About Us

 Artificial Intelligence is an industry that is in exponential growth. One of the areas where Artificial Intelligence (AI) has most potential, is in online betting markets and sports result prediction.

One company at the forefront of this technology and sports data analysis is Sports Research LLC who run our NFL prediction website FF-Winners  (www.FF-Winners.com).

FF-Winners uses pioneering technology to analyze and predict NFL outcomes and player performance. For those interested in the complex models used for prediction, there are research pages. And for those more interested in actual team analysis there are regular blog posts. Finally, customer service is always ready to answer your questions!

Novices, hobbyists and professionals  will find that the suite of tools at ff-winners.com helps them dominate their fantasy football leagues, win their NFL bets, and have more fun!



Winn Jones, FF-Winners machine learning and artificial intelligence expert ,  specializes in sports  forecasting and advanced probability analysis.  In addition to leading our research department he is a professional financial index trader.  His past clients include FMC, IBM, and Manning and Napier.

He can be reached  at winnjones@ff-winners.com.


Business operations are managed by Lisa Riley. “What customer service means to me is that the customer always walks away having a positive experience,” says Lisa. “So no matter how many times they interact with the company, you want to make sure that they always walk away feeling good.”

Email her at customerservice@ff-winners.com.