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Do you want to unleash game-changing Artificial Intelligence to win your sports bets and rise above  the competition?



One of the areas where AI  has  the most potential, is in online betting markets and sports result prediction. At the forefront of AI and sports data analysis is Sports Research LLC who run our NFL prediction website  www.FF-Winners.com.


Since 2010, FF-Winners has been using  pioneering technology to analyze and predict NFL outcomes and player performance. For those interested in the complex models used for prediction, there are research pages. And for those more interested in player and team analysis there are regular blog posts. Finally, customer service is always ready to answer your questions!

FF-Winners is the go-to site for the most entertaining  and informative NFL content around. Casual fans, hobbyists and professionals  find that the  tools at FF-winners.com help them dominate their fantasy football leagues, win their NFL bets, and have more fun!   

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Robert Levinson aka “Winn Jones”, FF-Winners machine learning and artificial intelligence expert ,  specializes in sports  forecasting and advanced probability analysis.  A UCSC Emeritus Professor,in addition to leading our research department, he is a Data Science  engineer.  His past clients include Alphacet,  FMC, IBM, Manning and Napier, Minnegasco, Textwise, University of Texas, and Vivomind.
He can be reached  at winnjones@ff-winners.com.


Need assistance? Please contact customerservice@ff-winners.com. We value our readers and business partners and strive to provide friendly and excellent support.