Randy Gregory Slapped with Ten-Game Suspension

Randy Gregory isn’t having the best year, and he doesn’t even have anyone else to blame. His own actions are frustrating many NFL betting odds enthusiasts and upending Gregory’s goals and objectives for 2016.

Randy Gregory won’t play an NFL game for most of the year, not after the NFL provided clarity to his disciplinary situation by revealing that he had been assigned a ten-game suspension.

The announcement came on Thursday following a lot of speculation and rumors about Randy Gregory’s future in the short term. The ten-game suspension was handed out as punishment for Randy violating the league’s substance-abuse policy.

Randy’s problems began as early in the year as February when he was slapped with a four-game suspension. Combined with the ten-game suspension announced this week, Randy will sit out a whopping fourteen games this 2016 season, which would shock any NFL player.

Randy’s suspension should end by December, in which case the Cowboys can expect him to return just in time to participate in the game against Tampa Bay on the 19th of that month. He should also be eligible to play the game against Detroit in Week 16 of the season.

Fans of the player will also be happy to learn that he will participate in the finale against Philadelphia. Randy is no stranger to this sort of controversy. However, 2016 will mark the longest stretch of suspensions in his NFL career since he was first suspended following his rookie season.

The NFL didn’t help the situation by waiting so long to announce Randy’s punishment. The decision allowed speculation about the issue to spread, with people spending most of the summer talking about rumors that Randy might have attracted an additional ten-game suspension for further violations.

At that time, Jerry Jones (Cowboys General Manager and Owner) was happy to speculate about Randy’s potential and how he might benefit the Cowboys in the new season, this despite the absence of an official ruling from the NFL.

Randy avoided most of these conversations. The summer found the player in a treatment facility. This meant that he didn’t attend the training camp. The Cowboys also played the preseason without him. Fans were happy enough to learn that Gregory had returned to the team facility at the start of the season.

Even with the suspension, Gregory can attend meetings and workouts. The league primarily prohibits him from practicing or playing in NFL games. For a short while, it looked like Gregory might outright avoid further discipline for his actions; however, he revealed last week that the NFL Players Association had withdrawn their appeal, this leaving him to face the music.

There was little point in fighting the NFL at that point anyway; he had no chance of winning without the support of the NFL players Association; and, upon determining that they legally didn’t have a case, the Association chose to withdraw their appeal.

Randy Gregory is a highly talented defensive end; the Cowboys won’t be happy that he is essentially on the sidelines for fifteen games this season. Luckily for the team, DeMarcus Lawrence will be back on the field by the 3rd of October, so they are not without notable talent.

The Cowboys will be counting down to December when Randy Gregory can finally return to the field.