use your word fire. Plan an evening involving a decadent vice or two. Beer, perhaps? Maybe you can all have a cookout leading up to a critical game and do some serious, yet well-organized, trash talking. With this event, choose an emcee that you all agree will keep the event fun and lively.

Go to Some Games Together

This one seems obvious, but sometimes working on the logistics can be tricky since cost and everyone’s respective schedules could be mitigating factors. At the very least, put it on the table for everyone to discuss.

Sour the Pot

Personal bets that don’t involve cash usually carry far more weight and laughs in the end for the person who loses. The gang on “The League” came up with some over-the-top wagers, so see what you can all come up with. One idea is for the loser (the “Sacko” equivalent from “The League”) to be required to sing a different embarrassing song in a restaurant, once a month. The crooner has to perform the song on command from the rest of the team.

Sleepers, Stars, and Busts To Look For In 2016-7 Fantasy Football

rp_hqdefault.jpgWith the start of the NFL season just a couple of months away, fantasy football fans are trying to figure out which players will have breakout seasons that will make them valuable to their teams. While fantasy football obviously has nothing to do with Super Bowl odds, there is still a lot of money to be made in private leagues and online daily fantasy sites.

To assist fantasy football fans find the right players for their teams, we have done some extensive research on players that will provide a lot of value, and sleeper picks that most people aren’t yet aware about.

Some of the sleepers picks to consider selecting this year are:

Torrie Smith
Wide Receiver, San Francisco 49ers
The fast wide receiver did not perform well for fantasy owners last season mostly because of the coaching and quarterback situation the San Francisco 49ers had last year. This year, Smith has a head coach in Chip Kelly, who likes to air the ball out. With Anquan Boldin still unsigned, Smith is the best receiver the 49ers have, which means he will get the ball a lot this season. If you need more proof, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin each had career years when they played for Kelly.

Ryan Tannehil
Quarterback, Miami Dolphins
Tannehil is another player that can be drafted in the later rounds because most people will hesitate to take him due to his dismal performance last season. We believe Tannehil is going to have a breakout season because the Dolphins made an effort to get him some weapons he can throw to, and the team also hired Adam Gase, who is considered an offensive genius, as their head coach.

Antonio Gates
Tight End, San Diego Chargers
Antonio Gates has been one of the best tight ends in the NFL for most of his career, but suffered injuries that forced him to miss a lot of games last year. Due to the injuries, Gates stats were down, bit when healthy, he is still one of the best in the league. Since he is also quarterback Phillip Rivers’ favorite target, expect him to be targeted a lot this season.

These are some of the players we believe will be breakouts next season:

Ezekiel Elliot,
Running Back, Dallas Cowboys
A lot of people will use high picks selecting Elliot because he was one of the best running backs in college last season, and he will be playing behind the Dallas Cowboys offensive line, which is considered to be one of the best in the NFL.

We also believe Elliot is worth the risk because he will likely beat out Darren McFadden for the starting job in training camp, and he is also the first running back to come out of college in a long time that looks like he was born to play in the NFL. Being compared to Adrian Peterson also helps his cause.

Carson Palmer
Quarterback, Arizona Cardinals
Palmer is a quarterback that you can take in the middle rounds and still get a lot of value from. Last season, he led the NFL in passes that travelled at least 10 yards and was fifth in QBR on those throws. The Arizona Cardinals also had one of the best offenses in the league because Palmer had the best season of his career. Last season, Palmer was coming off a season ending injury and performed well, this year, he isn’t going into training camp healthier than he has been in a long time, and is expected to have an even better year.

John Brown
Wide Receiver, Arizona Cardinals
Brown had a breakout season last year, gaining over 1,000 receiving yards in his second season in the league. Now that he is more comfortable in the offense, he will have an even better season because Carson Palmer is playing the best football of his career right now, and he has Larry Fitzgerald on the other side of the ball to take some attention away from him.

These are the players to stay away from this year:

Phillip Rivers
Quarterback, San Diego Chargers
Rivers will be one of the quarterbacks people will want to take early because he threw for over 4,700 yards last season. However, the statistics can be a little misleading, because he didn’t throw a lot of touchdowns last year, and he threw a lot of interceptions, meaning you won’t get a lot of points from him as your starting quarterback.

Teddy Bridgewater
Quarterback, Minnesota Vikings
Bridgewater is definitely a quarterback you want to stay away from, especially after last season, which was supposed to be a breakout season for him. The fact that the Vikings are a run oriented team means Bridgewater won’t throw the ball as much as other quarterbacks, which is why he isn’t worth a high pick.

How to Create a Cool Football Man Cave

As summer comes into full swing, it means football season is only a few months away. This year, use those pre-season months to create the perfect place to watch games, play fantasy football and host parties. You may already have a man cave or a spot for your family to watch football, but there are some updates that would take your NFL season to a new level. Whether you want to make a few simple changes or go for a complete overhaul, these upgrades are sure to give you inspiration for a better football experience this fall.

Comfortable Seating for a Crowd

Having your dream football man cave isn’t about keeping it all to yourself. Make sure you have plenty of seating for when you invite your friends over to watch the game or host your fantasy draft. Armchairs and comfy sectional couches are great for hosting friends or even when you want to watch a movie with your kids. However, it can be difficult to give every seat a good view of the screen. If you have the space for it, install stadium-style seating. You can use comfortable chairs in any style and build a platform so the back row has a great view of the game. You can create as many seats as you need without sacrificing comfort or the view.

Pre- and Post-Game Fun

A man cave is more than a room with a big couch and a television. Create a space to hang out, play games and catch up with your buddies. Dust off that old poker table or dart set that’s sitting in your garage and use them to create a perfect clubhouse for your friends to hang out before and after the game. Get a billiards or foosball table if you have the room, and include additional seating and tables around for those waiting to play or not watching the TV. You can even use an old video game system or used arcade games for some fun during half time.

Surround Sound Makes all the Difference

Face it, you can watch football on any TV, but adding a surround sound system will give you a more immersive experience during the game. There are many systems available today that won’t break the bank and that you can install yourself. Depending on how the room is laid out and what kind of features you want, soundbars and speakers around your man cave will give everyone the full game experience through every play. A sound system upgrade is not just for watching sports, either. Your whole family can enjoy it whether they are listening to music, watching movies or playing video games.

Get Smart Technology

If you are into the latest tech trends, integrating some smart technology will really give you an edge for football season. Automating your man cave will help you create the ultimate cool space, as well as make things easier when you are getting ready for the game to start. For example, Wareable recommends the Belkin WeMo system, which can control almost anything you can plug into an outlet, or the Philips Hue smart lighting technology that you can program to change the lighting automatically. Or get the Amazon Echo, a device that lets you check news, weather, game scores or anything else through voice commands. If you have an iPad Pro or similar mobile device, you can usually sync any smart tech you have to it and control it all from one place. It truly is the future of man cave perfection.

Build a Wet Bar

Last but not least, you can’t have a proper football-inspired man cave without a place for cold drinks. You may think installing a wet bar would be too pricey or require major renovations, but you can actually build your own small man cave bar to keep you and your buddies stocked with beer and cocktails all season long. HGTV offers several bar inspiration ideas, depending on how fancy or simple you want to get in your man cave. For an easy weekend project, use pallets or recycled wood to build a small bar, then bring in a mini fridge stocked with beer and some team-themed glasses. If you want to go a bit more elaborate, include a small sink and a built-in kegerator in the bar and add floating shelves to hold bottles of your favorite spirits.

What Johnny Manziel Needs to Fully Understand

Mr. Manziel is currently a troubled man. We hope the following will lighten his burden . :mrgreen:

This life is nothing short of a summoning quantum leap of perennial non-locality.

Synchronicity is the driver of transformation. By condensing, we exist.

We are being called to explore the solar system itself as an interface between faith and peace.

As you heal, you will enter into infinite fulfillment that transcends understanding. Tarot may be the solution to what’s holding you back from an unfathomable paradigm shift of coherence. Through the Law of Attraction, our hearts are nurtured by wisdom.

Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the quantum cycle via bio-feedback. Our conversations with other beings have led to an awakening of pseudo-life-affirming consciousness. Reality has always been overflowing with lifeforms whose brains are enveloped in transcendence.

Dogma is the antithesis of inspiration. You may be ruled by materialism without realizing it. Do not let it exterminate the truth of your path. You must take a stand against suffering.

Self-actualization requires exploration.

The cosmos is calling to you via electromagnetic resonance. Can you hear it? Have you found your myth? Although you may not realize it, you are non-dual.

You will soon be recreated by a power deep within yourself — a power that is enlightened, heroic. To navigate the journey is to become one with it. We exist as morphogenetic fields.

Retired Football Legends: Where are They Now?

When former NFL quarterback Brett Favre entered the Hall of Fame in 2015, he had not been out of the public spotlight for very long. His long, drawn-out retirement, which started in 2002 and continued into 2013, kept his name in the news. Unlike Favre, though, many other famous football players didn’t stay in the news after their retirement, even when their post-retirement achievements were newsworthy. That being said, here’s a look at what a few famous players of yesteryear have been up to since retiring.

Jim Brown

Many people consider former Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown to be the greatest player in NFL history. A multi-sports star and All-American lacrosse player at Syracuse, Brown entered the NFL as the first round sixth pick in 1957. His 942-yard rookie year earned him the league’s rushing championship, which he would win eight more times. By 1965, Brown held league records for 100-yard games, single-season yards, career rushing yards, average yards per carry and career touchdowns. In his final game, Brown scored three touchdowns.

Before retiring, Brown had already begun an acting career. He became the first major black action star, appearing in such classics as “The Dirty Dozen” and “Three the Hard Way.” In 1993, Brown helped kick off the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a commentator. Since 1988, he has helped kids from gang backgrounds through his Amer-I-Can program. He is part-owner of a lacrosse team, and remains an adviser to the Browns.

Tim Foley

A Purdue Boilermakers All-American defensive back, Tim Foley joined the Miami Dolphins as a third-round pick for the team’s first winning season in 1970. That year, the Dolphins’ defense allowed an AFC low of 11.6 yards per catch. The next year, Foley made an interception in three consecutive games for a total of four in the season, which culminated with the Dolphins going to the Super Bowl for the first time. In 1972, Foley added three more interceptions to his stats as the Dolphins won every game to take Super Bowl 7 from the Washington Redskins. In 1973, Foley returned two blocked punts for touchdowns in one game as the Dolphins won a second consecutive Super Bowl, defeating the Minnesota Vikings. Foley continued playing until 1980, going to the Pro Bowl in his second-to-last year and achieving career totals of 101 games started, 510 tackles and 22 interceptions. He was named the Dolphins’ 28th best player of all time by The Phinsider.

Foley went on to an equally successful career at Amway, America’s 30th largest private company. By 1998 Foley had qualified as a Crown Ambassador, which had been the highest possible level until Amway added a Founders Crown Ambassador level to recognize exceptional achievers. In 2005, Foley became a Founders Crown Ambassador.

Joe Montana

Following a come-from-behind Notre Dame Cotton Bowl win, the all-time greatest clutch quarterback joined the San Francisco 49ers in the third round of the 1979 draft. Replacing Steve DeBerg midway through 1980, Montana led the league with a 64.5 percent pass completion rate, scoring the first of 31 come-from-behind victories with an overtime win over the New Orleans Saints. In the 1981 NFC Championship, Montana marched the 49ers down the field from the 11-yard line to come from behind and defeat the Dallas Cowboys with a pass that would go down in NFL history as “The Catch.” The 49ers went on to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl 16, the first of Montana’s four Super Bowl victories. After earning three Super Bowl MVPs, Montana went down with a 1991 injury that took him out for the 1992 season, propelling Steve Young to starting quarterback. Requesting a trade, Montana ended his career with the Kansas City Chiefs from 1993 to 1994.

Today, Montana struggles with chronic pain from his football injuries. He and his wife, Jennifer, have been horseback riders since 1996, and they raise horses and produce wine in Napa when they’re not in San Francisco. This year, Montana tossed the coin to start Super Bowl 50.21

Fantasy Football Notes for Those Who Haven’t Been Watching!


* DeMarco Murray will help Tennessee balance out their offense.

* Martellus Bennett left Chicago and will compliment Gronk in New England. The Pats love 2-TE sets and Bennett is a solid target for Brady (who will be suspended for the first 4 games by the way).

* Michael Crabtree’s commute to work got just a tiny bit longer as he’ll suit up for Oakland this year.

* Coby Fleener left Indy for New Orleans where the hole left by Jimmy Graham wasn’t filled last year.

* Lamar Miller is taking the lead spot in Houston and that means that Arian Foster will likely end up somewhere else.

* Robert Griffin III has finally gotten out of Washington, but landing in Cleveland isn’t all that exciting.

* Alfred Morris also left Washington, but he’ll be suiting up for Jerry and company in Dallas. We don’t expect him to unseat rookie Ezekiel Elliott for the starting gig though.

* Chris Ivory jetted out of New York (pun intended) and caught a nonstop flight to Jacksonville where he’ll duke it out with Denard Robinson and TJ Yeldon.

* The Falcons have bid farewell to our friend Roddy White.

* The Mike Wallace experiment continues with a trip to Baltimore.

* Mark Sanchez left New York for Denver after Brock Osweiler signed a major deal to become Houston’s starting QB.

* Calvin Johnson and Marshawn Lynch have officially retired.

* The Packers signed TE Jared Cook to a one-year agreement. A big TE is exactly what Green Bay needs.

* Speedy WR Martavis Bryant won’t be playing for the Steelers or anyone else this year as he sits out a year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

* The Jets acquired a new PPR stud in the backfield when Matt Forte left the Windy City

Murray,Latavius Struggled in the 2nd half with a 3.3 YPC (134/436) as did the rest of the Raiders offense. Part of that can be attributable to an extremely difficult schedule (D+), and that should improve to a C grading this season. This should help him take advantage of one of the expected better Olines in supporting the run. Solid as a backfield receiver with a 77% catch rate, yet the YPC are a bit disappointing at 5.7. Should improve on his 6 Rushing TDs this season. Currently a mid 5th round ADP, that offers significant upside value.

Thompson,Chris Recovering from shoulder surgery, but is expected to be ready for the open. Solid 1.93 FP per attempt last season, but under utilized as a back field receiver. Will back up Matt Jones, who showed volatility in his rookie season.

Riddick,Theo Registered almost 100 targets last season (99), and caught a solid 81% of them, while maintaining an above average 8.7 YPR. His points per attempt were off the charts at 2.92 (best in the league for anyone over 80 touches). That said, he still might lose some touches to 2nd year Ameer Abdullah. Although he only registered 2 QS in non PPR leagues, he registered 10 QS in PPR leagues.

Lacy,Eddie Points per Game dropped from 17.3 to a miserable 9.6. Somehow he still put together 4 quality Starts in his final 7 games. Conditioning (or weight control) is the major concern here, and right now it’s looking ok as Lacy lost weight this offseason with a conditioning program…but maintenance is at issue. If he can, he’s still productive, especially in Red Zone situations.

Ellington,Andre Performed extremely well in limited action. Averaged 6.4 YPC on his 45 carries and 1.50 FP per attempt. Yes DJ is clearly the lead dog here, but Ellington is going to see time, and is a capable backup if he can stay healthy.

White,James Solid receiving numbers out of the backfield with 33 receptions and 6 TDs in the 2nd half. Since he struggled in the run game, he’s more of a backup option to Dion Lewis at this point.

Hill,Jeremy Although his Red Zone numbers were quite encouraging with 12 total TDs (23% Red Zone success), his overall yardage numbers were disappointing (223/794 yards 3.6 YPC). His offensive line is considered above average (C+), and his schedule is neutral for 2016. We expect that there will be a rebound in the rushing totals, and his 7 QS from 2015, will climb closer to 8-9 in 2016, so there is value in his current last 6th round ADP.

Anderson,CJ Registered for an encouraging 6.3 YPC in the 2nd half while posting a superior 1.12 FP per attempt. However his usage came in spurts, and with Hillman still on the roster and rookie Davinte Booker in play, it’s something he may have to contend with again in 2016. Expected to open as starter, but still a volatile pick, with upside of course.

Who will be 2016s Cam Newton in the fantasy world? Newtons 2015 was one for the ages, particularly when you consider where he was drafted in most leagues. I can tell you in quite a few leagues, he was drafted in the lower third of all QBs which wasnt surprising given the lack of receiving talent, especially when Kelvin Benjamin was injured and lost for the season. Instead of a season that most experts thought wouldnt even match his lackluster 2014 (18 passing TDs), he went on to throw for a career-high 35 TDs and rushed for 10 TDs. He threw five TDs in three different games and when you factor in rushing TDs, he scored multiple TDs in all but four games and threw and/or ran for at least one TD in every game. I can remember dropping him in one league (Andrew Luck was my starter and Newton was my backup) after Week 1 when injuries started to hit and Newton had a lackluster season opener against Jacksonville. It was the biggest mistake of mine in that league and probably cost me a shot at the title. Even without Benjamin, Newton maximized the talent of the receivers he did have, especially his tight end Greg Olsen who had a career year. We havent even mentioned the Panthers D /ST which set up the offense many times as they became dominant, so Newtons year was really the result of a perfect storm. Looking at this year there are some names that will exceed expectations but to say any one of them will play to the level of what Newton did last year, would be unwise. Jameis Winston does come to mind after a nice rookie season that saw him throw for 4,044 yards and 22 TDs. He did throw 15 INTs but with one year of experience under his belt and a new offensive minded head coach in Dirk Koetter, not to mention stud receivers Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson, projects 29 passing TDs. Tyrod Taylor managed to hold on to the starting QB job in Buffalo all of last year and will be much better this year for it, especially when you consider he finished the season with five quality starts in his final eight games. Coming off 20 TD passes and just six INTs along with 568 rushing yards, we project increases in all parts of his game, including TD passes which we have at 28. If Buffalos D can knock off the penalties and give its offensive counterparts more chances to succeed, Taylor can take the next step up. Marcus Mariota looked good in his rookie year when healthy which is saying something because he had pretty close to no talent around him in Tennessee. He had eight quality starts and will look to increase that this year. The Titans did make the move to acquire DeMarco Murray which was brilliant because it will take pressure off of Mariota and allow a beefed up offensive line to dominate in the trenches. Although some will see this move as a limit to what Mariota can put up, we project 30 passing TDs and a much more confident QB picking his spots much more efficiently. Jasbir Singh

The pending four-game suspension isnt the only concern with Pittsburgh running backLeVeon Bell; hes also coming off another knee injury. However, the news is better on that front. ESPN.coms Jeremy Fowler wrote that Bell no problem with his open field cutting. The Steelers have a bubble around him, but movements really fluid, Fowler added…Arizona wide receiver John Brown is in the leagues concussion protocol after banging his head on the turf during practice on Sunday. Its early enough in camp that this should be a nonfactor, but all concussion issues are worth monitoring…The Buffalo Bills signed veteran running back Reggie Bush to a one-year deal worth up to $3 million, including incentives. He will likely be used in a niche role within the offense and be utilized in the teams return game. Bush could get a spike in value if starter LeSean McCoy were to go down, but offers minimal stand-alone value…Eagles running backRyan Matthews (ankle) has yet to see the practice field in Philadelphia. Given his injury history, its not surprising. The longer he remains the more opportunities rookie Wendell Smallwood will have to get some reps…Rookie running back C.J. Prosise is expected to miss 7-10 days of training camp due to a strained hamstring. The injury doesnt appear to be too serious, but any loss time for a rookie running back is never a good thing in training camp when the depth chart is as crowded as it is in Seattle…CBS Sports Jason La Canfora reports that Redskins rookie wide receiver Josh Docston (Achilles) is expected to return to action in a few weeks.  Hes been sidelined since May and if he wants a shot at having an early-season impact Docston can ill afford to fall too far behind…Chargers wideout Stevie Johnson has sustained a torn meniscus and will seek a second opinion before undergoing surgery. His timetable will become clearer after he is operated on, but for now it doesnt appear hell be much of a factor in fantasy football or for the Chargers in 2016…Chicago wide receiver Eddie Royal and tight end Zach Millerare both in concussion protocol, but neither issue appears to be serious. Both are expected back on the practice field later in week….The Chargers and rookie defensive end Joey Bosa are still not close to a deal. The No. 3 overall pick and his reps havent spoken to the club since last Thursday.

After missing nearly a week of action, Alshon Jeffrey (hamstring) was back on the practice field on Monday for the Bears.  Chicago placed the franchise tag on their top wide receiver this offseason partially because of concerns of his durability issues…Sammy Watkins (foot) passed his physical and was taken off the Bills PUP list on Monday. Thats a huge plus for Watkins and his Week 1 playing status…The Eagles will be without wide receiver Jordan Matthews (knee) for 2-4 weeks as he deals with a bone bruise, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.  A loss of Matthews would be devastating to an offense starving for weapons…The Dolphins have listed Jay Ajayi as their No. 1 running back on their initial preseason depth chart, of newly signed free agent Arian Foster. Expect the two running backs to share the workload for most of the season in Miami…After initially believing the Detroit tight end Eric Ebron suffered an Achilles injury, ESPNs Adam Schefter is reporting it is actually a high ankle sprain issue Ebron is dealing with. That is better news than originally anticipated and could still mean hell be available for Week 1…Cleveland wide receiver Josh Gordon (suspension) has plenty of work to do to get back into shape before hes eligible to return in Week 5.  He will be the first to tell you he needs to lose weight, according to head coach Hue Jackson…Denver has listed Mark Sanchez and Travis Siemian as co-starters at quarterback on their initial depth chart…The Redskins will not dress wide receivers Jamison Crowder (hamstring) or Josh Doctson (Achilles) in Thursdays preseason opener… Buffalo left tackle Cordy Glenn (ankle) is expected to miss the entire preseason. Glenn hasnt missed a game since 2012.
* Of the Top 10 RBs drafted last year, only 2 finished the season in the Top 10 (Peterson and Forte). The average finish for the remaining eight? 32nd. Don’t be afraid to take a WR with your first pick.

* Tony Romo will miss half the season with a broken bone in his back. Even if/when he comes back, he’s not likely someone you’re going to want to roster.

* Dion Lewis will miss 8-10 weeks while he gets his knee cleaned up. Only Bill Belichick knows what that Pats’ backfield is going to look like.

* Thomas Rawls will be ready for Week 1. Christine Michael looked good this preseason, but Rawls will be at the top of the depth chart.

* According to Ian Rapoport, Bengals’ TE Tyler Eifert should be ready to play by Week 4.

* The NFL has redefined the “Questionable” label for injuries this year. Any player whose chance is less than 100% this year (even if it’s 95%) will be considered Questionable. That should make Sunday mornings real fun…

* Ben Watson tore his ACL and will miss the season. Bad news for the Ravens before the season has even started.

Two NFL Betting Trends That You Can Take to the Bank!


Since 1991, NFL teams that win back-to-back games straight up as an underdog are just 40-68-2 Against The Spread in their next game if they are on the road and not getting more than 7 points.  In fact they are  19-48-1 ATS if visiting a non-divisional opponent.  What is the psychology driving this trend? Simply put: such teams are less motivated while their opponent is on high alert!

Home underdogs are 173-128-9 ATS if they won straight up as an underdog the previous week.   They feel confident!